How to Create your Super Hero Movie Poster in Easy Steps- Part-2

Movie posters are very expressive. As a designer, it may be your secret wish to draw such posters one day. Well, if you are interested then we can help you in designing a superhero movie teaser poster that conveys the message of the movie.

In the Part-1 of this tutorial, you learn how to create layers and merge them to get a nebula in the middle of the poster.

In the Part-2, we take you through the steps to learn the skills in handling the pen tool to place stock picture of a women on the nebula image. You will also learn how to use soft brush to mark the area on the picture and also the use of the smudge tool to retouch the targeted area of the picture.

Step -1

Click on the Saturation bar on the right and get Hue/Saturation menu to set the color parameters for the design.


Bring the layer 2 on the document.


Create Layer-3 to add a new site to the picture at the bottom. You can add the image of nebula in a new layer on the top of the texture. Then, flip the layer and use Hue Saturation to get blue color for the image.


Select the mask tool to blend the image with the rest of the picture.

Step -5

Bring the stock image of the women on the nebula with the help of pen tool.


Now, you can use a soft brush that is set to 30% opacity to mark the areas on the woman’s face. The brush will make these areas softer and blend them into the background. You can also retouch the arm and face of the woman by using smudge tool with 30% strength.

Step -7

Draw a shape on the woman’s cheek with your pen tool. But ensure that you make the mask with the soft brush. Also, give this shape a soft light blending mode.


Now create some scratch texture that you should add as an extra detail on the marked area on the woman’s cheek. You can take chip stock images from the web and place it on the shape with opacity 85% and soft light blending mode. Use mask tool to give the scratch image a shape on the marked area on the face.

Step -9

Go to the Layer button on the top bar and select Create Clipping Mark.

Step -10

You get the chipping mark on the woman’s face at the marked area.

In the Part-3 of this tutorial, we will complete the superwoman poster design by marking the areas on the head, cheek and neck. We will also create some awesome background designs to give a tough personality to the woman in the picture to present her as the superhero of the movie.

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