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How To Build Team Spirit In Your Organization?

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Business Branding

Build Team Spirit

Last updated on August 4th, 2023

Team spirit is the building block of a successful organization. When everyone works collectively to achieve a common goal, success is not far away. Here in this blog, we have discussed seven tips to build team spirit in your organization. Keep scrolling to read and implement them.

Have you paid any attention to why Argentina won the FIFA world cup lately? One thing they showed impeccably was – team spirit.

Though every team has it, only those who can channel their spirit collectively outshine others.

Not only sports but team spirit is required everywhere, even in your organization. So, whether you’re a manager, team leader, or HR, you can do many things to build team spirit among employees. One of the easiest ways is to encourage a sense of unity and equality.

Team spirit is the core value that signifies how employees of a company come together to achieve a common goal. Fostering unity among employees makes them feel valued and work dedicatedly, which means success for your business.

We have rounded off a list of 7 tips to build team spirit. Let’s see them on-by-one.

7 Tips To Build Team Spirit

01. Encourage Collaboration

The first step toward building team spirit is collaboration. The relationships your team builds with each other are reflections of how you collaborate with them. And when you start building a team, stay focused on how they communicate or collaborate.

Team Collaboration

[Image Source: freepik]

According to a study, mere a thought of working collectively can boost our performance. Also, it clarifies that team members who collaborate are happier than those who don’t. So, as a leader or manager, it depends on you to provide them necessary resources for convenient collaborations.

You can introduce several collaboration tools like Asana, Trello, and Slack. This will bring everyone on the same page in terms of communication. Leveraging such tools builds engagement and fosters corporate relationships while working on-site or remotely.

Collaboration Tools

Here’s What You Can Do With Collaboration Tools

  • Create department-specific channels
  • Align project collaborations
  • Streamline workflow
  • Give feedbacks
  • Have real-time communications

Besides, you can create personal channels using those tools. Align team members based on shared interest or hobbies, like gardening, pet parenting, travelling, golfing, and more.

The more your team members collaborate, the better bonding they will build with each other.

02. Define Your Goals and Mission

A business is the true reflection of its goals and mission. It’s crucial to share your goals and mission with your team. Every employee should be given it in writing before commencing a project or task.

Team Goals and Mission

[Image Source: freepik]

This may sound cliché, but it’s important. Even a study suggests that people who put their goals in writing are 42% more likely to achieve.

Once they’re familiar with the goal, they can work together to create a strategy for its accomplishment.

03. Ensure Transparency

Defining your goals and mission won’t work until there is transparency. Be transparent in your mission statement and let employees access it throughout. Include it in your team member’s handbook or print it on posters for display. Also, discuss your mission statement in team meetings. It will let your employees know what they have to achieve and how they should prepare for it.

Ensure Transparency

[Image Source: freepik]

Once employees find transparency in mission and values, they work together to meet the short-term or long-term business goals. But not only be transparent, but support them throughout. Take initiatives, run workshops, or organize training sessions to keep the momentum going.

04. Provide Custom Team Clothing For Uniformity

You can build team spirit by asking your employees to show up in custom team apparel. Custom clothing has some apparent advantages. It builds a sense of uniformity and renders a professional appearance. Casual clothing is common at workplace.

Today’s entrepreneurs have normalized jeans and t-shirts as office wear. So, it’s now easier to match the color of the work outfit with your logo. Also, it reduces the professional clothing disputes as everyone wears the same clothing.

Custom Team Clothing

[Image Source: freepik]

Company-branded clothing also helps team members know each other. Appearing in public events in custom clothes boosts brand recognition.

You can take inspiration from sports teams and see how their uniform boosts their morale. Even fans wear the same uniform to encourage their spirit and support them.

Use Designhill’s online tool to create custom team clothing. It’s a pretty simple process. All you need is to select the t-shirt, and appropriate size, upload your company logo or create a design from scratch. Alternatively, you can add a text or quote to your team clothing.

Looking For Custom Clothing For Your Team?

It’s very simple. Choose a t-shirt. Select the appropriate color and size. Upload or create your own design. You can also hire a designer to create custom t-shirts for your group or squad.
Design Custom Clothing For Your Team Get Custom T-Shirts Designed

05. Encourage Volunteering Activities

While games and group activities are great team-building efforts, volunteering can be a refreshing alternative. In fact, the latest studies back the concept of volunteering that benefits everyone. Employee volunteerism is great at strengthening the connection within the team while positively affecting the health of each participant.

As per a study conducted by United Healthcare — 79% of American adults practicing volunteerism experienced lower stress levels.

Team Clothings

[Image Source: freepik]

Gather your team and plan a strategy to give back to society. Organize a visit to an animal shelter with food, plant flowers in a local community, visit an orphanage with supplies or teach a language to children. There are many volunteering activities that you can plan with your team.

Again, you can custom create team shirts to match your vibes. Showing up in matching outfits will instill a new vigor into each member while supporting their cause to help.

Custom T-Shirt

06. Highlight Wins and Praise Accomplishments

Failure and winning are common when we all try to achieve certain goals. So, it’s important to celebrate victory and learn from failure. If in your team, somebody succeeds or fails, doesn’t mean you should acquire a biased opinion.

Highlight Wins and Praise Accomplishments

[Image Source: freepik]

Recognize your team for their valuable contributions. You can give them an award to recognize their success with a promotion or bonus. Take your team for an outing, to a party, or whatever suits you.

Likewise, when your team fails, don’t blame them. Instead, encourage transparent communication. Sit together to brainstorm what was the reason that it didn’t work. Find out the answers to why the team failed. Ask your team members for their opinions.

Analyzing the failure from every point of view is essential. Based on the analysis, devise some strategies and implement new rules or procedures wherever necessary. Learn from the failure and grow together.

07. Hire Good People

We have saved it for our last tip. But it’s the first one. If you want to create a healthy work environment to boost team spirit, hire good people. And you can achieve this by employing a recruitment process outsourcing. It can help you identify suitable talents with ease.

During the process, you should incorporate questions designed to evaluate candidates’ compatibility with the team as well as the overall work culture.

Hire Good People

[Image Source: freepik]

You should focus not only on hiring but also on the employee onboarding process. Once you have hired good candidates, you must invest time and effort in onboarding and introducing new hires to other team members during their joining. This helps them be at ease and creates an initial bond with their new colleagues.

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Boosting team spirit has several benefits, including better understanding, employee health, retention, and more. By considering the tips mentioned earlier, you can create a strong team spirit. Encourage volunteering, hire good people, wear custom work clothes, highlight wins, and give constructive feedback.

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