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How To Design Most Attractive Marketing Logos

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design

Marketing Logos

Last updated on January 30th, 2023

A marketing company works towards optimizing a business’s potential. Such companies create and implement a wide range of marketing strategies. They conduct extensive market research to formulate a winning strategy that helps increase the sales and profits of a client company. Therefore, like other businesses, marketing agencies also compete hard in a niche to win clients, and carefully design their visual identities such as marketing logos.

There are perhaps as many marketing agencies as there are businesses. This highlights the importance of the agencies for manufacturers and services providers. They all wish to take their products to as many customers as the can with effective marketing plans. But which of these agencies, especially the newer ones, are likely to win the trust of the client businesses?

That depends, to a large extent, on what impression the agency makes on clients. Remember that it is through visuals such as logos that a company, particularly the startups, catches the attention. Hence, they especially pay attention to creating internet marketing logos to give an impression of professionalism.

Besides creating an impression on viewers, a thoughtfully designed logo also helps in building relationships with a target audience. An attractive logo does this by evoking the right emotions of love, passion, hope, etc. The viewers also become familiar with the design and begin to like it over the years. In fact, many logos, therefore, have become cultural symbols of their countries.

However, when you set out to design a logo, you find that it is not a simple job. This is evident from the fact that even professional designers work hard and struggle to design logos that work. But there are some basic principles they follow.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Design Most Attractive Marketing Logos

01. Keep Your Audience In Mind

The very first principle of designing marketing logos is that they are for an audience. But who is your target clients? Get a precise answer to that question to know who is an ideal client of your marketing services. Here, many such agencies make the mistake of creating a logo using symbols randomly. That may result in loss of clients and business.

Keep Your Audience In Mind

To find out who is your audience, research your business niche. Marketing agencies are many, but they can be broadly categorized as digital marketing, telemarketing, and marketing communication consultancies. Each one of them has their own set of clients. You already know which of these categories your new company falls in. But you need to research your niche extensively.

Pay attention to the aspirations of the business owners you cater to at the time of research. Find out various cultural and social backgrounds of your clients’ target audience. Such fine details are essential to gather for designing an attractive logo.

02. Make It Look Simple

A majority of successful marketing logo designs are the ones which are amazingly simple. Take, for example, the Nike logo. The sports shoes maker’s logo is just a single swoosh. Or, Apple’s logo is just a bitten apple. Take another example of Pepsi, whose logo is in just an abstract symbol that looks like a simile face.

The simplicity of the design is the key ingredient of all such global majors’ logos. Such simple designs can communicate well with viewers and target customers. It also helps in building a brand’s personality.

Make It Look Simple

Can you come out with something simple for your logo design? You should prefer creating the design with just a few lines, or one symbol, icon, or image, or one typeface. How about choosing a symbol? A symbol is a powerful way to design a simple logo for an impact on viewers. It conveys a set of values to your customers.

Besides symbols, you can also think of using letter and word marks. These types of logos have only a company name in its short form or full form. Alternatively, you can try a combination logo with a symbol along with your company name.

Whether you use a letter or wordmark, or a symbol logo, use the minimalistic principle to create your online marketing logo. This implies that you should use only a few elements of design to convey your message.

03. It Should Connect With People

People should be able to connect well with a logo. An attractive marketing logo is the one that people can relate with. When they glance at it, it should be evoking the right response. They should say to themselves that they like the design. That happens only when they relate to the symbol every time.

It Should Connect With People

But that does not mean that you should essentially incorporate cultural elements. A disadvantage of borrowing the elements of local culture is that global audience may not relate to it. Therefore, use the design elements from the marketing field that are universally acceptable to the modern audience.

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04. Use The Right Colors

Colors are fundamental elements of any design, including that of marketing company logos. With the right use of colors, your logo can successfully evoke the feelings and emotions. A viewer reacts to a design by looking at its colors.

For example, upon seeing red color, our emotions of love and passion or aggressiveness are evoked. Similarly, yellow is the color of hope and energy, and blue is for socialization and intelligence.

Use The Right Colors

So, consider your market niche and client’s aspirations, when incorporating a color. You can access a chart online to find out which colors are known for stimulating which set of emotions and feelings. Then, pick those which can best express your brand.

For example, if a company makes toys, its logo probably has bright colors that give us a feeling of excitement, fun, and energy. Which feelings your logo should evoke? Answer that precisely to choose the right colors.

05. Give Personality With A Typeface

The wise use of the font is another most prudent decision to take to create logos. One of its primary purposes is to give personality to a design. For example, a toy manufacturer’s logo will have a handwritten style font. And, a rock music band will have bold fonts in its logo. Similarly, soft cursives fonts are ideal for companies dealing with women’s jewelry and other products.

Give Personality With A Typeface

Since your company is in the marketing field, its logo can have angular and thin fonts. With them, you can express your brand tone and values, which helps in building your brand personality.

06. Make It Memorable

Marketing logos are the designs meant to make a desirable impact on a target audience. But that is possible only when the logo is an extraordinary design. It should be such that it lingers on in the viewers’ memory for a long time. For this reason, most global companies have memorable logos.

Make It Memorable

People can recall the brands just by looking at those symbols. For example, you can remember McDonald’s business just on seeing its yellow arch logo. Similarly, the business and products of Apple Company come to mind when seeing its logo.

Make as many pencil sketches when you design a logo. Keep on drawing different sketches until one of them really draws your attention and excites you. That is the way to have a memorable marketing logo designs. You can then work on the sketch relentlessly to add some more elements. Sometimes, an inspiration from nowhere becomes the basis for a great design.

07. Avoid Clichés

When designing your online marketing logo, stay away from often-repeated symbols, etc. elements. That is the difference between excellent and average designs. Great ones avoid cliches while others indulge in stock images and other components frequently. But a disadvantage of cliches is that people stop responding. The attention span of people is already deficient. On top of that, if your logo comprises of most seen elements, they will pay no attention to it.

Avoid Clichés

08. Make It A Timeless Symbol

Like the other business symbols, marketing logos should stay with companies for many decades. It is with such timeless logos that a company can hope to build relationships with clients. If there are frequent tweaks or significant changes in the design, it may even shake the customers’ faith.

Make It A Timeless Symbol

To make a logo timeless, avoid design trends, which usually do not last for a year or so. Instead, use the elements that can speak in a universal language of colors, fonts, and symbols. Such internet marketing logos build an identity of a brand over the years.

09. Test It For Its Versatility

Another quality of attractive marketing logos is that they are versatile. When you are using an online logo maker, make sure to test the design for its versatility. It implies that your company’s business symbol should look great both in its color and black and white versions. The logo will be published on newspapers, leaflets, etc. where colorless versions are used.

Test It For Its Versatility

These are the essentials to consider for designing of marketing logos. Pay utmost attention to each of the aspects to extract maximum advantage to drive clients your way.

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Wrapping Up

Marketing logos should be attractive so that they can drive customers to their companies. But you need to consider some basics to create logos. It should be a simple but unique design that people can relate with. The use of colors and fonts must stand out to convey a brand message clearly to the audience. At the same time, it should be a great and versatile design.

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