How To Add Colors And Shades To Text In Illustrator

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Last updated on December 29th, 2017

Colors and shades are two of the most important design elements. A professional designer pays utmost attention to these elements to create unique designs having aesthetic value.

If you are a beginner who wants to learn and practice some basic ways of incorporating colors and shades to text in illutrator, here are some easy steps to follow.

Step -1

For adding Illustrator, first go to the file menu and click to get a wide range of options. You can also use keyword buttons Ctrl+N. Then, click on New to get a document.

text in illustrator


In the new document, fill the requirements such as width, height, color modes etc as per your specifications for a new design and click OK.

step to add Text In Illustrator


Get the new document to work on with the required set of specifications. You already have a set of colors on the right side of the documents in a bar.



Then, click on the T icon on the bar on the left side. This icon helps you in type the text that you want to design. Click also on the Stroke icon on the right side of the bar and select black to give black color to the text you wrote. You also get layer 1 of the design on the document.



Now, if you want to change the color of the text, and wish to make it red, for instance, then click on the Stroke icon again and select red below the icon. Now hit the button on the bottom left corner of the leftbar to get Drop Shadow menu and fill Opacity, x and y offset, color and other specifications you want.



As you click OK on Drop Shadow menu, you get the shades where they should be on your text.

simple steps to add Text In Illustrator

Step -7

If you wish to encircle the letter R on the top of the text and give a shade, then click on oval shape icon under T in the left bar. Select Appearance on the right side of the bar.


Step -8

As a last step, go to the Appearance menu on the right and select Inner Glow. You get shades on the inner side of the circle edge.

steps to add Text In Illustrator

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