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How To Design A Corporate Envelope For Better Credibility?

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Envelope Design

Design A Corporate Envelope

A corporate envelope is not just any other regular envelope to send letters. It not only sends out a business message to the clients or customers but also leaves a lasting impression of the company on the recipients. A branded envelope design beautifully illustrates the creativity of your business while emphasizing its branding. It helps you raise awareness of your brand by getting its name out and conveying the brand message clearly. Thus, such envelopes lend credibility to what your business does.

What concerns you the most after setting up your business?

Of course, it’s the branding that comes first once you’ve set up your business. You’re not alone who worries about it, but it’s an area of concern for most entrepreneurs. That’s why they set aside a significant budget for their brand promotion. And they don’t let any stone unturned when it comes to spreading awareness about their services or products, and a well-designed corporate envelope is one of those efforts.

Business owners make efforts to build their brands. They want to make a lasting impression of their products or services on their target customers. But that is not easy! There are many distractions for customers. They do not get impressed easily. So, businesses come out with unique and amazing visuals such as logos, business cards, and other identities.

Note that a business grows only when its clientele grows steadily. But increasing a customer base or the number of clients is a challenging task. You must put a lot of effort into it before realizing your business goals. Its visuals, especially corporate envelope design, must be unique and attractive to make the right impression.

Corporate envelope designs are powerful marketing strategies to stand out and deliver a brand message. A smart business owner designs the envelope to make an impression and not just send a message. So, you need to be careful while designing your envelope.

Here Is How You Should Design Your Envelope That Builds Brand Trust & Credibility

01. Choose The Right Type of Envelope

Make sure you choose the right envelope type depending on the trend and business.

Here Are Some Significant Types of Envelopes:

  1. Diamond Flap – This is a popular square-shaped envelope type. It allows you to peep into the content when opening it.
  2. Diamond High Cut – You can choose this type for more privacy. It has two regular flaps to hide the content from the receiver. This envelope is mainly used for B2C communications.
  3. DL Wallet – This envelope type is popular as the business letter, and its content is in A4 folded into three. The envelope can be either brown or white.
  4. Square – This envelope type is a flat flap design and gives privacy. Mostly, such envelopes are used for invitations.
  5. DL Wallet with Windows – This envelope design for business does not require you to write on top of it. This type of envelope gives the receiver a luxurious feeling.
  6. Commercial Square Flap – There is no need to seal this type of envelope as it contains vouchers or gifts.
  7. Board-Back Pocket – This envelope type has a board incorporated into the envelope to send photos, and the board keeps photos safe with no creases on them.
  8. Broad Pocket – This envelope comes with a big flap on the side, giving it a wallet shape.
  9. Long Pocket – There is a flap on the short side of the envelope to store longer documents.
  10. Eagle Pocket – This one has a broader back.
  11. Topless Thumb Pocket – This is a conventional envelope for keeping documents and record cards. It gives users easy access to the content inside.

Depending on the requirements, your business can use these major types of envelopes.

02. Choose The Right Face Type For Your Envelope

After knowing about the types of envelopes, you should learn all face types to pick the right one.

Here Are The Main Parts of An Envelope:

1. Open Face

  • Face
  • Seal Flap
  • Side Flap
  • Bottom Flap

2. Semi-Open Face

  • Seal Gum
  • Throat
  • Shoulder
  • Bottom Flap

3. Closed Face

  • Side Fold
  • Bottom Fold

03. Decide On The Correct Size

There are many envelope sizes, but they can be put under three major categories – business & commercial, booklets, and catalogs.

Here Are The Envelope Sizes You Can Consider For Your Business

Business Envelope design



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04. Keep It Simple

A simple design conveys a brand message and personality quickly to the viewers. Besides, a business envelope design that has fewer elements looks aesthetically pleasing. It is also a user-friendly design that allows the recipient to open it easily and quickly without going through multiple steps.

05. Pick Cool Colors

You should choose eye-pleasing colors for your business envelope design. Colors such as orange, blue, and green have calming effects that help us focus. But consider your niche and industry while deciding on colors.

06. Use Eco-Friendly Materials

Today, people worry more about environmental pollution. They are conscious of the materials used in a product and appreciate it if it is made of recyclable materials. So, use recyclable materials for envelopes to win your client’s trust.

But if you feel it challenging to decide on the envelope’s material, think of other ways to impress clients. For example, you can put a seed on the envelope paper, which the recipient may sow.

07. Use An Image or Illustrations

An image printed on any product always grabs attention. So, pick a relevant image for your business envelope design. The recipient can instantly get your brand message by glancing at the image. You should also print your logo design on the envelope so that clients can trust your message.

You can also print illustrations on your envelopes as your way to convey your brand message and personality. Illustrations will make your envelope design stand out.

08. Create Some Abstract Effects

You can also opt for creating an envelope design with some abstract effects to give it a modern touch. Finally, use line art to create something unique and impressive on your business envelope. Line art adds a flair to the design and sends a message aesthetically.

09. Add A Personal Message

A personal message of thanks, compliments, or invitation goes a long way in winning the trust of target clients or customers. So, write some message on the envelope as part of its design.

10. Think of What To Print

Next, you should decide what to print on your business envelope. The receiver of your envelope will first see what is printed or written on the top of it. Here, you can make an impression. So, print your brand’s colors, business logo, and other content. There is no limit to what you can print on the envelope.

To make an impression, put on a nice piece of artwork. You can also put specialty links or eye-catching and inspirational wordings.

11. Choose The Right Paper

A high-quality paper for your business envelope will surely make a good impression on the receiver. So, know about the different qualities of paper used for envelope making.

Here Are The Major Types of Papers Used For Business Envelopes:

  • Wove – Wove is popular for envelopes used to statement mailers and direct mailers. It has short fibers that are good for printing and looks smoother. This economical paper option comes in different weights and colors.
  • Surfaced Enhanced White Wove – Surfaced enhanced white wove paper is used with offset lithographic printing. It is an ideal choice if your envelope design involves some heavy ink designs.
  • Kraft – Kraft is a strong paper with longer fibers. But avoid using it if your envelope design has complex graphics.
  • Recycled – Choose this quality of paper to show that you care about the environment and improve your sustainability.
  • Specialty – Specialty papers are expensive, and not every business owner can afford them. So, go for this option if you have the budget to avail these papers in different colors, textures, weights, and finishes.
  • Tear-Resistant – This is water and moisture-resistant paper, and it will not tear under normal conditions.

So, these are the major considerations to note while creating your corporate envelope design. You should try out different design ideas until you come up with the best one for your business.

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Wrapping Up

Corporate envelopes carry a business message. An envelope can be a great marketing tool if designed carefully. They make a good first impression on the recipients. So, its design must be simple with clever use of colors, typography, and other elements. You can also print some images with a personal message to make the envelope stand out.

Get Your Envelope Design

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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