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How To Create An Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy In 2023

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Social Media

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Last updated on April 29th, 2023

Marketers have homed in on Instagram as the perfect platform for connecting with today’s customers, with the image-sharing site providing numerous opportunities for creativity. But as with any other marketing effort, it’s important that you have an Instagram marketing strategy in place before posting on Instagram, since so many other companies are now using the site for their own campaigns.

Developing a marketing strategy can feel overwhelming initially, but with so many Instagram templates available online, you can easily find one that you can customize to work with Instagram.

Here Are  Few Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy In 2023

01. Set A Goal

The first step toward success in any social media marketing campaign is to know your end goal. When this is clearly identified in your Instagram marketing strategy, it can be carried across to everyone who works on the campaign, even if you have staff changes.

Your goal may be to increase sales in your online store, to grow your follower base for future marketing messages, to spread the word about your business locally, or something else entirely.

Set A Goal

You may even have a combination of goals that all benefit from the messages you post. Once you’ve put your goals in writing, you can then refer to them as you define your plans and begin posting.

You can also create your posts in a custom Instagram post size that matches your marketing strategy.

02. Identify Your Audience

In addition to knowing what you hope to achieve, you should also have a full understanding of the people most likely to connect with your posts. This will help you create content that will resonate with the people who see it.

Your competition can be a great resource for deciding the customers who are most likely to be interested in your Instagram posts. Review their content on the site and note which posts get the most interactions.

Identify Your Audience

You can also call upon the many tools available to survey customers and find existing information on the market for your products. Targetting a specific audience will be helpful to get more Instagram followers, as this improves your authority.

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03. Make It Visual

Instagram is ideal for visual industries like graphic design and illustration, where imagery is a large part of everyday business.

However, the pressure can be even more intense on brands in these industries, since customers expect to find high-quality, creative content on sites like Instagram.

Make It Visual

Look at brands that are known for their creative imagery on the platform and strive to create photos and videos that reach that same visual appeal.

There are photo editing apps out there like Instasize that can help make your visuals stands out. If you do not have an internal team try hiring a freelance graphic designer to do the same.

Occasionally, take a look at your profile as a whole and ask what first impression your brand likely makes on someone visiting your profile.

Also, you can store these pictures and videos to use on other platforms. Like, you can use Instagram video downloader Tool to save videos.

04. Embed On Website

Embedding Instagram feed on the website has been considered to be one of the most fruitful marketing moves for brands and businesses.

It enables them to reap benefits like increased user engagement, building a social proof of the brand, improving the overall appeal of the website, generating more revenue, and even SEO benefits, dwell time etc.

05. Connect Other Platforms

The image-based nature of Instagram can be limiting, so it’s important to incorporate cross-promotion into your Instagram marketing strategy.

Regularly upload interesting, informative content to your company blog and include an image from the post on Instagram.

Social Media Platforms

Since you can’t link directly to your blog post in your caption, you’ll need to put the link in your bio and direct those looking at your post there.

You should also occasionally direct your followers on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other online platforms to your Instagram page by teasing exclusive content or offers.

This cross-promotional effort and social media marketing can help you boost your followers across your entire online presence.

06. Identify Hashtags

Hashtags are essential to reaching new customers on Instagram, but this needs a strategy, too. Identify popular hashtags that are connected to your brand and document those for frequent use.

But in addition to these popular hashtags, you should also find more niche terms that apply to your brand, even if they aren’t quite as popular.

Identify Hashtags

Your team can add new hashtags specific to individual Instagram post which can serve as a handy tool as you’re captioning your posts on a daily basis.

Over time, you’ll need to revisit this list and add some tags using tag template that have become popular or more relevant in the weeks, months, and years since you originally created your strategy.

07. Use A Tool

The perfect complement to any marketing strategy is a social media page dashboard that allows you to easily manage your marketing efforts. This is especially true if you regularly maintain multiple accounts.

Look for a dashboard that lets you add multiple team members and administer that team as appropriate for your organization.

You should also make sure the solution you choose allows you to schedule posts for automatic deployment later, so that you can set up dozens of posts at once. This is essential to preventing something falling through the cracks as other daily duties distract team members.

Use Social Media Tool

08. Create A Calendar

Whether you choose a dashboard or post things live, an editorial calendar is essential. This can be specific to your Instagram posts or can include all your content marketing activities. You don’t need fancy software to create such a  content calendar.

Often marketers do this as an Excel spreadsheet, with columns for the type of post, the person responsible for the post, and the campaign associated with it. Hootsuite provides tips and templates that you can either customize for your campaigns or use as an example of what you can create on your own.

Create A Calendar

09. Delegate Tasks

As a business grows, it becomes quickly apparent that one person can’t do everything alone. If you have a team, identify at least one trusted employee who can take over the process of making sure your campaign goals are carried out on a daily basis.

As you grow even further, you may even be able to turn over creating and managing the strategy to someone on your team.

Delegate Tasks

If you are still a one-person operation, outsource the duty to a freelance social media manager who can either help you create a strategy, carry out your strategy, or a combination of both.

As a business grows, it becomes quickly apparent that one person can’t do everything alone. This is where having an Instagram advertising agencies list could come in hand.

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Brands are still learning more about the best ways to connect with customers on Instagram, but with a strategy in place, that process can be made easier. As you learn and grow, you’ll likely learn information that will help you refine your Instagram marketing strategy to make it even more successful.
Have you ever used a marketing strategy? If so, what tips do you have for businesses?

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