Graphic Designers vs Design Templates : What Should Be The First Choice?

Design Templates

Graphic designers are those who create images and graphics to be used for brand promotion or any other needs. Generally, the purpose of graphic designers is to make graphic designs that help you effectively market your products, services, or events.

The term template design’ has recently been coined that makes designing fun. Since graphic design templates let even non-designers create professional graphic designs, their popularity is increasing with each passing day.

As every coin has two sides, along with the appreciation, it has also got some criticism. Ease of design is the reason why they’re being loved, but the lack of professionalism that a designer can deliver is the downside of this design option.

Still, many of us prefer graphic designers over graphic design templates and vice-versa. Let us have a look at the advantages of both.

Graphic Designers Advantages

Ideas & Suggestions

Graphic designers can reduce the client’s headache by providing new design ideas and suggestions. Clients just need to share their requirements, and the designer would take care of the rest. An experienced graphic designer can put their own ideas to help clients in finalizing the requirements precisely.


Once the requirement is finalized, a professional graphic designer can use their creativity and skills to provide the best outcome. Creativity can give even a better result than what a client can expect. All of it depends upon the creative talents of the designer.

Graphic Design Template Advantages

Easy, Convenient & Fast

Graphic design templates are beneficial for people who don’t have enough funds to hire a graphic designer or don’t want to spend a hefty amount of money on designs. Even a novice designer can use these templates to create professional designs with ease and in just a few minutes.

So, if the requirement is to create images quickly, template designs are one of the best options. Free logo design templates are available for almost every category required for business, marketing, or branding purposes.

Design Templates Are Systematized

The template designs are used to make images systematically. Some online platforms provide online tools like Designhill Studio to do it. These online tools are made in such a way that even a kid can use them efficiently.

According to the client’s requirement, anyone can follow the systematic process to design images of any category like posters, business cards, flyer templates, etc.

Design Templates Are Inexpensive

Along with the simplicity, the template designs are also less expensive than hiring graphic designers. Template designs are best for small businesses running on a shoestring budget and can’t hire expensive professional designers for their graphic design projects.

Also, when the requirement is not in bulk, the best option is to use graphic design templates where the pre-designed templates can provide quick and ready-to-use images with few customization steps.


Graphic designers vs. ‘graphic design templates,’ which is better? The decision can be made based on the requirements and business preferences. If the budget is limited or the requirement is less, then a template design is a better option. For bulk graphic requirements with no budget constraint, professional graphic designers can be hired. Also, if the design requirement needs some creativity, a graphic designer can do. A template can be best when you need designs for casual uses.

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By Jelly Shah

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