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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Bakery Business

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Bakery Business

Last updated on February 14th, 2023

Turning your hobby of cake decoration or bakery business can be very exciting. You surely have fun as you will be starting something that you love to do. Apart from this, you will be happy as you will make the lives of other sweeter with your delicious goods, lovely pastries, and beautifully decorated cakes!

Starting a bakery or cake business involves steps that are both artistic and planned. If you are thinking of how to take your hobby to the next level, you probably thought to have a unique identity—business name and logo.

Before you reach any level of fame in the baking industry, you first have to come up with a great and catchy name.

Initially, while naming a bakery business, you might want to play with the names. You might daydream of a name that looks classy and have pastel colors.

There is nothing wrong in that, but at a certain point you need to decide a business name to create business cards, social media pages, buying website URL, etc.

Bakery Business Name Ideas

Everyone loves bakery products. But to attract customers, your new bakery’s name should catch their attention. Think of picking a name from our list of bakery business names.

1. Creamy Temptation

2. Crispy Goodies

3. Chocolate Bonanza

4. Fresh Bread

5. The Pastry Dreamland

6. The Choco Corner

7. Glorious Goodies

8. Warm & Tasty

9. Hot Buns

10. Creamy Ideas

The name is the first thing that people noticed in your business. By that, they form an opinion and make their buying decision. A great name can attract more people to your business. Before we get started with the fun part (naming a company), we would want you first to consider what type of bakery you want to open.

There are mainly four types of bakeries:

01. Sit-Down Bakery

It is a retail bakery that offers a sitting area to the customers to enjoy their food. Opening a bakery with additional sitting arrangement can be a little difficult as you need a location for both back and front of the house space.

Such type of bakeries also offers additional food and beverages along with their baked goods such as tea, coffee, sandwiches, etc.

Sit-Down Bakery

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02. Counter Service Bakery

These bakeries are the conventional kind where a customer is being attended by staff. Customers choose their baked items right at the counter, while the teams behind it, pack their selected items. This type of bakery requires less investment as they don’t provide a sitting arrangement to customers.

Counter Service Bakery

03. Specialty Service Bakery

Such kind of bakeries focus on making specialized baked goods in small quantities. Customers can either buy the available items right away or can also place a bulk order for these baked goods. All gluten-free, light, organic, dietary bakery items fall under this category.

Specialty Service Bakery

04. Home Bakery

If you are short of money and can’t afford to buy a space for your business, then you can start your bakery business at home also. All you required is a few necessary types of equipment and adequate space.

In some states like Texas, you are not allowed to sell homemade baked goods unless and until your kitchen area is entirely spate form house. So before opting this option, check for the regulations in your area.

Home Bakery

Tips To Generate Business Name Ideas for Bakery Business

01. Research Your Competitors

Every business has competition. Make a list of your competitors and study what type of names they are using.

Have they named their businesses using similar sounding words (Creamy Creations), food product (Chocolaty Swirls), foreign language (La Pasticceria Casa) or their own name (Molly’s Cheesecakes)? This will help you in knowing what type of names you should be avoided to make a mark in the industry.

Research Your Competitors

No matter whether you are going to start a business on a small or big scale, you have to assess the competitors on a daily basis thoroughly. You can also check out their websites and other marketing collaterals and see how they are using their bakery logo on all the platforms.

02. Know Your Brand Message

A brand message forms a communication channel between your business and target audience. It strengthens the company’s values and reputation to the outside world.

While studying the competitors, focus on your own brand message. Choosing a name that is unique but failing to convey the brand message is of no use.

Know Your Brand Message

To find out what you want to convey, pen down some taglines and business attributes and see if they are conveying the message that you exactly want to communicate. Business names are the face of your brand.

The moment people look at the names, they form an opinion. So it’s essential that they carry a message. Try to choose those words that can easily be related to your business.

03. Consider Your Target Audience

Creating a business name without considering the target audience is a big mistake. This can negatively affect your projects in the future. Your target audience is a similar group of people who are more likely to purchase your products or services.

Consider Your Target Audience

You can name your business by:

  • Using demographics variables such as income, family size, location, etc., for instance, you want to target the customers who are fond of muffins. Instead of using a dull and confusing business name you can use ‘The Muffin House.
  • Incorporating key benefit to your business name, for example, a business name preceded by the word ‘On the go’ will attract the customers who would like to have a fast service.
  • Considering the lifestyle or behavior of the customers, for example, you have a young target audience. Most of the youngsters prefer to order cakes or pastries at midnight. To catch their attention, you can name your business for instance “Midnight Bakers’.

04. Brainstorm For New Ideas

You surely can do a lot of brainstorming by yourself but gathering the fresh new ideas from others can be very helpful. Gather a group of reliable people-friends, family or your team and create an environment where people feel confident and comfortable to share their opinion.

