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How To Design Invitations Online Using Invitation Maker Tool?

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Invitation Design

Invitation Maker

Last updated on November 29th, 2021

Inviting people to an event is an art. A well-thought invitation card design is a key to leaving a great first impression. But rather than hiring an expensive designer, you can use an invitation maker tool to create a customized card design just in a few minutes. Yes! A simple tool lets you design the card even if you are a non-designer.

While creating invitations for events like weddings and trade shows, personalized designs are preferred. Because people respond to personalized designs as they feel connected to them.

You can also design wedding invitation cards in a custom wedding invitation size that suits your requirement for the design. Various forms of icons, images, symbols, slogans, etc. are used in these cards to relate to people’s emotions and feelings.

Similarly, the invitation should not only be enticing but humble as it is equally important to make an impression. To give you a better understanding, in this article, we have discussed about:

  • What is the invitation?
  • Why it’s important to use invitations?
  • Which is the best tool to create invitations?
  • Various Tips to design invitations using the tool

What Is The Invitation?

An invitation is a verbal or written request designed in beautiful styles using various types of fonts, colors, icons, etc. on a piece of paper. The purpose of creating an invitation is to invite someone to go to an event or somewhere and do something (as shared in the invitation).

Invitation Design

Invitations can be used for a formal event or a milestone such as a wedding, or a casual birthday party and something similar to that. All such events require you to invite people in a decent way by presenting them with your invitation card, which should be uniquely designed.

Why It’s Important To Use Invitations?

The best part of using invitations is the way they work to convey the overall tone of the event. It creates excitement and happiness. Like, if you’re throwing a Halloween party, you can invite the people creatively using spooky vibes in invitations.

For that, your invitation card needs to be equally extravagant. Similarly, the invitation provides you a chance to show your creativity as well as give a personalized touch to your message.

  • Also, it helps in creating and building relationships within the organization, community or even outside the company. It helps to create harmony.
  • Using invitations help to create wonderful memories. Someway around, it builds connection and long term relationships, both personally and professionally.
  • For businesses, beautifully designed invitation cards create a professional brand image to the customers. It helps to build trust among customers and convince them to use your products and services in the future.

Invitation Maker – The Tool To Create Invitations Online

An invitation maker is a DIY tool. This software lets people try their hands in creating an invitation card design on their own. They do not necessarily need to be a trained or professional graphic designers to use the tool.

In fact, it is particularly meant for common people (non-designers) who wish to design something that they dream of without having professional training and knowledge of the field.

Invitation Maker

Designhill, the prominent creative marketplace, offers a helpful invitation maker tool that has proven its worth to common people and designers alike.

This AI-powered tool provides a host of preferences in terms of colors, typefaces, images, icons, etc to the designer. You can create a unique invitation card design in four simple steps using the online invitation maker tool.

The Steps You Need To Follow To Create Invitations By Using Designhill’s Invitation Maker Tool

First, you should pick an invitation template that suits best to your event requirements. There are thousands of templates options to choose from in terms of style or taste.

Then, explore Designhill’s vast library of millions of images and pick the one that you think expresses your event message and personality. You can even upload an image from your own file.

As a third step, add or replace the details. Then, drag and drop the fonts, colors, and various invitation sizes as per your choice in the layout of the design template. As the last step, download the print-ready invitation design in JPEG, PNG, or PDF file.

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Benefits Of Using An Invitation Maker Tool

An invitation maker is your best bet to create invitations on your own without any hassle. The software has a set of templates, the entire gamut of colors, fonts, images, icons, etc., elements that you can drag and drop to the design from to create invitations.

With an invitation maker tool, you can quickly create printable invitations. Just pick a suitable easy-to-customize invitation templates to add your graphics and photos from the panel. Incorporate your invitation’s title, date, and location. So, you can easily customize your invitation template as per your vision for the event.

Most importantly, the invitation maker tool is cost-effective. You do not have to hire an expensive designer to create your invitation card. The tool comes free of cost or at a very nominal price.

Some of the invitation makers are available free during the trial period and you need to pay only when you need an upgraded version. Know that creating invitation cards from designing to printing is costly.

Therefore, using an invitation maker is always preferable if you are on a tight budget. With some considerations about how to design, you can create the cards as per your needs. Even when you are sending an invitation online, the car design matters.

Tips To Design Invitation Cards Using The Invitation Maker Tool

While the invitation maker is an easy tool to handle without any professional knowledge of graphic design, still you need to consider some useful tips to create a marvelous design:

01. Fonts

Make sure that your invitation copy is elegant. For that, choose an elegant font from hundreds of fonts that tool has. The choice of fonts will depend on the event such as a wedding, birthday, trade-related events, etc. For instance, a stylish and classic font is great for wedding invitations but is not appropriate for a business event.


02. Colors

Avoid using too many colors as they may not look great. But use multiple colors to create invitations related to kids’ functions.

You should also think of using some color combinations to make elegant cards. For instance, black and purple is an elegant combination of colors as compared to red, orange, and yellow.


Similarly, try different shades of the same colors to make a great impact on viewers. But pick the colors that suit the theme of your event. Also, think of using colors in different lines, symbols, fonts, and other design elements.

03. Layout

Most invitation maker tools come with different invitation templates that have a variety of layouts. Pick the layout that matches your event’s theme. Prefer a simple layout that has plenty of white space so that different design elements are discernable.


04. The Look And Feel

Equally important in creating an impressive invitation card is how the card looks and how recipients feel it. Know that the sense of touch is amongst the most powerful senses that humans use to make an opinion and to perceive the world around them.

Look And Feel

Similarly, the thickness of the card also is a factor in making a good impression of an event. A 13-point recycled matte paper and 15-point velvet paper stock are two of the most elegant paper stocks for invitation cards. These papers are not only heavy but also have smooth finishes that feel great in the hand.

05. Photos And Illustrations

Use photos and illustrations carefully if you need to incorporate them in your invitation card design. There are plenty of illustrations and photos available from the tool but pick that match the feel and look of the overall card design.

Photos And Illustrations

So, there is no doubt that the invitation maker is your best choice when it comes to designing a card on your own for an event. But consider some basics of designing while using colors, fonts, etc elements from the tool.

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Wrapping Up

Invitation cards are important to draw the attention of people to an event as well as inviting it to attend. But these cards are also an opportunity to make an impression on the card recipient about the event and convey a message.

An invitation maker tool helps you create a personalized card that has the elements of your choice. The software tool comes with ample choices of colors, fonts, photos, icons, etc, that help in picking the right elements that express the spirit of your event.

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