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Social Media Statistics 2019 To Help You Boost Small Business Brand

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Social Media

Social Media Statistics

Last updated on January 31st, 2022

With so many giant corporations and large enterprises dotting the business world, it was a real challenge for small-sized businesses to level the playing field, a few years back. However, today social media has changed the game for small businesses. More and more small businesses are now turning to social media to effectively market their product and services, establish their brand identity, garner media mileage and build a loyal customer base.

It is a well-established fact that social media statistics is very important for small businesses. However, taming the social media giant to your advantage is no mean feat.

The rule of this game is simple: you’ve got to get and hold the attention of your target audience and hold it long enough. And to capture your target audience’s interest right from the get-go, you’ll need to stay prepared.

So, here we present to you a carefully hand-picked list of some insightful articles culled from popular sites such as Business2community,,, and to help you make your target audience bow in awe of your brand’s greatness and might on the social media landscape.

Here Is The List Of Social Media Statistics For 2019

01. 10 Statistics On Top Digital Marketing Strategies For 2019 –

This post published on Business2Community is sure to help you put together the right blend of tactics and tools to land customers and inspire action on your social media channels.

With an overview on the digital marketing trends of tomorrow, this article is a must-read for small businesses and startups alike.

02. 15 Shocking Social Media Statistics That You Didn’t Know –

Ace blogger and designer, Henna Ray divulges 15 shocking social media statistics for small businesses in this post published on

The post reveals the importance of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Consumer trends and Google+. This article is definitely an eye-opener for those who have looking for ways to leash a new life to their small business’ social media statistics .

03. 75% Of Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) Say Internet Marketing Is Effective –

In a post published on, Columnist Myles Anderson shares key stats from Bright Local’s most recent annual SMB Internet Marketing Survey.

The post reveals key stats that can help you stay prepared to point your small business in the right direction on the social media landscape.

04. Shocking Digital Marketing Statistics For Small Business Owners –

Michael Korolishin reveals some shocking stats about the significance of social media marketing in a post on

He reveals how much of a gulf there is between the levels of adoption shown by businesses towards digital marketing and the amazing amount of use that the internet gets in a commerce-specific context.

05. 101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics –

Ace Marketing and PR executive, Tom Pick discusses 101 vital digital marketing and social media statistics that can go a long way in ensuring success for small businesses like you.

He explains that marketing today has become more data-driven. Quite expectedly, it’s significant to use data to keep up with trends, competitor strategies, and developments in your market.

06. 26 Promising Social Media Stats for Small Businesses –

In a post published on, writer Phil Mershon reveals how social media marketing has become an integral small business marketing tool.

The post discusses 26 vital stats that are enough to make you understand how important is it to develop an effective social media strategy for your small business.

07. 12 Social Media Statistics For Small Businesses To Help Keep You Motivated –

This article published on lists staggering stats that clearly highlight the importance of social media for small businesses.

The post exclusively reveals statistics about the growing importance of Facebook, social media demographics, how reviews are important for small businesses and why is it important to build consumer trust on your small business?

This article is a must-read for any small business willing to make that killer first impression on the social media turf.

08. Social Media Is Important For Small Business Owners –

Data Journalist, Niall McCarthy reveals some vital stats highlighting the importance of social media for small businesses in one of his posts published on

He explains that 27 percent of small business owners don’t use social media and 57% SMBs pin down their faith on LinkedIn and 50% of small business owners turn to Facebook when it comes to marketing their products and services.

Do read this post if you’re looking to know about the best social media site to promote your small business brand identity.

09. New Social Media Statistics and What They Really Mean –’s ‘9 New Social Media Statistics and What They Really Mean’ is one article that every small business owner must read. With careful observations from Social Media Examiner’s 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, this article reveals 9 interesting statistical bon mots within its confines.

10. How SMBs Use Social Media: 15 New Stats You Should Know –

Published on, this article divulges about latest stats, facts and trends from the world of social media. The shocking stats and expert tips presented in the article are sure to point small businesses in the right direction.

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