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How Custom Outfits Can Boost Your Workplace Productivity

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Printshop Basics

Custom Outfits

Last updated on May 15th, 2023

How you dress up in your workplace can significantly impact your productivity and ability to effectively perform responsibilities. Several studies have established a direct correlation between dressing professionally in the office and enhanced workplace productivity. This makes employees wear thoughtfully-designed custom outfits to achieve the desired results.

Uniforms make recognizing employees in particular fields simple and give the task a sense of professionalism. Additionally, wearing a uniform can give the user a sense of belonging to a workplace and group of people, boosting motivation for work and increasing output.

Wearing a uniform can give the user a sense of belonging to a particular group, boosting motivation for work and increasing output. Consider a police officer and a doctor as examples. You don’t need to rush down the street yelling for an officer because you can see them, and a doctor’s clothes can indicate trust. Additionally, uniforms eliminate the requirement for unique work attire.

Routine productivity can also be increased by following a basic routine like dressing. Behavioral scientist Nick Hobson claims that even minor rituals can have significant psychological and bodily effects.

As opposed to getting out of bed and logging on in your pajamas, getting dressed at the same time every morning gives your day more structure and order. A good separation between your workday and your leisure time can be made possible by that little bit of organization, which can also reduce stress. In addition, changing your clothes before and after work signals your brain that it is time to concentrate or unwind.

Wearing custom outfits also has some psychological effects on employees in the workplace. Such personalized dresses ultimately help workers enhance their mood for professionally doing their job. In addition, there is some scientific evidence that dressing well enhances productivity.

In fact, several studies have proven that clothes contribute their bit to enhancing workplace environment and productivity.

For example, a study by the University of Hertfordshire showed that when people were asked to wear a Superman t-shirt, they felt much stronger than ever.

Here is How Custom Outfits Can Help Boost Workplace Productivity

Wearing custom outfits has some psychological impact on the behaviors of employees at the workplace. After donning their company’s outfits, they instantly switch from their daily life to professional life.

Here is how company dresses, such as custom t-shirts or formal attire, can help increase workplace productivity.

01. Give Your Company A Professional Image

Your employee’s work efficiency is also significantly influenced by your target audience’s perception of your company. If they find a company creditable and trustworthy, they often come to buy its products or services regularly. In turn, employees of such a company want to work more to boost its business.

One of the main factors in building a company’s professional image is its employees following a dress code. As they all dress up in a set way, customers see such a business professionally run.

02. Build Trust In Your Company

You have probably noticed that someone dressed adequately for their profession has a higher chance of earning someone’s trust. They are more likely to be appreciated if they do this, whether by donning apparel for business or dressing appropriately for their work.

You’re more likely to feel the part and be more motivated to carry out your duties if you appear the part. In addition, you will act more professionally if you dress professionally in keeping with your occupation.

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03. Boost Employees’ Confidence

Not only can professional attire enhance how others view you, but it also boosts your self-assurance. Wearing the right outfits can give you the confidence to own and execute your work well.

To increase drive and self-assurance, you can use the concept of enclothed cognition concerning your attire. Wearing attire, for instance, strongly related to academics, research, technology, or medicine, such as a lab coat, a personalized jacket with elbow patches, black derby shoes, or an oxford button-down, may help you feel more critical and raise your self-esteem.

Similarly, wearing activewear or work attire can provide motivation and facilitate the completion of physically demanding tasks such as mowing the lawn or running errands.

04. Save More Time For Productivity

When companies provide uniforms and workwear to employees, they can dress quickly without wasting valuable time picking up trending clothes. As a result, such employees are more likely to report to work on time than the sloppy-dressed ones.

So, the uniform or custom outfits provided by companies saves time as employees can grab these dresses and go to work quickly. They do not have to be pressured to choose a perfect outfit.

05. Get Employees Into The Right Frame of Mind

Working on a project requires the right mindset to be more productive. Unfortunately, without the right frame of mind, employees will soon lose interest in the work. Often, this escalates the costs for the company.

Custom outfits help set the right frame of mind for employees to work mode. When they wear custom business clothing, they automatically get the signal that it is time to work. This is also a way to switch your mind from many distractions of daily life and focus on the task at hand.

06. Connect Employees With Your Brand

When a company makes its employees wear custom outfits, customers can quickly identify them with the brand. This encourages customers to approach the company employees when required.

After wearing your company’s official outfits, your employees will also find engaging with potential customers much more manageable. Interaction between a company’s employees and target customers helps increase sales.

Some companies also ask a specific set of employees to come wearing workplace outfits with the company logo and name . Such custom outfit is also a way to advertise your brand across the city. With such dresses for workers, a company can generate brand awareness about what it does.

