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How To Design A Dragon Logo In Minutes?

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Design A Dragon Logo

Last updated on October 20th, 2022

If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons. Dragon is a powerful mythical creature. Many companies have the word dragon in their names to express the robustness of their brand personality. Sometimes, it’s used in the company names to look funny. Hence, their logos are crucial to stand out and build an identity. This blog shows how you can create a dragon logo without hiring expensive designers.

One of the reasons why many companies use dragon as an element in their logos is that it has multi-layered meanings, which makes it a powerful symbol. Borrowing some features from snakes and birds, the dragon looks unique and becomes a symbol of the devil in some western traditions. However, the dragon symbolizes wisdom, power, and strength in the eastern traditions.

Why do you need a dragon logo?

Dragon is an imaginary figure coming from mythological stories. Today, the dragon is just a name to show the power and a strong personality. Some companies have the word dragon in their name to stand out in their niches. In that case, a dragon figure in the logo becomes inevitable.

Today, globalization has made dragon figures widespread in many designs, particularly in logos. Now, you can see sports clubs, restaurants, software companies and a host of other business fields use the dragon as a powerful design element. It makes their marketing campaign worth noticing.

With a dragon logo, you can surely drive the attention of your target audience to your business immediately. You do not have to market hard to make your logo and brand recognizable with mythical creatures.

Consider These Tips For Your Dragon Logo:

Before designing a dragon logo, find out what elements make this logo and what it should look like.

01. Keep It Unique But Simple

First, keep in mind that creating a simple dragon logo is challenging. This is because most such designs involve a wavy snake which is huge and angry. That means the chances that the design will look cluttery due to many elements squeezed into a smaller space. But a messy design does not look nice to the eyes. For brand messaging, such a logo is not advisable to design.

Still, trying to draw a dragon logo with minimalist design principles. Use a dragon figure that is not showing up too many flying elements. Just a wavy figure with a gesture of anger is good enough to design the logo.

You can also choose to use some abstract figures that give the impression of a dragon. Such a logo will also be aesthetically pleasing and will convey a great brand message as well.

02. Compare Other Logos From Your Niche

Since many other businesses also boast of having a dragon logo, you should first look at many other such brand identities from your industry and business niche. Compare them extensively. This will help you design a different dragon logo so that your brand visuals stand out.

An outstanding logo will signal that your business is different and special as compared to many others in the market.

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03. Choose The Right Colors

Dragon logos are usually multicolored designs. With multiple colors, the dragon figure looks impressive and dominant. But pick colors carefully so that the design stands out from others in the crowd. Avoid using the same colors as your competitors’ logos and other brand visuals.

04. Make Good Use of Fonts

One of the chief characteristics of fonts is that they add a personality to any design. The use of typography is mostly to incorporate a company name and a slogan. You can cleverly choose a font that expresses the personality of your brand. With such fonts, people can get the message of what your business is all about.


05. It Should be Scalable

You would be using your dragon logo in different sizes. Your logo appears in big sizes on billboards and other such surfaces during your marketing campaign. You will also print the logo in smaller sizes, such as promotional products like personalized tote bags and pens. The logo should also appear impressive on tiny mobile screens.

06. It Should also be Versatile

Make sure that your dragon logo is a versatile design. It should look impressive in its black and white version as well. So, start creating the logo in a pencil sketch and if satisfied with its design, fill it with colors.

How To Design Your Dragon Logo In Minutes?

If you have decided to get a dragon logo as your brand identity and do not have enough funds to pay expensive fees for professional logo designs, do not worry. You can still have an excellent logo that best suits your brand personality. All you need to do is to use a logo maker tool.

A logo maker or an online logo generator is DIY software. An AI-based software, the logo maker is equipped with all the design elements that you need to create a logo. So, the tool gives you access to a wide range of dragon figures. It also has various fonts and colors. The tool also guides you in picking the right elements for your logo.

Then, you should pick a logo design template that comes along with the logo maker. You should then drag dragon figures, colors, and fonts of your choice from the tool’s vast library and drop them in the template to come up with your logo.

But choose a logo generator carefully, as it should come loaded with all the required editing tools and design elements. Ensure that the tool is trustworthy and lets you download your logo easily without burdening your small budget.

Dragon Logo Maker from Designhill is a highly rated logo maker popular among business owners and designers alike.

Here is How You Can Use Dragon Logo Maker and Get Your Logo Quickly:

Step 1

Login to the Designhill’s Dragon Logo Maker

Step 2

Provide your business or company name in the toolbar and click on Continue. Whether you are a software developer or an eCommerce brand, you can also share brief details about your company.

Step 3

The screen shows many design styles, and you have to pick 5 or more out of them. Check the styles that you think are best to express your company’s message and personality.

Step 4

Next, the logo maker shows up all the colors with their different hues. You need to tick on three of the color choices. That will indicate the tool about what brand message you want to convey.

If you are unsure which colors are best for your dragon logo, you can leave it to the logo maker. In that case, check the option ‘Let The System Choose Colors.’

Step 5

Now, give your company name and slogan to include in your dragon logo. Tell your industry as well.

Step 6

Then, provide 5 symbols that you would like to include in your logo. For instance, serpent, fire, dragon, dinosaurs, and a horn could be your choice of symbols. If undecided, let the tool pick the symbols.

Step 7

Just as you click on the Continue Button, the logo maker starts creating your dragon logo and instantly comes up with dozens of unique design ideas based on your input. You can select one of those logos.

Step 8

Download the logo after you are satisfied with its design. Remember that before downloading it, you can customize the logo as many times as you wish. Just repeat these steps as you experiment with different colors, fonts, symbol choices, etc., elements.

So, these are the steps you will take while creating your dragon logo using the Dragon Logo Maker from Designhill. You will take a few minutes only to design the logo as the software will automatically come up with the logo design ideas. But you can take your time while customizing a logo idea further to refine it and make it impressive.

However, if you can wait and spend more money, Designhill offers you options other than the logo maker. The design results from the logo generator are not up to your satisfaction since you may not be a professional designer.

In that case, launch a logo design contest at this marketplace with attractive prize money. Many designers worldwide will come up with unique dragon logo designs to win your enticing prize.

Alternatively, explore working with a logo designer from the marketplace. You can work on a one-to-one basis with the designer to design your dragon logo.

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Wrapping Up

Dragon is a mythical creature that has found its place in modern logos. A dragon logo has become a powerful symbol for different brands to convey their message. Using a logo maker software DIY tool helps you design the logo on your own in a few steps without any experience.

Create Your Own Dragon Logo

Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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