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How to Design Banner Ads That Grab More Clicks

by Rehana Kumari Tweet - in Banner ad Design

Use Animation

Last updated on October 26th, 2021

A majority of businesses use banner ads as an effective way to market their products or services. They find banners as an affordable way to enhance brand awareness. But only well-designed banners can successfully attract customers to click on the ads.

Here Are Some Key Points To Consider When Creating Banner Ads Design That Grab More Clicks.

01. A Simple Design Wins The Customers

Typically, viewers look at the ad for few moments only and visit other areas of the website quickly for information. So, your chance to attract the customers towards the advertisement is in creating an impressive but simple design.

If the banner ad has many colors, larger amount of text and strange looking fonts, you will only distract the viewers. Therefore, it makes sense to design a simple looking banner ad with small amount of text and colors etc.

Below is an example of a simple banner ad design.

A Simple banner ads Design Wins The Customers


02. Follow Hierarchy Principles

Your banner ad must force the viewers to see the important areas of the ad first and lesser ones later. Your company logo should be seen first on the banner ads as it increases brand awareness. Then, make the viewers see your products or services and the special offers you are offering.

So, special offers such as 50% off, High Quality and Free should acquire more space on the ad. Then, the viewers’ attention should be brought to the call to action buttons such as ‘Register Here’, ‘Learn More’ and ‘Click Here’

Here’s an example of one such banner that cleverly follows the hierarchy principle.

New Collection banner ads


03. Clean Ad Frame

Frame of your banner ad must be clearly visible to the viewers. So, the graphics should be extended right to the edges of the ad. The outlines of the frame should be in contrast to the colors used inside the frame. This ensures clear visibility to the subject inside of the banner. Generally, an ad in white has a 1 pixel gay border frame.

Here’s an example of a popular banner ad that uses clean ad frame.

Clean Ad Frame


04. Use Colors Wisely

Colors are a great means of bringing the viewers’ attention quickly to a banner ad. However, colors evoke different emotions and so they should be used to send a business message. Your ad must ensure appropriate use of colors that help in establishing your brand identity.

Here’s an example of a banner ad that demonstrates clever use of color.

colors in banner ads


05. Right Banner Ad Size

Banner ad sizes also are crucial to successfully inviting the viewers to click on the ads. Google Adsense has suggested the following sizes as ideal for banners.

  • 336×280 Large Rectangle
  • 300×250 Medium Rectangle
  • 728×90 Leader board
  • 160×600 Wide Skyscraper

06. Place Buttons At Right Areas

Make sure that buttons on your banner ad are placed at right areas. The buttons are also a way to enhance Click-through rate, or CTR. Place the buttons on the lower right side of the ad. Use contrasting color for buttons so that they are clearly visible.

Here’s an example of a banner ad that uses buttons at right areas.

Place Buttons At Right Areas in banner ads

07. Legible Text

Make sure that headline and body of your banner ad is in different font sizes. This way, the readers can see the text clearly for quick viewing of the ad content.

Avoid using extremely thin fonts, cursive fonts and script fonts. Do not use all uppercase copy.

Here’s an example of a banner ad that uses legible text for quick viewing.

Legible Text in banner ads


08. The Design Supports Company’s Branding

When viewers click on your banner ad, they are taken to your company website’s landing page. So, they should find the colors, fonts and other elements on the page similar to the elements used in your banner ad. Make sure that your ad matches with the elements you used for company branding so that the customers have faith in your business.

Here’s an example of a banner ad that supports company’s branding.

Branding banner ads design

09. Prefer Small File Size

Make sure that your banner ad loads faster on a creative website. According to Google Adwords, you should keep the file size under 150 kb. Note that the ad should load faster as the viewers scroll the website down and they will miss the ad.

10. Choose Relevant Images And Graphics

Your banner ad must hold only select images, graphics or photos that are relevant to conveying your business message. Do not use abstract images as the viewers do not have time to know their meaning. Also, ensure that your ad has quality images that can symbolically represent your business.

Here’s an example of a banner ad that uses relevant images and graphics.

Choose Relevant Images And Graphics

11. Correct File Format

Prefer providing your banner in .GIF file format which is considered as ideal in many ways for images. If you use other working deliverables such as JPG, PNG or Abode Flash files, ensure that they work well for your ad. Not all the devices can support flash banner ads.

12.  Be A Little Aggressive

Since viewers have only little time to take a look at your banner ad, you need to design the ad in a bit more aggressive manner. This means that you should incorporate contrasting and bold colors to catch the eye.

Here’s an example of one such banner ad.

Aggressive banner ads  13. Don’t Blend Too Much With Website

Your banner ad should not blend with the rest of the website too much. If the ad’s colors and other elements are too similar to the background of the website, the ad may become invisible to the viewers who are mostly in a hurry of scanning a website.

14. Use Animation

Animation is a great way to catch the viewers’ attention to an ad immediately. So, you can consider designing an animated banner ad. But make sure that the animation does not distract the viewers from your business message.

Here’s an example of a banner ad that inspires with amazing use of animation.

Use Animation

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