How Buying Likes Hurts Your Dating Startup Facebook Page?

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How Buying Likes Hurts Your Dating Startup Facebook Page?

Last updated on March 12th, 2018

Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly active users and around 66% of active Facebook users are aged between 15 to 34 years. Clearly, Facebook is perhaps the best social media site to promote your dating business startup. Your dating startup Facebook Page can do wonders for your business, provided you build a strong customer base. But effectiveness and impact of the page are generally considered on how many people ‘like’ it. The number of likes you get typically determines the success of your dating business page on Facebook. More likes means your page is appealing more potential customers who seek partners for dating.

In reality, the majority of startup Facebook pages have fake ‘likes’ which your dating page must avoid at all costs. has listed the bot network and CSS Style sheet trickery as illegal common practices for buying likes.

Reasons why you should never buy ‘likes’ and instead depend on genuine ones for you dating startup facebook page:

  • Bogus Sense of Success

    You may buy thousands of likes for your dating business’ startup Facebook page, but your posts and messages fail to reach to all those who have liked your page as they are not your genuine followers. Your efforts, thus, go in vein. You waste money and valuable time, getting nothing in return. Instead, it makes sense to aim for a creative Facebook page design that can summon undivided attention and interest from your target audience and post engaging and interesting content to get genuine followers.

  • Facebook will Catch You One Day

    If you go by Facebook’s terms of services, the site does not allow bogus accounts, which are used to create fake likes and followers. Once the site spots such accounts, it deletes all the followers on your page immediately. An example in this case is of popular American singer,  Justin Bieber, who lost 3.5 million followers in a day after Facebook took the action.

  • You Lose Credibility

    Once Facebook removes all of your false followers, it actually becomes an embarrassing movement as you are caught doing something that’s not allowed. This also harms your credibility amongst your target audience. says that most likes and followers you buy may not be real people, which may further harm your startup Facebook page.

  • No Purpose Served

    When you buy likes, you boost your ego falsely that thousands of people are following your startup. But the reality is phony ‘likes’ do not serve any purpose. Besides loss of time and money, such likes do not even contribute anything to your SEO campaign.

So, make efforts such as posting high-quality content that is useful to your customers. Remember to use images that appeal to the emotions of your audience. But whatever you do, never forget to play by the rules. That means never buy fake Facebook likes. Otherwise, you could get your business account suspended over the use of fake likes and followers.

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