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How Graphic Designing Can Add Personality To Your Accounting Firm

by Makeda Waterman Tweet - in Accounting

Accounting Firm

Last updated on October 20th, 2022

I remember working for a non-for-profit accounting firm a few years ago in marketing. My goal was to assist the Graphic Designer with selecting powerful images. We stayed within the guidelines but realized it was time to reach other professionals such as lawyers and banking professionals. A change of lighter colors to 3-D shapes and images that projected a sense of trustworthiness helped us accomplish our goals.

The reason why the Graphic Designer was successful is because we created powerful design ads using some ultimate marketing ideas appreciated.

Graphic Design And Accounting

When most people think about graphic design in accounting, basic colors, corporate designs and a simple accounting logo comes to mind. It is normal for a Graphic Designer to think of accountants at their desk entering an invoice for clients completing tedious work.

Graphic Design

Accounting is an industry that began in 1494 by a mathematician named Luca Pacioli. It now makes sense that graphic design used for most firms will be deep rooted in a set of guidelines you will have to follow if you are redesigning the entire branding.

Here Are A Few Tips To Consider When Adding Personality To The Graphic Design Of An Accounting Firm

Think About Your Clients Or Members

Your target audience is the starting point when figuring out how to rebrand or design the marketing materials of your accounting firm. If you are in the process of an internal re-design, the age, gender, education and mentality of your employees will make a significant difference.

Think About Your Clients

You can diversify your designs by creating an effective infographic design on social media to make a dull topic sound interesting. In accounting, if you decide to change the entire branding in the opposite direction, it is possible that feedback from your clients or members will be filled with disappointment.

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The Accounting Aspect Of Design

A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) logo is one that speaks volumes of progression, professionalism, focus and change. The most important design aspects to consider are color, font and style. It needs to speak to employees, clients and your target market.

Accounting Aspect Of Design

Your audience needs to be able to relate to your branding to believe that your firm is the best one to work with when compared to your competitors.


After you Google accounting firms Toronto you will notice that most of the logos are in blue, white, green, purple, grey or black. Think about what people first think about when they hear the word money, taxes, and accounting. These solid tones often come to mind first. It is because each color conveys stability, growth, safety, professionalism, wisdom and trust.


It earns the respect of potential clients to want to do business with a firm with trust that they will manage an aspect of their finances the right way. We highly recommend that you use these colors and select a shade that employees, customers and potential clients will respect and appreciate.

Accounting&Finance logo


The guidelines for CPA graphic art typically comes with a handbook that an internal marketing team uses. Before you decide to re-invent the wheel, read the entire guideline booklet when changing fonts because the deciding factor will be based on the CPA profession. A few of the most common fonts in accounting are Myriad, Adobe and Microsoft.


The goal is to use a specific style that will help the firm stand out amongst competitors. The less amount of text you use, the better when deciding on a tagline or a slogan. In most cases, the slogan is placed under the logo either in a straight or curved line.

Style Of Icons

The logo for a CPAs accounting business includes an icon and text that is powerful. The style of the right logo help with selecting images and using tones for marketing collateral and branding. In most cases, CPAs use abstract photos and shapes or letter monograms for logos.

Style Of Icons

You can use the name of the business when selecting letter monograms for the icon. In order for it to be a success, it must capture the feeling that you get when people look at the font.

We highly recommend you design an icon that tells your audience a story. It can represent the person that started the company or where you envision the business to be in the future.

Take a look at some of the most common accounting firms logo. It will give you an idea on how to get started.

Design Elements

The way to creating a successful design for a firm or a CPA is to ensure it conveys quality, efficiency and accuracy. The image can be elegant or simple that should avoid being complicated.

Design Elements

You can use the initials of the name of the company. If you can use solid colors and avoid a flashy design that will look good on a business card design, billboard, or stationary it would satisfy the client.

Final Thoughts

Your imagination and creativity can create wonders for an accounting firm. It is important to understand the demographics of the firm’s clients. One firm might have more Baby Boomers as customers while others work more with young adults.

Final Thoughts

Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, what colors, images, designs and logo would make me work with this firm. In my experience, it is completely fine to use modern designs by reviewing the firm’s competitors.

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The project will be considered a success if you use the current guidelines and convince the company that addition of colors or an entirely new design will help to attract new business. When in doubt, create a focus group of current clients and employees to hear their thoughts on a few of your designs before you make a final decision. Always find out the goal of the firm first before re-inventing the wheel. Stick with our advice and you will earn the respect at the company for years to come. Good luck!

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Makeda Waterman is a freelance business writer with writing clips from Huffington Post,, Elite Daily, and, among others. She has an education in Journalism and owns a writing business with a passion for helping companies grow.



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