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How To Design A Security Service Logo That Stands Out

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Security Service Logo

Last updated on December 7th, 2021

How safe do you feel these days? Does your nightmares often include armed robberies and kidnapping? With the crime rates on the rise, Security services have become the need of the hour. They are no longer a luxury but have become a necessity. Security services are broadly classified as Individual contractors and Security Service organizations. Both the categories have its share of pros and cons. Whether you are an individual contractor or run a security service organization, you will need a security service logo that conveys protection and peace of mind.

We entrust the safety of our family and belonging to the security service company. We expect a great deal of vigilance, credibility, proactiveness and transparency from these companies. Though the level of competition is not very high in this industry, it is mandatory for the company to establish a place for themselves through their brand positioning and service.

The service standards and quality are the responsibility of the operations and management team of every firm or company. The brand management and positioning lies in the hands of the graphic designer who create a logo worthy of the company’s name. Or is it the other way around?

The brand image, as well as the service, goes hand in hand to guarantee the success of the company or brand. The online security logo marks the beginning of the consistency and stability of the security company.

There are various challenges to be overcome while deciding on the ideal security company logo. There is a distinct stereotype expectation, and it revolves around the seal or stamp. This seal is considered to be a synonym for trust and credibility. Some graphic designers find it difficult and in fact, a little scared to break the trend and introduce a new trend in the market.

There is also the direct visualization technique where companies tend to objectify their names. For instance, if the company is Pegasus Security service, the logo contains a horse engulfed in a stamp of trust.

The consumers have almost adapted to this visual and the graphic design services has succeeded in providing them with the much-needed brand assurance. The challenge for every innovative graphic designer is to create a new trend without compromising the brand value.

Designing experts at Designhill have managed to crack this code and have laid the foundation for innovation and change. Here are some pointers and suggestions on how to design Security Logos that stands out from their peers and competitors.

Let’s Take A Look On How To Design A Security Service Logo That Stands Out

01. The Brand Message Is The Hero

Logo Design is not just an image with the company’s name written in unique fonts and exotic colors. It is the visual depiction of the brand story and establishes the first emotional connect with the consumer. Security logos are the representation of loyalty, trust, reliability and other values emphasized by the brand.

Logo Design

The logo design stands as a testimony to the benefits promised by the company and the individuality of each brand. Every brand distinguishes themselves from the others through their secret ingredient. This secret ingredient or the unique selling point (USP) determines the success of the company in the industry.

The Key Factors To Be Considered While Casting The Hero Are:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the industry as well as the company to understand the USP
  • Talk to people in the same industry to get more insights
  • Never perceive information without verifying its authenticity
  • Always do meticulous research on the company and their competitors

02. Let Your Process Do The Talking

What differentiates the corporate giants from their smaller allies? Why do some companies succeed but other fail? The most common factor intersecting between all successful companies is their foolproof process. This technique is beneficial to the graphic designers not only while designing a security service logo but also in their daily operations. The process is more important for security services than others because of the nature of the industry.

graphic designer
There are existing process templates available online which can be tweaked as per your requirement. A graphic designer can also create their own process based on their work style and clientele. Once the process is established, the rest is history.

Some Of The Essential Steps To Be Added In The Process Are:

  • The questionnaire which gathers all information required for the logo design
  • The debate team who weighs on all the pros and cons of the logo idea. This is an ideal step as it provides inputs from a multi-person perspective
  • The stakeholders list with their job responsibilities listed
  • A detailed timeline

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03. Logo Usability

One of the most essential steps involved in finalising a logo is to check the usability in all mediums. This would include all creating a logo design feasible for both promotional and operational mediums. The promotional avenues include both print and digital front. One of the notable uses of the company logo is its implication in the company uniforms.

security company logo

Most companies require different versions of the brand identity to be embedded in the outfit. This could include embossing or embroider the logo as well adding the company’s name. The graphic designers should take additional care and consider all possible mediums which construct the logo.

04. The Structure

Most security company logos in the market follow a standard pattern. They tend to have the same elements which are slightly modified to meet the company demands. Consumers have widely accepted this template across the globe. The challenge lies in breaking and changing the trend without compromising the value of the company. The graphic designers should thoroughly understand the stakes before initiating the changes.

security logo

This acknowledgement serves as the basis for the creation of new techniques and trends in the industry. This can be experimented by modernizing the existing design and slowing implementing the changes.

Some Of The Changes Which Can Be Applied Are:

  • The lock and keyhole associated with the security logo can be regenerated and simplified
  • The shield which can be reconstructed in a pattern or gradient system
  • The font can be designed to communicate the safety message
  • The closed structure can be substituted with a more open and professional design

Security logo

05. The Font And Its Associates

The most common debate associated with the security company logo font is to determine whether to use a serif or a sans serif font. Serif fonts are associated with authority and credibility. Sans Serif fonts are known to convey the messages of professionalism and elegance. The logical choice for the logo design for a security company would be serif font which naturally speaks the brand message.

logo fonts
However, the online security logo samples show an equal balance of both font usage. Sometimes, the soft sans serif font is more commonly used much to the dismay of the principle. The main reason behind this selection is to complement the solemn mnemonic used and to balance the logo.

How do you decide the ideal font for your client?

  • The name of the client or the initials of the logo is the deciding factor
  • The mnemonic or the supporting image has an equal say in the logo
  • Always think thrice before using more the two fonts
  • The direction of the name in the logo gets a vote in deciding the font

06. Colour It Right

Most security company logos follow the standard colour schemes of blue, red and black. These colours are typically used as they represent the following characteristics:

  • Blue – Loyalty, Security, Trust and Intelligence.
  • Red – Strength and Power.
  • Black – Protection.

However, this does not limit the creativity of the graphic designers to experiment other colour in the security logo. The advantage of this experimentation is that the designers can use cool, warm as well as neutral tones to create the logo design. These colours can also be used with each other in ideal proportions to convey the brand message. However, the usage should be considered while selecting the colour.

Logo Design Colour

Graphic designers should test the viability of the colours in different mediums as well as texture before finalising on the brand colour. This has to be considered keeping in mind the social media as well. Security Company logos are usually complicated compared to the other industries. The scalability also plays a vital role in it.

The logo design should have the same clarity and visibility in all mediums. The colour should highlight the pattern and the contours used in the design. Be bold and experiment with all colours without compromising its value. Though, it is best to avoid tone like pink and green for obvious reasons.

Security Service company beholds a tons of responsibility in the shoulders for our safety and welfare. Every graphic designer and brand architect must ensure that they communicate the right message to their consumers and peers.

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Every logo is a work of art and bears testimony to the services rendered by the company. The graphic design part of the entire process plays a vital role as it lays the foundation and aids the development as well as the establishment of the brand. There are specific guidelines to be followed when it comes to creating a logo design. So, let your imagination and creativity run wild and create the best logo design for your security service company.

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