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[Infographic] How to Design The Perfect Business Logo

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Perfect Business Logo

Last updated on November 12th, 2021

Businesses have to promote their products or services aggressively to stay ahead of their competitors. Projecting their brand identity through various means of marketing strategies, they keep competing amongst themselves. Getting attractive and meaningful business logo for their businesses is one attempt towards establishing their brand identity. It is important that the logo representing a business is professionally designed so that it can convey the brand’s message.

Many companies, especially startups, take their logos lightly. They just have a casually drawn symbol for their business. As a result, they fail to make an impact on their potential customers through their logos.

Even if you are a startup company, make sure that people have a good perception about your business. Your logo is one of the most effective components that help in projecting a right image of what you do and what you offer to your audience.

When designing a logo, as a graphic designer, your approach should be thoroughly professional. This means that you should follow some basic rules laid down by experienced logo designers.

You can always have your own creative ways, but do not deviate much from these rules. Remember that a logo is not something that you are creating for your own pleasure. You are designing a logo for your client.

So, your client’s design brief should be kept in mind when designing a creative logo.

Right from researching the concerned company’s business to getting feedback, there are many stages of creating a business logo. You should base your logo design on a creative and unique concept.

Then, colors and fonts play a major role in determining the personality of the business symbol of your company. Despite considering various aspects of the design, it still should be a simple logo so that people can get its message at first glance.

Remember that your business logo is the face of your company. People will be seeing the logo everywhere on your products or services.

They will first see your logo to confirm the authenticity of the products you make or sell. They will also find your logos on your advertisements. Your logo will be part of your marketing campaign.

Here Are Some Key Considerations To Create Your Perfect Business Logo

01. Know Your Client’s Business Inside Out

Before you start working on your business logo, have some insight into what your client’s enterprise is all about. Get some additional information besides reading the design brief from the client.

Generally, the brief contains some regular details such as choice of colors and little information about the company. But that is not enough. You must research the business on your own.

logo design

Find out who is an ideal customer for the business that needs a logo. You need to know more about a socio-economic profile of the customer. Also, find more about your client’s competitors.

Visit their websites, have a look at their logos, etc. Such a research will help you make a precise picture of the business. In turn, these details become a crucial help in determining the right design elements for the logo.

02. Find Out The Brand Message

When researching the business, also know a brand message that the client would like to send to the audience, using a business logo design.

In fact, the ultimate aim of all graphic designs including logos is to deliver a message to a target audience. But sometimes the designers have no clear idea about the message.

Brand Message

So, get in touch with your client and find out the message. A better approach is to write down the message in a precise manner in one or two sentences.

This will serve as a guide to evaluating the logo. When the logo work is finally finished, make sure that it speaks the written message through colors etc elements.

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03. Come Out With A Unique Concept

One of the basics to follow while designing a creative business logo is that it must be a unique concept. In fact, all the major global logos are recognized for their concepts. For example, McDonald’s yellow arch logo design is based on the arch concept.

The arches are crucial and most visible elements of European architecture. The designer used this element as a concept for the logo.

Unique Concept

But you need to work hard in order to find out an ideal and unique concept. This part of creating designing is directly related to the inspiration. So, get some inspiration from around.

You can get inspiration from visiting graphic design services works of the masters as well. But it is important that the concept stands out from the crowd.

Business-& Consulting logo

04. Keep The Logo Simple

One of the chief characteristics of a business logo is that it is an easily recognizable symbol. But only a simple logo design is recognizable to the people. They do not want to waste their time to understand a complex design.

This is the reason that most of the global business logos are simple designs. Take for example the logo of Apple company. Its logo is a simple apple with a bite. Nike’s swoosh logo is another simple design that people can identify instantly.

Logo Simple

Make sure that all the elements used in the design are relevant to the business of the company. This helps in understanding the design.

Most importantly, there should be a bare minimum number of elements of designs used in the company logo. So, convey your brand message using few lines, colors, and fonts to keep the logo simple.

05. But It Should Be Memorable Design

The simplicity of the design is desirable. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no attention to making it a memorable one. People should be able to keep the logo in their memory for a long time.

This is important to recall the logo and the company. For example, when we see two yellow arch logo, we know that it belongs to the fast food business of McDonald’s.

Memorable Design

It may be a wordmark logo, lettermark logo, symbol logo or a combination logo. But make sure that you design it in a unique way so that people like it instantly.

06. Use Fewer Colours

Colors have the power to evoke the feelings. When we see red, it evokes the emotions of passion, love, and aggression. Yellow is the color of sunshine and hope.

Green stands for nature. Purple evokes the feelings of royalty. So use a perfect color scheme. The colors you use should be in line with the brand message of your client.

Fewer Colours

You can also go through your client’s other graphic design materials to find out the dominant colors. Have a look at website design of the business. You can borrow colors from other graphic designs, if you find them appropriate for a logo.

07. Use Specific Fonts

Fonts give disposition to a graphic design. In creating a logo, fonts or typeface play a crucial role. They spell out a company’s name and a slogan for the audience. Wordmark logos and lettermark logos are dependent solely on the clever use of typefaces, for making an impact on viewers.

Specific Fonts

If you are designing a logo based on a company name only, focus on the brand identity. Typefaces can give a logo a softer or stronger look. So find out what is the core message and personality of your brand then pick typefaces that stand for the brand.

08. It Must Be A Scalable Design

A business logo is present everywhere in advertisements and other marketing materials. So, sometimes, logos are scaled up to huge sizes such as on billboards.

In that case, a logo should become a part of billboard design. All the design elements of a logo must appear in right proportion when scaled up to a bigger size.

Scalable Design

Similarly, when sizes are reduced, logos’ all fine details should be clearly visible. This is the reason why there is so much emphasis on keeping the logo design simple with fewer details. Overall, a good logo is the one that keeps its sense of proportion of elements when scaled up or down.

09. Make It An Impressive Colorless Logo

Businesses use logos in their advertisements. But many advertisements appear in black and white. Newspaper ad design is generally colorless. Many magazines also run ads in black and white.

Moreover, logos appear in faxed documents, stationeries, photocopies, and other marketing materials, are mostly in black and white color. Your logo, therefore, should be equally impressive in black and white as it is in colors.

colorless logo

10. Get Feedback

Most importantly, a logo designer’s ego should not become a hurdle in creating a logo. If possible, take feedback and opinions from wherever it may come. You can put your business logo design on your social media page and get comments from people to know what they think.

Colorless Logo

Many of them will come with unique suggestions for improvements in the design and if you like any of them, do not hesitate to implement them to redesign the logo.

These key points may look basic to designing a creative logo, but many designers just do not pay enough attention to them. So make sure you adhere to the basics. You can also think of sending your logo work to Designhill – a leading crowdsourcing platform.

At this marketplace, you will get a winning logo for your startup or small business at an affordable price. All you have to do is to launch your logo design contest along with a prize money for the winner of the contest.

Within a week or so, you have dozens of graphic designers responding to the contest. You can then pick one logo that suits best for your company.

Perfect Business Logo

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A perfect business logo is the one that is simple in design and carries a message for a target audience. To design such a logo, know the client’s business and target customers as well as the market. Then pick the right elements of colours and fonts etc. to evoke a desired response from the potential customers.

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