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How To Create An Email Signature That Can Drive Traffic To Your Blog

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Email Design

Email Signature

Last updated on December 23rd, 2023

Driving traffic to the website is what you definitely aspire as a blogger. Most probably, you would be emailing hundreds of other bloggers to write for you or exchange ideas. An email signature in this regard empowers you to share your blogs with readers and expand your audience base.

Of course, you won’t like to use a mediocre email signature that ruins your professional approach. Instead, you want to use the one that projects you as a sophisticated blogger who is knowledgeable. This not only puts you in a good light professionally but also builds trust among recipients leading to foster your own brand identity.

Remember, “Almost everyone will make a good first impression. But only a few will make a good lasting impression — Sonya Parker.”

Now that you know about the importance of an email signature, it’s time to understand how to create one. Everyone needs the right tools to simplify their task and promote their products/services, so you too. An email signature generator tool lets you make a professional signature in just a few minutes without breaking your bank.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a free online email signature generator or a paid one; the purpose is the same — to help you get a signature that puts a lasting impression.

Here, we have gathered a list of tips by which you can create a blogger email signature to boost the traffic of your blogs.

How To Create A Blogger Email Signature:

i. Add Your First and Last Name

Just like any other signature, your blogger email signature needs you to include your name too. You should always include your first name and last name so that the recipient may know who the email was from. The first line of your blogger email signature often starts with your name.

ii. Add Your Job Title and Department

Just after your name, your job title should appear. It means if you’re a blogger (travel, food, vlogger, etc.), you should include your title and the name of your blog, which can be clicked. If you are a blogger in an organization, you can include your title with the company’s name and its custom logo design.

Adding this information provides a clear picture of your role. In addition, it lends you more credibility and helps build trust among your readers.

iii. Add Your Secondary Contact Info

Just like the name, job title, and department, adding your secondary contact information to your email signature is crucial too. It helps the recipient know how to contact you. This includes your phone, fax, or any other mode of communication.

iv. Add Your Blogging Website

You should add a complete Web address of your blog. This helps people find you easily. Adding your blogging website excites readers to check it out. Later, it improves the traffic, and who knows, many of them would end up being your regular visitors!

v. Add Your Social Profile Icons

In today’s era, having a social presence is one of the most significant parts of branding. With social media, connectivity in a virtual space has become a matter of a few taps or clicks. It also helps you tell a lot about a person by seeing what they post and how they represent themselves there. That’s why adding links to your social media pages in your blogger email signature is considered a great idea.

It not only strengthens your brand but also gives people another way to contact you. And if you are posting content related to your blog on your social profiles, it helps drive traffic. So if you add social media icons to your signature, be sure to keep your profiles up-to-date.

You may be thinking about why to include social media icons and why not the text links. It is because social media icons are easy to recognize. Also, they stand out from plain text links plus, links are ideal for business cards, but for an email signature, icons are the best. You may have a presence on various social channels, but when you include the reference, try to limit the numbers to five or six. Adding too many social references may ruin your email signature.

vi. Add An Image

You can create an attractive and reader-friendly email signature by adding an image. It can be a custom logo, real or AI-generated headshot, or any relevant image. Make sure to choose the right image dimensions that sync well with your signature layout.

vii. Add A Call-To-Action

Besides all the best things discussed earlier, there is one more thing that you can do to enhance the way your email signature looks. And that’s adding a call-to-action to it. The best CTAs are simple, modern, and non-pushy. They also go well with your email signature and make it look natural. Choose a CTA that fits your business goals and update it once its purpose is fulfilled.

Tips To Make Your Email Signature Stand Out

Now that you have created a blogger email signature, it’s time to consider the do’s and don’ts so that you can make it stand out. Here is how:

01. Keep Your Signature Simple

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in designing an email signature. You might have also heard the phrase that says, “Less is more.” So, you must keep your signature simple, and you shouldn’t make it look distracted or overwhelming. Companies need simple email signatures for their use. You can take ideas from various email signature examples that are minimal and simple. If you’re using a signature generator, go for the one that uses simple layouts.

02. Use Stylish But Appropriate Fonts

Do you know words have to play a curial role in your email signature? The best email signatures utilize fonts to create their unique styles. When you design a signature, always choose the right font as it may make or break your image in just a single glance.

When You Choose Fonts, Keep These Things In Mind:

i. Readability — Always make sure that the font you have chosen is easy to read. The best email signatures should be clear, concise, and easy to understand.

ii. Consistency — There should be uniformity in the font for your email signature header and footer. Inconsistency will make it look messy.

Looking For an Email Signature Generator?

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03. Use Colors To Catch The Attention

Using color is one of the easiest ways to attract people. Readers are more likely to notice your signature featuring a pop of color. But don’t use more than two colors. Overdoing colors may make your signature look unprofessional and childish. Pick subtle colors that aren’t sore to the eyes but pleasure.

04. Design Your Signature For Mobile

When you create a blog, consider where your users will read them. Of course, it will be smartphones. If people read your blog on mobile, chances are they will see your signature on mobile too. It’s is because mobile phones are easy to carry.

Hence, you should consider the overall look of your signature on mobile phones. Make your signature device compatible so that it appears perfect on every screen.

Best Email Signature Generators To Use

Now is the time to choose the right email signature generator and start designing! You can consider any of the given signature generators.

01. Designhill Signature Generator

What makes the email signature generator from Designhill stand out is its flexibility to let your choose from various templates or start from scratch. All you have to do is enter your details in the boxes provided there and click on create. It will generate your email signature design in just a few seconds. This DIY tool is ideal for businesses, bloggers, influencers, and more.

email signature generator

02. WiseStamp

This tool features about fifty ready-made templates to choose from. What makes it different is that it has email templates to suit every genre. You can add images to your signature to make it more appealing. The tool has various plans; you can either go for a paid or free one.

Email Signature

03. MySignature

You may use this email signature tool to build your signature in a detailed way. The interface features five different tabs that help you choose from various signatures.


Also, this tool’s templates are mobile-friendly and go well with almost every email provider like Outlook, Gmail, Apple, and Thunderbird Mail. This means people will view your email footer constantly no matter which platform they use.

You can also use this tool on the go. This means you can make your signature right from your phone while moving! Also, the email signature generator has many built-in analytic features to track the success of your images, banners, and links added at the bottom of your emails.

You can also take references from the best email signature generators.

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Email signatures play a vital role in establishing yourself as a credible source for the recipients. When you send an email as a blogger, make sure your signature looks as good as you want. Test it with various platforms and add images, along with required details to make it stand out.

Create Your Own Email Signature Online

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