Instead of just asking having a regular discussion, make the session little interesting so that people can come up with some unique and creative ideas.

Brainstorm For New Ideas

Ask them to create a rough sketch for the logo of the suggested name, play games by integrating brainstorming exercises and challenges. Before doing all these, make sure that the people present in the room must be clear about your company’s vision, mission, and goals.

05. Select A Name

Once you are done with your brainstorming session, it’s time to gather all the information and start choosing the options.

Select A Name

Here Is How You Can Do:

  • First of all, group the names of similar categories. Example, words with similar soundings (Cheesy Charm Bakery, Crunchy Crumbles)
  • Eliminate those words that are too complex and difficult to spell and pronounce
  • Say them loud. This might sound funny, but this can work to your advantage. Example, you have named your business “Cake O’clock.” When you say it loud, it sounds like “Eight O’clock.” This might confuse potential customers.

06. Use Name Generator Software

To generate business names, there are plenty of free business name generator software available online. You have to put the industry name or type in the search box, and it will give you plenty of options.

However, most of these software generates very unappealing names. So it would be advisable to use this software only for an experiment.

Use Name Generator Software

Imagine, your professional graphic designer has created a great logo design, but the name in the logo is looking very weird. No matter how good is the design, if the name is not unique and catchy, it will put all your efforts in vain.

07. Check Its Availability As A Domain Name

If you are choosing to have an online business then it is essential to check the availability of the domain name. You cannot register a name that is already in use. Ideally, both business and domain name should be the same.

This makes easy for the people to find you on the web easily. Moreover, your bakery logo design will appear on your website.

Domain Name For Bakery Business

Finding a mismatch between a domain and company name in the logo will confuse the customers. Chances are you might lose the credibility.

US government provides an online trademark search tool with the help of which you can search the names that are same or similar to your business. This way you will get clear which name to choose and which not from the list.

08. It Should Be Available As A Social Handle

When it comes to connecting with customers, entrepreneurs do not want to miss any single opportunity.

After all, the ultimate goal of every business is to generate leads and earn profits. Social media is a great way to connect with the larger audience. Today, almost every business has its own social media page design.

Social Handle For Bakery Business

Apart from checking the domain availability, it is also essential to check if the social media handle for the selected name is available or not. Social media handles are the extension of your brand and give you an online identity.

Just like domain name, if there will be no similarity between the company name and the social media handle you will first customers will find it difficult to search your name and second you might lose the credibility.

09. Get Feedback

You should not choose the name just because your friends and the team likes it. Take a second opinion as well. Put your name on social media channels and ask for the feedback.

Feedback from the unknown and wider audience base will help you in selecting the right name. Ask them about their first impression of the name. If they are getting the same impression which you want to give, it means you are good to go with that name.

Get Feedback For Bakery Business Name

Create A Logo

To build a brand, picking a name is just a half the battle won. To give business a unique identity, you need a logo. A logo is a graphical mark or name or symbol that is used to identify the company and its products or service.

Since the logo is used everywhere—business cards, website, and other marketing materials, so it should be designed appropriately. Designing a logo might sound an easy task, but there are a few things that need to be taken care of while designing a logo:

01. Avoid Following The Trends

In the race of creating a unique design, many companies try to follow the trendy colors, patterns, designs, etc. But actually, this should be avoided. Design trends evaporate as quickly as they emerged.

Focus on creating a classic design so that you don’t have to resign your bakery logo again and again.

Avoid Following The Trends

02. Think About What You Want To Convey

A logo is the reflection of your brand identity. The symbol is used to communicate company values and attract potential customers.

Before designing a logo, think what message you want to give to your audience. Example, Bake My Day has biscuits, cupcakes and ice-cream figures in its logo. The logo provides a feeling of celebration.

Think About What You Want To Convey

03. Make It Scalable

A scalable logo is the one that can fit everywhere without losing its credibility. While designing a logo, make sure the design looks good and visibly clear on all the small and big surfaces like billboards, business cards, social media channels, etc.

Make It Scaleable

04. Test Your Logo

Once you have created your logo, make sure you test it on all possible platforms. Testing will give you the accurate result on how your logo will look and how your audience will perceive it.

Test Your Logo

05. Hire Graphic Designer

Knowing the importance of a logo, it’s better to leave the sensitive stuff in the hands of professional graphic designers.

Hire Graphic Designer

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While starting a bakery business, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of such as location, food products, interior design, online bakery logo design, etc. But coming up with the right name is the most critical task. Apart from your products or services, your business name has the potential to attract customers. So, one should not underestimate the power of a good name.

Get Your Bakery Logo Design

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