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How To Create Your Own Fitness Merch In Minutes?

by Designhill Tweet - in Merchandise design

Create Your Own Fitness Merch

Last updated on September 27th, 2022

Fitness is the buzz word for this generation where everyone wishes to keep body and mind healthy to meet the everyday challenges of modern life. A majority of people of all ages are now more health-conscious than they used to be. This has given rise to the fitness businesses to create and sell fitness merch. But, before you enter the fray, first, know the aspects to create fitness clothing and accessories.

Modern age people aspire to keep themselves fit in every possible way. They incorporate an exercise regime and follow a strict diet plan to maintain optimum health. But, they wish to do this fitness task in style.

They want to look fashionable as well while visiting a gym or simply walking around in fitness costumes. As a net result of it, many businesses have mushroomed to meet the growing demand for trendy fitness merch.

Fitness merchandise comes in a variety of products these days. Both men and women enjoy having access to many types of products that prepare and motivate them to go to the gym or start exercising on their own.

These fitness products usually comprise of clothing. So, all types of T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets & vests are available as fitness merchandise to customers. But, not every clothing or accessory is fitness merch.

The fitness merch industry and the market have now advanced a lot in many ways. So, the athletes have clothing for every weather condition. During warm summer months, you can choose clothes that keep your skin cool and comfortable so that your movements are free.

When it is cold outside, pick the exercising dress that has layers so that as you get warmer, you can remove the layers.

The inner-layer has the sweat-wicking layer and an insulating layer is on top of it. Similarly, you can pick special fitness clothes for wet and windy weather. Such clothes have a special outer layer to protect you from such weather.

The fitness industry has come up with innovative ideas to make exercising a comfortable and enjoyable routine. So, the demand for such clothing is increasing fast and you can take advantage of it by creating and selling your fitness clothes.

But first, know about its various aspects.

What is Fitness Merch?

Any merchandise that you wear during spending time in a gym can be called fitness merch. This definition includes most of the sportswear as well as activewear. But, these merchandises are usually clothing such as custom T-shirts, hoodies, and accessories like a hat.

A simple T-shirt, for instance, is not fitness merch. But, when you put a fitness logo of a company or a message that inspires to be physically fit, it becomes merchandise for fitness enthusiasts.

The demand for a wide range of fitness merch is increasing fast with people looking for clothes that are in line with the current fashion trend. They want to wear stylish and fashionable clothes while exercising or simply being active.

According to a survey, in 2019, the global sports apparel market generated a whopping 181 billion dollars in revenue. The fitness industry is expected to reach 208 billion dollars in 2025.

Taking advantage of this trend, you can think of starting your fitness merchandise selling online store and earn money.

Since people visit online stores to find out unique clothes from fitness brands, the chances of winning them with your fitness T-shirts and other clothes are higher.

However, you must first know to create fitness branded merchandise that suits the customers’ mood and trends. The success of your online store to sell these clothes and accessories depends largely on how attractive these products are to the consumers.

So, you may be an artist, graphic designer, or simply a business person, have some insight into the ways to create the merchandise before you think of starting your online store.

You can create fitness merch in a quick time. But, make sure that customers find it useful.

What types of fitness merch you should create?

Fitness merchandise is available to the customers in varied useful clothing. You can sell most of them from your online store or distribute them free for the promotion of your gym.

Here Are The Types Of Fitness Merch You Should Consider Create Selling

i. Racerbacks

Racerbacks are the clothing that wrestlers, bodybuilders, and weightlifters wear during and after an intense workout. This custom apparel allows professionals to show and expose their muscles.

ii. Sleeveless T-shirts

Sleeveless T-shirts are stylish and fashionable clothing that comes in short sleeves and spaghetti straps for women. Men like to wear bro-tank style sleeves.

iii. T-Shirts

T-shirts are amongst the most popular fitness merch that people like to wear. Your online store must have a large collection of various T-shirt types.

iv. Long Sleeve Shirts

Long sleeve shirts are also amongst the most demanded fitness clothing for professional athletes. Because of the long sleeves, sportspersons and other fitness enthusiasts find these useful to keep warm during winters.

v. Sweatshorts

Sweatshorts absorb sweat during a hard workout session. For athletes who regularly take up an intense exercise routine, these are useful clothing due to the cotton fibers.

vi. Sweatpants

Mostly, MMA fighters and boxers use sweatpants. They use this clothing to prepare themselves for a tough fight in the ring.

vii. Sweatshirts

Athletes wear custom sweatshirts to keep them warm during a workout session.

Why should you create fitness merch?

Now that you plan to create your fitness merch and sell it from your online store, know its importance for your career and business.

01. Make Money Regularly

The demand for fitness clothes is increasing rapidly. This should translate into a decent earning as you sell fitness merchandise from your online store.

You can set merchandise prices on your own to earn an attractive profit. If you market your skills and store well, chances are that you will earn a decent income regularly.

02. Ascertain Customer Loyalty

With unique fitness merch designs and artworks, you can soon build a solid base of loyal customers. If they are excited about your merchandise, they will surely come back to buy from your store or physical shop. This helps in increasing your earnings even more.

If you run a gym, you can win customer loyalty by offering your members fitness clothing that has your logo and other messages. With such gifts, you can please your regular customers.

