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Yay or Nay! How to choose the right Product Category for your Artwork?

by Designhill Tweet - in Printshop Basics

Choose The Right Product Category For Your Artwork

Last updated on August 10th, 2023

Artists are skillful people who create unique works of illustrations, typography, doodles, etc. But when it comes to earning money by selling their art pieces, they need to pick the products carefully. It’s advisable to choose the right product category that is highly in demand and much loved by the consumers. So, artists must pay attention to the strategies that help in selecting the right product categories first. In this post, we will discuss how artists can choose the ideal product category list for their artwork and make money.

One of the major issues that trouble most artists is choosing the right products to print their artworks for sales.

Experts say that you should not make the mistake of putting your artworks on every product you have in mind. That is not an ideal way to earn money by selling your art pieces. You will end up wasting your money, energy, and time.

Instead, it would help if you adopted a strategy when it comes to picking the right category of products that can carry the original prints of your artworks. For the same, you need first to do some research to find which products are popular with people.

Some of the products are trendy, while others are conventional. Young people usually prefer trendy products such as fashion wear, while conventional products appeal more to older people. There are many such things to keep in mind when choosing the products.

Here Are Some Tips That Will Teach You How To Choose The Right Product Category

What are the various product categories?

First, know what are the main product categories. There are plenty of products available to artists in the market. They can print their art pieces on these products and sell them at a good profit.

When searching for the most popular products, we can categorize them for you. Generally, people love to buy things that they use daily. Therefore, the chances of selling your art on such products are higher than other products.

So, Here Are The Most Popular Categories Of Products For Artists


We all know that people like to wear new clothes, including trendy ones all the time. Most of the purchasing takes place in different clothing categories. Clothes can be categories for men, women, and kids. Majorly illustrators, doodlers, etc. can make most of it by utilizing the clothing category.

In the men’s section, you can print your art pieces frequently on t-shirts, which are the most popular everyday fashion wear. Then, tank tops and Ringer / polo t-shirts are equally sought-after by men.

Long sleeves t-shirts are also commonly preferred by men during winters. The other fashion wear that men like to buy regularly is zip hoodies that reflect their robust personalities.

Enjoy Your Summer Men’s 50-50 T-Shirt

When it comes to picking clothing products for women to print your art pieces, you should think of custom women’s t-shirts. These should be trendy shirts.

You can also consider putting your art prints on attractive long sleeves, t-shirts, tank tops, and crop tops for women. Those women who love to go to the gym for tough exercises, need to wear hoodie sweatshirts that soak in the sweat.

Born To Be Great Women's Flowy Tank Top

Besides men and women’s clothes, you should also print your art on kids’ and babies’ clothes. Parents like to buy clothes with new designs and attractive prints for their kids and babies. So, pick t-shirts, hoodies, and baby suits and print beautiful art pieces related to them.

Follow Your Dreams Kids Premium T-Shirt


Accessories are amongst the most demanded products as we use them in your daily lives. But which is the perfect accessory that artists should never miss printing their art pieces on? Well, we will say that tote bags are the accessories that women particularly like to carry with them.

Beauty in Nature Organic Cotton Large Tote

A tote bag is a large and strong bag. It is a versatile bag that can double as a functional and fashionable alternative to the handbags.

These bags come in a variety of sizes, and people find them highly useful for many purposes, including carrying daily use and making a fashion statement. Artists like Illustrators, Doodlers, Painters, etc. can print attractive illustrations and other designs on these bags to sell your artworks.

Home & Living

There is a wide range of home and living products available to artists. But if you need to choose just one product, then we will suggest you choose products under wall art categories.

People love to decorate walls in homes and commercial spaces. There are hardly any walls, insides, homes, and corporate offices that are not well decorated with some art pieces.

Mountain Chalet by the Stream Framed Poster

For instance, pattern artists can showcase their pattern delights in this category. Amongst the wall art products, they can prefer framed posters. These posters are wall framed to make the artwork inside more pleasing to the eyes.

You can pick many themes, including friendship’s day, Bohemian, fitness, yoga, and exercise, floral, social issues, love, and many others. So, you can have a wall framed poster for most of your illustration and other artworks.

Phone Accessories

Smartphones are part of our daily lives now, as these are essential communication and search tools. But people like to decorate the handsets with attractive and trendy phone covers. Artists like doodlers, illustrators, pattern designers, etc. can print your artworks on phone covers of different brands, especially those of the iPhone and Samsung.

Lotus Flowers iPhone Case

Pro Tips: How to choose the right product category as an artist to make money?

