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How To Ensure Creative Brochure Designs?

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Brochure Design

Brochure Design

Last updated on November 9th, 2021

Brochures summarize what your company does and tells in brief about products or services you deliver. So, it is a crucial marketing tool, which, if designed well, can win the loyalty of your customers. A professionally creative brochure design helps in taking your business to the next level.

A creative brochure design is the one that is unique and has been created specifically for the client. As against this, the casually designed brochures do not carry much thought and have no strategy to market the business.

Note that brochures are amongst the first marketing items that your potential customers will first come in contact with. They will pick your brochures from your company’s waiting hall or from an exhibition venue. So, you have just that moment to make a first impression on them.

Take business cards as your impressive visuals for marketing purpose. Marketers are considering visuals as major tools in reaching to the target audience in an effective way.

According to an estimate, 50% of B2B marketers are giving significance to visual marketing. In the U.S, around 10 billion business cards are printed annually. This show the importance of the cards in the growth of businesses.

When as a business owner or client, you are hiring a brochure designer, keep certain things in mind. You must ask the designer for samples of his or her past works. Find out if you would like to have the design style of the designer in your brochure.

Also, make sure that you clearly convey your brand message to the designer you want to hire. Without any clarity on the message, the designer will go directionless when thinking of a design concept.

Here Are Some Creative Brochure Design Tips To Draw Attention Of Your Customers

01. Design For Your Audience

A graphic designer should first research a client’s target customers to know their different social, educational, financial, etc. backgrounds. Target customer’s profile must be clear in your mind before setting out to design a brochure.

Your Audience

You should ask your clients about why they need brochures. Ask them to define their business objectives also. These things help a lot in finding out which design elements of colors, etc. will suit best for creating a brochure.

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02. Use No More Than Two Fonts

Brochures have a great amount of text from front to the last leaf. So, you may think of using many fonts for the sake of variety. But the use of multiple fonts will only complicate the design, thereby defeating its purpose.


Try to limit the use of fonts. Use not more than two fonts – one for the headlines and subheads, and the other for the text body.

03. Ensure Right Color Scheme

Does your client has any particular colors associated with business? If so, then find out those colors and use them in designing your brochure. You can find out such colors of your client’s company by looking at its logo. Use logo colors of your client’s company in its brochure design for consistency.

Right Color Scheme

Colors have the power to evoke certain emotions. This means that you must select colors that stand for business values and attributes of your client’s enterprise.

04. Keep Design Idea Simple

There is no alternative to simple designs. A simple design is the one that viewers are impressed with instantly and can understand in a glance. A complex design leaves viewers confused and perplexed.

So, for a simple brochure design, create it with few elements of colors, typefaces, and images. Leave a lot of space between paragraphs of text and also incorporate images neatly.

Design Idea Simple

The design should be pleasing as well as surprising in terms of uniqueness of the brochure. Such a brochure enhances the company’s image as a manufacturer of quality products or services.

This helps build reliability and trustworthiness of a brand. Get some helpful tips to create brochure design perfectly using a brochure template.

05. Brainstorm Ideas

Instead of thinking alone and waiting for some design idea to strike your mind, it is better to sit down with your fellow designers and brainstorm. Talk with them about your brochure ideas and see what they have to say about it.

Get their ideas also. Discuss a concept that you think is unique. This is the way to find out a unique brochure design concept that stands out from the crowd. After all, your business needs the best brochure design.

Brainstorm Ideas

To have more brochure design ideas from several designers, you can opt for crowdsourcing your design to the sites such as Designhill that has hundreds of professional designers enrolled for completion of the task.

This marketplace will refund your entire money under its 100% Money Back Guarantee scheme if you do not like the submitted designs for any reason.

06. Make A Great First Impression

Graphic designing is about making a great first impression on viewers. Only such a design lingers in the memory for a long time. Business owners need such uniquely designed items to attract target customers.

First Impression

Your client’s brochure design also should have something unique in it that attracts the audience. This is the way to design brochures for business.

But the brochure design must fit in your client’s business needs. If your client’s business is new, the brochure must look amazing in an exhibition stand.

07. Use High-Quality Images

Images are an integral part of designing a brochure. Large images of products are everywhere scattered throughout brochures pages.

In fact, a brochure communicates with readers mainly through its images. So, the success of your brochure design will largely depend on the high quality of images used.

High-Quality Images

Therefore, hire a professional photographer and get some really exciting and quality images of your client’s products or services taken. You should ask your client to deliver you good photos. Do not use stock imagery as it will build a negative image of your client’s business.

08. Use Templates

Use of templates does not mean that you are compromising on the creativity. Brochure design templates give you an outline to work on.

Use Templates

You can then make amendments and improvements of your own to customize the template as per your design needs. There is always a creative way to use top free brochure design templates to your advantage.

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An impressive and unique brochure design concept can win your customers’ hearts and minds. But the design must be simple, minimalistic, and should have one or two colors and typefaces only. Address your target audience through each element used in your brochure. A judicious use of images and text is a sign of a great brochure design.

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