Employees who connect well with a company or brand work professionally and typically want to contribute their bit to the growth of the business. So, dressing up for work is essential for connecting employees from a productivity point of view.

07. Ensure Equality In The Workplace

Equality in the workplace matters a lot in increasing productivity. Employees may turn the workplace into a fashion boutique without a dress code. Some employees may feel left out if they can’t afford to wear expensive clothes.

The uniform clothing also promotes a healthy work environment. Employees feel they are working to achieve a common goal: their company’s growth. So, a dress code encourages the spirit of working as a team. Such team-building clothes prove to be a great help in increasing productivity in the workplace.

In addition to fostering stronger relationships among coworkers and removing social barriers, doing away with the necessity for individualized attire can result in a better, more effective workplace.

A more relaxed dress code that permits employees to wear whatever they choose to work might, for some people, also result in a more relaxed attitude towards their work, which would reduce productivity.

Tips For Choosing The Right Workplace Outfits

Now that it is a well-established fact that custom outfits can boost your productivity at the workplace, know how to choose the right outfits.

Pay Heed To These Considerations While Deciding What To Wear In Particular Circumstances

01. Consider The Uniform’s Fit and Comfort

While choosing a workplace outfit, ensure that it fits well with employees and that they are comfortable in it. Itchy or poorly fitting uniforms might hamper the productivity of an employee.

02. Observe People’s Attire

Before settling for a particular attire, pay attention to what others wear in an office. Even if the workplace may be informal, you may observe that those in leadership roles dress a little more formally. You can decide to dress similarly to those in the position you want to be in.

If you’re going to an interview, look for hints about the company’s culture on its social media profiles and “About Us” website. You may see how staff usually dress in their office photos or videos.

Ask your recruiter or another contact for advice if you still need clarification about what to dress to succeed.

Ask your coworkers who may know or have met with this individual about how their offices run and how you might appear respectful and professional during your meeting with them if you’re heading to a business meeting.

03. Avoid Wearing Very Large Accessories

In any situation, you should not wear large accessories such as four-inch or higher heels or corporate custom apparel with profanity or potentially inappropriate fashion statements. For various contexts or occasions, you might wear different business clothing styles.

04. Pay Heed To The Clothing Code, If One Exists

If not, observe how other people dress or, if necessary, seek advice from others. You can project the image of a responsible worker by dressing professionally.

05. Balance Your Dresses

You don’t need to give up comfort to dress for higher productivity. However, by choosing pieces that give you a sense of assurance and competence, you can benefit from the scientific facts mentioned above.

For some, that can entail traditional business dress like blazers and long-sleeved shirts; for others, it might entail a daily “uniform” of jeans and a custom T-shirt.

The most significant effect, whatever you decide to do, make sure to follow the habit of changing your clothes before and after work.

Custom T-Shirt

06. Choose Clothing Colors Wisely

Choosing between light and dark hues can be a difficult decision. However, most people prefer less ominous and more friendly-sounding colors.

Darker hues will help you come across as more in control and self-assured. Blue is long linked with wisdom, authority, honesty, and seriousness. It inspires serenity while igniting imagination.

When you wear blue at work, your fellow employees may experience the same thing. If in doubt, choose blue.

07. Always Wear Professional Attire

Even if your workplace doesn’t have a formal dress code or hasn’t been updated, some office attire sins remain to avoid. So, make sure that you are well dressed for your professional job. Also, what you wear should reflect what you do in your company.

So, consider these points when pondering how custom outfits can help increase productivity. Ensure you pay heed to each point before settling for a custom uniform. It must represent your company’s values, brand identity, and professional image accurately.

How to get custom outfits?

Your small business can easily have your employees’ uniforms designed, printed, and delivered from one place. You will not spend your time and energy sourcing the outfits such as t-shirts and long sleeves. All you do is visit PrintShop by Designhill.

This leading print-on-demand site lets you choose colors, text, etc., elements to design an outfit. Then, the site will print your artwork or designs to deliver the apparel to your doorstep.

You might be looking for cost-effective solutions to source many tees or long sleeves as your employees’ custom outfits. Such tshirt printing online lets you access printed outfits at a reasonable price.

It is not just professional clothes for the workplace; you can also design casual clothes using the print-on-demand site. In addition, any person with no design or artistic skills can use the site to create their own outfits.

So, for instance, you can make your own sweatshirt using the PrintShop. Just let the site know your color preferences and add motivating text or other elements. You will then get it all printed on the sweatshirt.

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Wrapping Up

Custom outfits help in enhancing workplace productivity since it switches our mindset from leisurely to work mode. It saves time as employees do not have to pick from several trendy outfits. They also promote equality among workers and boost workers’ confidence.

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Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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