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How To Create An Eye-Catching Logo For Instagram?

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Instagram logo

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

Instagram is one of the trending social media platforms with millions of audiences globally. Hence, the strength of winning your Instagram audience is determined by the impression you create on the target audience. So, how to create that impression? Through a logo! It’s the most seen and thus, it’s essential to create a first impression through the logo. There are several crucial aspects to consider while designing a logo for your Instagram account whether you’re using a logo maker or have hired a designer.

So, when using Instagram, ensure that your logo is an excellent design that conveys your brand values and message to the viewers.

Why is a logo on Instragram account so important?

Before you decide to create an Instagram logo for your account, know why you need a logo for this social platform.

The first thing to note is that Instagram has millions of active users, which implies that a huge chunk of your target audience is present there all the time. Consequently, your logo can make the desired impression on those potential customers of your products or services.

Your Instagram logo will represent your brand since it is a touchpoint between your target consumers or clients and your business or company. This connection with the audience helps you win them over as loyal customers if they like your logo and relate to it.

Moreover, the Instagram landscape is highly competitive, with thousands of businesses in your niche already trying hard to drive customers’ attention. You can catch their eye with your unique Instagram logo and make your brand’s presence felt.

Also, with a uniquely designed simple logo, you can build a solid brand identity for your upcoming company. But whether you use an online logo generator or hire a professional designer to create your logo, you should first be aware of what an impressive logo should look like.

How to design your logo for Instagram?

Consider The Space

While creating a logo for an Instagram account, the first thing to consider is that only a smaller space is available. You have only tiny space of 110×110 pixels to fit your logo into it. Note that this space is for mobile phone screens when viewers see your Instagram profile.

The Instagram image size increases for the desktop version of the logo. Your Instagram logo image dimension on a desktop is 180×180 pixels. So, these smaller dimensions should guide you to pick your design elements that can fit in such a smaller space cleanly.

Also, note that the size for other images is much larger on Instagram. The Instagram post size for content-related visual images is 1080×1080 px.

Choose The Right Type of Logo

You should now choose the type of logo that suits your brand best and the tiny space. While there are many types of logos, consider either a graphic or text logo for Instagram.

A graphic logo displays your company name with a themed graphic that you can show in different layouts. Note that the graphic will also appear by the side of your company name or above it.

Text logo has your business name only with no graphics. Your business or company name appears in full or just the initials.

If your business is new to the audience, prefer putting the full name of your company so that people can come to know the name. But if you are a well-known company, the initials of your company name are sufficient when they visit your Instagram account.

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Pick The Right Colors

Once you have decided which colors to choose, use the color wheel to understand which hues will best evoke the desired response from your target audience. The wheel lets you know about the colors and hues regarding their feelings and emotions. It also is a tool to find out which colors go together.

Choose colors that best express your industry and business. For instance, if you sell fast foods to younger customers, you can create your Instagram logo in red, which evokes passion and youthful aggression.

Warm colors such as brown, pink, red, orange, and yellow evoke excitement and invitation. Cool colors like green, blue, and purple are used for creating a relaxing ambiance, while black and white provide contrast.

Also, incorporate one color as viewers can focus on it quickly. You should avoid using multiple colors unless your brands need them to convey a message. You can even choose just black as your logo color. Follow the color guide to make the right decision.

Use Fonts That Suit Your Brand Personality

Fonts are known for their ability to enhance a brand personality. For instance, classic handwritten fonts used in the Coca-Cola logo reflect an old established brand. So, choose a font that speaks well for your business niche and industry.

You will use typography in your company name or its initials. So, to find the right font for your brand personality, experiment with many fonts and compare the typography your competitors use.

Whichever font you use, make sure that it is a clean font that viewers can read instantly without putting any strain on their eyes. Remember that there is just a little space available for your logo font to be clearly visible. Visitors of your Instagram page should read your business name at a glance.

Keep The Design Simple

Every designer advises keeping a logo design simple. That tip is even more applicable when designing your Instagram logo in a smaller space. There is just a 110-pixel square that should fit your logo. So, the design must be simple so that viewers can instantly know what it is all about.

Consider using one or at best two colors and fonts that best represent your brand and its identity. Make sure that you eliminate all those extra elements right at the sketching phase of your logo. Keep those elements only that are enough to convey your brand message.

Make It A Memorable Logo

Try to make your Instagram profile page memorable. Besides being a one-element simple logo, a memorable logo design is a viewing pleasure, and people like it instantly.

So, make sure that your logo has elements that touch people emotionally. They will recognize your logo and business through those elements.

But ensure that you incorporate the relatable elements from your business niche. The symbols or icons you use should come directly from the subject of your Instagram account.

When thinking about what to incorporate in your Instagram logo design, keep the page’s content in mind. Your logo should reflect what you regularly present on your page.

Use A DIY Tool To Design Your Instagram Logo

Now that you know what your Instagram logo should look like and build a rapport with your target audience, find out the tools and ways to create the design. Still wondering how? Here is what you can do.

If you do not want to spend thousands of dollars hiring a professional designer, think of using a DIY software tool that allows you to create a design on your own. These tools are easy to handle, guiding you through the logo design process. So, you can design your logo with these tools without any prior knowledge and experience.

But ensure that you pick only a reliable tool that can help bring you the right design results. Designhill Logo Maker is a dependable tool that lets you create your Instagram logo quickly and supports you in every endeavor. It is an AI-powered logo creator tool with a click-based interface to make designing easy for inexperienced ones.

The logo generator from Designhill comes loaded with an entire range of premium fonts, icons, graphics, and other design elements. That is enough to cover your business niche when searching and comparing.

You Can Have Your Instagram Logo In Three Quick Steps:

01. Provide The Details To The Logo Maker

The first step to designing your Instagram logo using Designhill Logo maker is to provide your details such as your company or business name, logo style, colors, icons, etc.

The Instagram logo maker gives you free access to hundreds of logo templates when deciding on the proper layout to make a correct choice. You can pick the right colors and fonts from the logo maker’s vast library.

02. Customized Quickly

Then, just play around with colors, fonts, icons, etc., elements and see which ones will make a great Instagram logo. It will not take much time. Moreover, you can always come back to customize the logo again if you want to redesign it. You can adjust the font size spacing and do many more things.

03. Download The Logo

After finishing with the design, you can download it in a high-resolution logo file of your choice. The file formats include ready-to-use PNG, SVG, EPS, JPEG, and vector logo file formats.

You get full logo copyright/ownership from Designhill. Other services you access with this logo maker include a complete social media kit, print-ready logo designs, and 24×7 Live support. The tool will also serve as your Tik Tok Logo Maker. You can also use this tool to create your NFT logo all by yourself.

If you have no time to use the DIY tool or the results are not satisfactory, you can always explore the design contest route.

Launch your logo design contest at Designhill to get dozens of unique Instagram logo design ideas from designers worldwide. You can then pick the one logo you find best suited to represent your brand.

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Wrapping Up

Your impressive Instagram logo design can win you many more customers for your business. But you need to design the logo carefully to make it unique and convey your brand message. It should be a simple but impressive design that people can relate to quickly. You can either use a DIY software tool to customize and design the logo on your own or get the logo by hiring a designer or through a design contest.

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