‘Horrible Bosses’ Syndrome: What’re Your Best Options?

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Last updated on July 26th, 2018

Well, time for a little reboot! Are you not being paid for the true value of your work? Are you not being credited for your work? Are you forced to do the “grunt work” no one else wants? Your boss doesn’t like you, no matter how hard you work? If you’re nodding your head in yes for any of the above questions you’re suffering for the little known yet dangerous “Horrible Bosses” Syndrome.

What Exactly Is “Horrible Bosses” Syndrome?

Bossesbosses“Horrible Bosses” syndrome is a term inspired by the popular Hollywood blockbuster, Horrible Bosses that premiered in 2011. In the movie, three friends – Nick, Dale and Kurt decide to murder their respective overbearing, abusive bosses tormented by the stressful and daunting experience at workplace. Well, you may argue how could a fictional movie be generalized as a syndrome for employee, you wouldn’t disagree that everyone who’s ever had a job has had a horrible boss at least once. In fact, Bloomberg reveals that many privately held surveys suggest that the “Horrible Bosses” syndrome has become a full-blown workplace plague. The popular online magazine further reveals that a 2010 Bosses Day survey by Monster.com (MWW) found that more than a third of workers were dissatisfied with their managers. After looking at the stats here, you definitely wouldn’t mind Kurt saying, “Yeah! It’s not murder if it’s justified. Justifiable homicide, that’s the thing, right?

How Do You Get Over It?


So now when you’ve figured out that you are suffering from the “Horrible Bosses”, what are your options? Do you go to a ‘Murder Consultant’ to get you bosses murdered just like Nick, Dale and Kurt? No, you’re not a killer! So, what’s the next logical option for you? Maybe, you consider updating your resume and launching a job search. But then, there’s a chance that you end up working for another annoying or aggravating bosses. Well, is there any other option left? Why don’t you grab a glass of James Bond style Vodka Martini, ‘shaken not stirred’, and strike out a fool-proof plan to put up a company on your own? Being your own boss and owning your own hours with no chances of getting fired. Now, wouldn’t this be a dream come true? And, if you thought taking a plunge in business world is just for those with deep pockets, it’s time you thought again!

Nominally priced marketing tools, social media boom, free online resources and affordable custom design crowdsourcing have made it possible even for those with not-so-deep pockets to level the playing field, these days. So, if you’ve a laptop, a cell phone and a few spare bucks, you’re all set to give wings to your dream ventures and give a miss to the appalling “Horrible Bosses” syndrome.

What about The First Impression?


Entrepreneur.com says when it comes to startups; it all starts with that ‘First Impression’. So, if you’re able to nail down that first impression, consider half the battle won. For startups, the image at the very first glance is the most important, and if you miss that opportunity, there’s no chance for a “do-over.”

Whether your business is online or offline, your company logo often precedes actual introductions, in most cases. Your logo is the first thing that shows up in web searches and it’s the first thing that visitors notice on your webpage. In fact, it’s usually the most visible element of your business card. Your logo is the flagship of your startup, and that means it must be designed like it.

What Do You Need In The Logo?

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Everybody wants a perfectly designed logo. But to pluck out the best one out of a hundred is not an easy task. Therefore, it is only prudent to take a step back and learn a thing or two about logos before you get one for your startup. Yes, you’re not doing the work yourself. But knowing the basics of logo design—what works, what doesn’t –helps hone your eye for that perfect logo.

Smashing Magazine recommends you to make sure that your logo fulfills these 5 criteria:

  1. It works vertically.
  2. It uses no more than two fonts, sometimes less.
  3. It puts a face to your brand.
  4. It’s got a connection to the brand—and not to anything else.
  5. It’s timeless.

How To Find That Killer Logo?

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So, you’re all set to get a logo to attract sales to get your business off the ground. And to get that perfect logo for your business, you hire a reputable graphic design agency or sign off a contract with a freelance designer maybe. But what do you do when you haven’t got oodles of money to bear the bulging package of design agency or pay for relatively higher fees of professional designers?

With custom design crowdsourcing platform such as Designhill, you won’t have to worry. Just sign up and you’ll get the logo that would knock the socks off of every customer and boost your startup brand from the get-go, at a price that doesn’t pinch your pocket.

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So, you too are dealing with aggravating bosses, don’t just wear a thick skin or go about following the footsteps of Nick, Dale and Kurt from Horrible Bosses! We recommend you take the most out of the opportunities and give your business dreams a shot! And don’t worry; we’re here to make sure you get the best of graphical elements to establish a brand identity, garner media mileage and build a loyal customer base without breaking your bank.



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