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03. Project Yourself As An Expert

With excellent fitness merchandise displayed on your online store, customers start seeing you as an expert. They get a nice impression from the way you design those fitness apparel or activewear.

You can easily project yourself as an authority. Once that happens, customers trust you as a brand in your field.

However, you should promote your store, gym, or yoga studio on blogging sites and other platforms to project yourself as an expert artist or designer of custom branded merchandise.

04. Turn Your Gym Into A Brand

Fitness merch is the surefire way to promote your gym and ultimately turn it into a trustworthy brand. Just create your merchandise for your gym members and distribute it to them for free or at reduced prices.

As they wear your T-shirts and other activewear, many other people see your logo. This helps in building brand recognition of your gym.

How to attract the fitness audience by creating fitness merch?

However, to keep these benefits, you should create unique fitness merchandise that can entice customers to your online store or gym. So, consider at least some basics to make these promotional products unique and attractive.

Here Are Some Key Points To Consider To Make Your Merchandise Useful And Attractive To Customers

01. Identify The Audience

First, make it certain that you know your target customers very well. If you have followers, fans and supporters on social media, many of them may be the people you would like to sell your fitness clothes to.

But, you cannot do a roaring business by restricting your sales to them only. You need to create merchandise for a wider audience. Of course, a common feature of your customers is that they all like to keep themselves physically fit.

So, to find out who exactly is interested in the type of merchandise you create and produce. Ask questions like who is most likely to order your custom shirts? Where can you interact with them and why should they value your merchandise design?

What are the catchphrases, jokes, and motif that the audience likes more often? You should come out with a precise answer to such questions. In this way, you can pinpoint the set of people who are likely to come to your online store to buy merchandise.

Remember that you will then create your artworks and designs on fitness merchandise to please your target customers.

02. Get Inspiration

When you set out to create a fitness merch, you will need some artwork or design to print on the product. So, make sure that your artwork in the form of an illustration or message is unique and catchy.

That means you should first have inspirational branded merchandise ideas. Therefore, get some inspiration from anywhere that stimulates you to create something unique and attractive.

To find the inspiration, you should visit the online portfolio of some artists who created awesome works. Instagram regularly features visuals that may inspire you. So, take a look at what different artists have displayed on this platform.

Or, just go outside in nature. You may come up with an impressive idea. It requires you to have some patience before you have the right motivation to create and print art on the choice of your fitness clothing.

03. Use Colors Thoughtfully

Colors are powerful elements for any artist and designer to evoke the desired set of emotions from the viewers. For instance, red is the color for evoking the feeling of love, passion, and aggression. Black is a powerful color to express authenticity. Therefore, pick colors carefully that suit your fitness merch ideas.

You should pick the colors that are trending amongst the young crowd if they are your target customers. Think of playing with different colors to make them appear enticing to customers. Some color combinations are preferred as they are vibrant than others.

A better approach is that you should stick to the main basic colors such as black, white and grey. Most gym-goers hate to get attention as they want to focus on their workouts. So, they may not like bright and catchy colors on their fitness clothing.

04. Pick The Right Fonts

Fonts are integral to creating artworks and designs. These elements give a personality to your creative work. When you create some message or slogan for your T-shirt or other fitness apparel, you will use fonts.

Most of the messages on the apparel are in the handwritten style of fonts, which engages viewers. Such a freestyle of lettering is also appealing and pleasing to the eyes.

However, after you created an enticing fitness merch, that is not sufficient to sell it at an attractive price. Your skills are not going to help in making money until you display your merchandise on the perfect online store platform.

05. Add Extra Design Elements

As shoppers want to wear clothes that express their values and personalities, consider this tip when you create your fitness merch. The sportswear market also follows this trend.

To create unique fitness merchandise that stands out, you should try to add some graphic elements such as icons. With such merchandise, you can surprise customers.

Where to create your fitness merchandise?

At PrintShop

When looking for such a platform, think of print-on-demand platforms such as PrintShop. This platform is owned and operated by Designhill, the leading marketplace.

You can start your online shop with PrintShop quickly for free. So, as an artist or graphic designer, you can display your artwork that appears on custom hoodies, T-shirts, etc. or apparel of your choice in the store.

One of the advantages of opening your online store is that Designhill will divert its customer traffic to your store as well. So, your chances of making a profit from selling merchandise at this site are bright.

After you open your online store, set the prices at an affordable and competitive level for the customers. PrintShop will print your artworks on your choice of fitness merch on your order and dispatch it to the customers on your behalf.

This way, you are relieved from the burden of keeping an inventory and shipping merchandise to the customers.

But promote your online store on social media and other platforms aggressively to drive traffic. You should think of contacting fitness influencers whose support can help you win more customers.

Wrapping Up

Fitness merchandise is popular with people who love to undergo an exercise routine to keep physically fit. This type of clothing is also a requirement for sportspersons and professionals such as wrestlers. Fitness enthusiasts like to wear clothes for style and fashion as well. You can create your fitness merch and sell it from your online store to make money. But, you should first research your target customers and competitors. Then, use colors, fonts, and other elements accordingly to make the merchandise more appealing.

Get Your Merchandise Design

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