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Guide To Choose The Logo For Your Business

by Alvin Franklin Tweet - in Logo Design

Last updated on January 31st, 2023

Graphic design can play an important role in building a brand. Because of this, every business owner, no matter how big or small the business is, has to create quality design elements to present their brand. A logo for your business is one of the most essential elements. Logos are much more than just a color, symbol or a font. They represent the personality of the brand and how you bring it to the customers.

If you’ve tried to create your own logo before, you know how complicated it can get. There are plenty of things to consider and do to find the right logo for your business. The task is to create an appealing, memorable logo that speaks volumes about your business. In general, it has to support the brand, its name, and the purpose, all while communicating with the target audience. Seeing how a logo is one tiny graphic, it can be really hard to achieve all this.

How To Design A Logo For Your Business

Designing your logo is an integral part of your brand’s identity. It’s what creates recognition and boosts brand visibility. To make a logo for your business, you can use symbols, visual representations that somehow show your company’s purpose or goals, different colors and fonts.

Design a Logo

When making this important decision, you should keep in mind that the logo is one of the key elements of your business’ success and a big part of its recognition.

The Following Tricks Will Help You Finish With Ease And Without A Lot Of Troubles

01. Consider The Three Logo Design Factors

What are the design factors that every person should consider when creating a logo? Here they are:

i. Unique Concept

You need a logo that stands out from the competition and is easily recognizable. To achieve this, you need a unique concept that’s associated with your business.

ii. Visual Representation

When a person sees your logo, they need to be able to relate it to your brand. You can’t just create a logo that has nothing to do with the products or services you’re offering, or the purpose your business has.

iii. Memorability

One of the most useful logo design tips to follow is that you should make it memorable. If people can recognise a logo quickly, they will remember the company by it. Some of the most recognizable logo designs in the world are the face of a business. More people know the business by the logo rather than the name of the brand.

Three Logo Design Types

You should only choose a logo design if you have a clear idea of what your brand is all about. There are plenty of styles to choose from. Here are your options:

a. Classic

A classic style is what stays and won’t appear outdated when the trend has passed. It can help you establish your brand with a long-lasting aesthetic. Classic designs give people a peace of mind. They are simple and don’t combine crazy colors, fonts, or graphics.

b. Vintage / Retro

If you like the vintage style, this is the time to use it. Consider your brand – if the goal is to remind someone of the past or evoke a feeling of nostalgia, you should go for vintage or retro. The most commonly used colors for this design type are beige and brown palettes.

c. Minimalist / Modern

Many brands today select the minimalist style to represent how modern their business is. This makes your logo appear simple, with a lot of whitespace and minimal details.

d. Handcrafted / Handmade

Does your brand stand for a handcrafted or handmade quality? If it does, you should consider this and the vintage design option. The handmade design will drive your message home, and you can even use it in combination with minimalistic styles and fun design elements.

e. Fun

Do you want to represent your brand in a fun or young way? If it is targeted toward a younger audience or sells such products, you definitely want the quirky, fun design style. This style is cute, colorful, and gives people a friendly vibe. It also often includes an illustration or a mascot that presents the fun character of your brand.

02. Colors

Colors appeal to people more than anything else. They are the first thing a person sees before he reads the font or pays attention to the details. Therefore, you need to find the best colors that will pique the customers’ interest and stick into their memory.

Powerful logos use powerful color or shade combinations. It’s only understandable – psychology shows that people respond to different colors in a different way.

The red color is considered to be youthful and exciting.

Orange is used to present confidence and is seen as cheerful or friendly.

Yellow is the color of clarity, optimism, and warmth.

Purple is wise, imaginative, and very creative.

Green is the color of growth, health, and peace.

Blue is dependable, trustworthy, and strong.

Black is calm, neutral, and balanced.


The meanings of the colors can vary based on the shade you use. Also, what combination of colors you choose will determine the effect your logo has on the people who see it. For example, women are known to prefer softer colors, while men prefer colors that have a brighter shade. Based on your target audience, you should combine the colors accordingly.

There’s yet another finding about men and women’s preferences in terms of colors. Women prefer the shades, while men prefer the tints. Shades are colors that are mixed with white, while tints are mixed with black.

If your audience is not limited to a single gender, you can always consider combinations of colors. Just make sure that your combinations are in similar hues.

If you lack the experience to combine colors, you can always take a look at your competitors’ logos and some successful logos on the Internet.

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03. Expert Help

Many people think that hiring an expert for designing a logo is too expensive. This might have been the case before, but today, there are many freelancers who work at reasonable prices for their expertise. To be on the safe side, order you logo from companies that work with established freelancers, like the freelancers from These people are known for their essays and articles, but as well as logos and programs.

Expert Help

If you lack the experience in logo design, this is perhaps one of your safest and wisest steps. Someone with experience in making a logo, for example, a professional graphic designer can point you in the right direction and help you create a suitable logo for your business. After all, the logo is something that will stay with your business for years to come, so this is definitely not the time to procrastinate or risk it.

04. Typography

Typography is a very important part of design. You can use it to communicate your company’s personality as well as its name. If you aren’t very familiar with fonts, here is what you should know:

i. There are three main fonts. The rest are varieties of those fonts that you can choose from.

ii. If you want a classic font, you should consider the Serif fonts like Times New Roman, Baskerville, etc.

Logo Design Examples

iii. Sans Serif fonts are extremely popular and mostly used for modern businesses and lifestyle blogs. They are highly readable and fresh.

iv. Script fonts are known for their power of presenting personality. You can use them to create an elegant, creative, and even casual effect. They tend to be harder to read, so be careful about which variety you choose.

05. Logo Type

As you know at this point, there are many designs, typographies, and even color options when it comes to logo creation. However, there are also seven established types of logos for you to choose from. These are the options to consider:

a. Wordmark Logo

A wordmark or logotype comes in the form of the full name of the company. It is mostly based on the typography and color, considering that the entire logo consists of your brand’s name only.

b. Monogram Logo

Also referred to as the lettermark logo, this logo type includes the initials of your business. It goes perfectly with a minimalistic design and basically shares your brand’s message in a very short and clear way.

c. Abstract Mark

An abstract logo is a geometric form that isn’t directly connected to your brand. However, if you choose this, you should select a symbol that is unique to the brand and makes a connection to it.

Logo Types

d. Pictorial Mark

A pictorial mark or a logo symbol is an image that will represent the brand. It should be memorable and unique to fulfill its main goal – be easily recognizable.

You might want to pair this with a wordmark, but you don’t have to. Just think of the Apple mark – they don’t really need the name, do they?

e. Mascots

Have you considered making a mascot for your brand? It all depends on the brand type and purpose, but if it is more family-friendly, fun, or youth oriented – a cheerful mascot is a great idea.

f. Emblem

Emblems combine pictorial elements and words. They usually come in the form of a symbol or icon with text integrated with it, such as seals, badges, and crests.

g. Combination Mark

The combination mark logo combines a word mark and a symbol, with the name placed in the graphic element or next to it.

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Business logos have a grand purpose in the strategy for brand recognition. They need to represent the business’ vibe and purpose, make it recognizable, and remain in the memory of people who see them. As such, logos can be very hard to design.

We hope that the information above helps you to better understand the process of logo design, as well as the importance of a logo in business. Making your logo might take quite a while, but if you do it right, it’s worth it.

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Alvin Franklin is a graphic designer with seven years of experience. He works as a design trainer, as well as a marketing strategist for businesses who need help with brand recognition. As such, Alvin has excelled in creating useful content and design ideas that promote the businesses he works on.



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