Like, we have discussed the main categories of products that you can pick to print your artwork on. But, what are those few of the items that sell more than others? Finding out one or two of them is important so that you can devote your time, money, energy on them to sell and earn more.

You can experiment with all those items and see which ones are selling more. But, that will take many months. Instead, you should adopt a better approach to know about the best selling products in advance.

So, Here Are Some Tips To Help You Pinpoint Such Products

01. Choose Your Best Artworks

First, make sure that you know which of your art pieces, such as illustrations and designs, are popular. You can find it out easily if you are active on social media.

Choose Your Best Artworks

All you need to do is look at the comments and suggestions people are making on your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

You indeed have displayed your various artistic works on these two most popular social media platforms. Now, scroll down and look for the comments. You can know which of your works resonates well with your target audience.

Those works getting more comments than the average number of comments indicate its popularity. They may also be talking about such works with their peers in real life. It would be best if you then focused on such works more for promotional activities.

02. Conduct A Survey

You should run a survey amongst your audience to check which of your works they like the most. Your Facebook account is the best place to do the survey. Display your artworks there and ask people to give their rating as the most and least favorite.

Do this survey more often to narrow down to the works that people are rating very high. Those are the purchasable items. You can also conduct Facebook Polls.

Conduct A Survey

Once you know which of your artworks are the best rated by people, now find out the right products. You should then put that best single artwork or design on several products such as custom hoodies, t-shirts, phone accessories, wall art, etc.

Ask people to rate which of the products they would like to buy more than others. You will come to know about the most popular item with the audience. Use that item more often to print your art on it to sell and make money on PrintShop.

03. Use Your Data (Analysis)

Another tactic to find out which of your works are performing well is to look at your sales data. If you have been selling art pieces for some months, check the sales figures. You can get an indication of what you should be selling more.

Use Your Data (Analysis)

When you sell on PrintShop, you can provide you such data easily for a quick analysis. This is a way to pinpoint the product that you are selling more than others.

04. Look For Emerging Trends

You can also get a big hint of which art and product trends are prevailing amongst your audience. People like to buy those things and work as their fashion statement.

These trends are also a reflection of our times. The trends show which art style, items, designs, colors, etc. are favorite people at this point.

Look For Emerging Trends

05. Consider Holidays and Seasons

Seasons and holidays are your best opportunities to increase sales of products with your art printed on them. For instance, if it is summer, try to sell t-shirts, which are light clothes.

You can create your artwork around summer themes and print them on t-shirts. Similarly, festivals like Christmas and special social or national events should be your chance to create art and increase sales.

Consider Holidays and Seasons

Where can artists create or sell products to make money?

Now, that you know your product category list that you can rely on to pick the right items, you should find out the way to use them to your benefit.

Here Are Some Points To Consider

Sign Up to PrintShop

First, sign up to a print-on-demand [POD] platform that allows you to print your artwork on the products. But, choose the POD platform carefully after going through its terms and conditions. You should also calculate the profit you will be earning and compare it with the other similar platforms.

For instance, you can safely sign up for PrintShop by Designhill. It’s a POD platform with a host of useful features for the artists. It is amongst the best sites for artists to set their selling price of artworks and earn as much as possible.

Open Your Online Store

Then, open your online store with this site, a quick procedure to complete in a few steps. Once you have started the store, display all of your best artworks, such as illustrations and typography works.

As a next step, pick the products from the categories mentioned above. You can choose clothing for men, women, and kids, accessories, lifestyle products, and phone cases.

After choosing products, place an order with the PrintShop to print your art on that product, such as custom tshirt. You can set your price and profit margin to sell the product.

PrintShop will take care of all the printing issues. It will then deliver the product to your customers’ addresses. After that, get your payment in your bank account once the product has been sold.

This simple process from printing to delivering a product to the customers and getting payment is quick and straightforward. As a result, you are left free to do your creative work, as usual, leaving all those worries to the PrintShop.

Do not restrict your art creation and sales of products only to big holidays or national events. Look for other minor and local events as well. Some events become trendy on social media. Find them out and do the needful.

So, consider these useful tips when choosing the right product category to print your artwork on for increased sales. In addition to that, you should actively promote your art and products on social media. This is your way to enhance your reach amongst your target audience to sell more products.

Wrapping Up

Artists have many earning opportunities provided they pick up the right product category. They should choose the most popular items and print their art with the right ones on those items to increase sales. Artists can open an online store and find the right set of items such as t-shirts and phone accessories. Conducting a survey, checking sales data, and considering holidays and seasons are also ways to pick the right products to print artwork on them.

Sell Your Art on PrintShop

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