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How A Chicago-Based Restaurant Increased Its Walk-Ins By 60%

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Case Study

Restaurant Logo

Last updated on November 9th, 2021

New “eatery chains” have disrupted the food and drink industry through exceptional products and visually-appealing branding materials. However, the Hot Dog House, a Chicago-based restaurant, faced multiple challenges like attracting new visitors, improving walk-ins, boosting restaurant delivery orders, and ultimately increasing its sales.

The pertinent challenges were – establishing an instant connection with its target audience, attracting them to its restaurant and increasing the overall business in its locality.

Today’s market needs creativity and agility both to grab customer’s attention. A powerful visual identity leaves a lasting impression in the audiences’ mind.

According to a CNBC report — about 60% of new restaurants tend to fail within the first year of their launch. And, about 80% of them shut their business before reaching their 5th anniversary.

There are many reasons behind their closure, poor branding being one of the most prominent.

At the simplest, every brand needs a memorable name, story, a unique logo, and consistent branding. Designhill’s designer community has been thrilled to stimulate such new initiatives!

Restaurant Design

The restaurant took advantage of the visual rebranding to increase its walk-ins.

Business Challenges:

The restaurant was unable to attract new customers, and the owner was worried because it had fewer walk-ins even than when it had started, despite great food, exceptional service, and a pleasant atmosphere.

The restaurant didn’t have an identifiable element which could distinguish it from other restaurants in the vicinity.

Proposed Solutions:

Dannie M Jones, as the first stage of its proposed solution, obtained quotations from five different agencies for rebranding their restaurant. It didn’t turn out well for the restaurant owner, as the quotes ranged between $3,000 and $5,000 and therefore, wasn’t feasible for the restaurant to go with these agencies.

So, as an alternative, he reached out to his family and friends for recommendations. However, none of them could give him the confidence to go ahead with them.

Label Design

At last, the client decided to go on the design sites such as Designhill, 99designs, Tailor Brands, DesignCrowd, Logojoy, and a few others.

He reviewed their testimonials, portfolios, and design samples showing the logos of various restaurant businesses. Keeping the quality of the designs, feedbacks, and other aspects in mind, the client chose Designhill.

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Designhill’s Approach

Designhill provided the restaurant owner with different contests and packages as part of its solution. This included —

Design Contests

It allows business owners to get many creative designs from multiple designers. There is no capping on design submissions from a designer.

One-To-One Contests

It’s a format in which a client launches a contest in which only one particular designer based on his/her rankings, profile, level, the portfolio is hired to do the job. In a One-to-One contest, the customer and the designer finalize the details such as a minimum number of designs, revisions, duration, and money mutually on the website itself.

Restaurant Banner

Hidden Contest Add-On

It restricts the designers from seeing others’ design entries. Only the clients can view all the design submissions in their contest. This implies that there is no possibility of designers copying or stealing design concepts from others during the contest. It is a preferred add-on as it increases creativity in the concepts.

Fast-Track Contests

This package is basically a quick contest which runs for 4 days. In the fast track package, each designer is allowed to submit a maximum of 4 designs during the design submission stage. It has been created, especially for clients who want a quick turnaround with no compromise on quality.

Business Solution

The Hot Dog House had come to Designhill and posted a contest for $500.

The contest started with the design brief, which included details such as—

i. The name that the client wanted in the logo.

ii. Who were the audiences?

iii. What type of services or products it offers?

iv. Competitor details if any.

v. The feeling that the client wanted its logo to provoke.

vi. Places where the logo has to be used.

vii. Required file format.

viii. Color specification.

As and when the contest became live, the responses from designers started pouring in.

About 104 design submissions were received within the seven days of the contest launch — according to the design brief provided by the client.

Cup Logo

The client was overwhelmed to receive artistically crafted, unique designs and got muddled to pick the best out of them. So, he shortlisted the best 10 and eliminated the rest. The ten designs were from ten different designers living in different countries.

After that, he decided to run a poll for the ten shortlisted designs.

He shared the logo and brand identity materials for poll over the restaurant’s social media account and through emails with their customers. Mr. Jones even invited his family, friends, and restaurant staff to participate in the poll.

Based on the poll, the client picked out the best three and again ran a survey for the winner. Later on, he announced the winner to the design that got the maximum votes. Even after announcing the winner, he managed to get some tiny tweaks in the logo.

The Designhill’s designers followed the logo and brand identity methodologies as well as best practices to provide the client with the exact visual branding material needed, along with a cost-effective approach within 10 days of the project commencement.


After announcing the winner, the client and designer signed the “design transfer agreement” to proceed with the design handover. It took just a few clicks.

Logo Design

It all had been an easy process for the client than searching and hiring an agency or a freelance designer to get their task done.

Let’s see what Mathew of the Hot Dog House had to say about Designhill’s designers.

“I was really impressed to see the response of my contest launch. I found the platform pretty easy to use as everything was streamlined. It didn’t take more than seven days for me to get what I wanted. Many modern features such as poll, sharing, etc. simplified it for me to ask my friend’s and family’s opinion. I grew my business by manifold by rebranding it, all thanks to Designhill’s services.”


The result was instant; the Hot Dog House managed to get its due exposure and increased its walk-ins by 80% and sales by 50% within a week.

Over 3 months, the overall walk-ins increased by 60% as compared to the preceding three months.

Hot Dog House

The Hot Dog House rebranding is an excellent example of how a business can improve its walk-ins by manifold through professional branding.

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