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Last updated on June 7th, 2018

You launched a website in order to get more customers and market your business. But the site could not perform well and failed to advance your company’s business interest. In contrast to this, your competitors have made rapid progress. So, what went wrong? One of the things to consider is to redesign your website if it has failed to live up to your expectations.

But what tell-tale signs should you look for if your website needs redesigning from a professional web designer?

We discuss here some reasons behind a website not functioning well for your business.


1.Takes Long Time To Load

If your website takes awful lot of time to load, it must be redesigned immediately. When visitors look for top websites on search pages to search the products or services you sell, they click on your site but it does not open quickly. If it takes more than a few seconds, some experts say more than 3 seconds, it will frustrate the visitor. The online visitors lack in patience. Moreover, they have plenty of other websites to explore. Even some images and links within your website pages may take time to open which is to be resolved.


A reason behind greater load time may be heavy image files or graphics. Make sure that such files comply with the requirements of web. Trim the file size and if possible reduce the number of images and graphics.

2. Not A Responsive Website

A non-responsive website is a disadvantage to the businesses in an age when people use mobile devices to search and shop. If important content on your website pages does not fit well on the small screens of mobile phones and tablets, then plan redesigning.

A responsive design allows for quick and easy reading of crucial content on smaller screens. So, your important products or services and call for action buttons must be visible right away on mobile devices. Responsive website design typically has content such as text and images in a single narrow column. The text and images are specially designed to facilitate easy scrolling and reading on the screen of cell phones and tablets.

3. High Bounce Rate

If visitors come to your website and leave it that very moment without going to the other pages, then this is surely a serious issue to be addressed. There may be some design issues with your website. The visitors may be looking for information that is missing and so they leave the page. Bounce rates determines how effective is your website.


To improve your bounce rate of website, you may need to add links of content to a sidebar on the website. Of course, you must also add fresh and updated content to your home page which is the landing page as well. Give the information that your visitors are looking for.

4. Is The Website Design Contemporary?

Contemporary website design trends are based on their usefulness for the visitors. Your target customers have already seen useful new website design trends and so they expect such site from your business as well. In fact, most of the trends aim at providing a rich user experience to the customers.

For example, long scrolling of web pages is a good trend that does not require clicking on links or buttons every time for information. Similarly, a useful design makes reading of content less stressful on the eyes by creating a lot of white space between the images and text blocks. So, find out if your website comes true on the expectation of the modern online customers.

5. Overall Dissatisfaction With Your Online Business

If you are frustrated with dismal results of your website for your business, it should prompt you to redesigning of your website pages. However, this sign takes a very long time to show up. After you launched the website, the desired results take even many years. So, analyze your website design only when it has been the same for couple of years without yielding the results on expected lines.

6. Website Fails To Get Top Page Ranking

Top ranking of a website on search engine result pages is crucial for successful online business. The targeted visitors can see a website generally when they can locate it in first 10 ranks of the search results. For more customer traffic, a website should ideally be present in the top 5 rankings that are first visible on the PC screen.

So, your company website needs serious redesigning efforts if it fails to come to the top search pages. This may also be despite good content and other SEO efforts. There may also be some coding issues with the site.

What are your thoughts on improving the performance of website by redesigning them?

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