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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Catering Company

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Catering Company

Last updated on February 14th, 2023

A catering company, with an impressive but relevant name, tells its customers about what specific services it provides.With a unique name, a company can hope to drive customers’ attention. But the naming of a business is not an easy task.

So, you are planning to start a catering company. Right? This industry is booming. Chances of achieving your business goals in this industry are higher, provided you’re well prepared.

The scale of food and drink sales alone on the U.S was estimated to have gone above $ 780 billion marks in 2016. You can, thus, easily make a place for your new company in this field of business.

But before you chalk out marketing strategies, and acquire funds, have a catchy, unique and memorable name for your catering company. With such a name, your company can hope to build its brand identity along with the marketing efforts it will be making.

However, naming a business including a catering company has never been an easy task. Sometimes, the perfect name comes to the mind just in any creative moment.

But in most of the cases, you have to go through a lengthy process before finally getting hold of a simple, unique, and catchy name that stands out.

Here is a list of Catering Business Name Ideas for your new startup.

Catering Business Name Ideas

1. Backyard Catering Angels

2. Taste To Remember Caterers

3. Figure Licking Catering

4. R&K Restaurant and Catering

5. Four Seasons Catering Service

6. Pros In The Kitchen

7. Food Lovers Catering Co.

8. FirstChoice Caterers

9. Angels In The Kitchen

10. Taste Of LA

Here Are Some Key Points To Consider When Naming Your Catering Company

01. The Food Type You Cater

Your catering company may be dealing with some specific foods. It may be Asian, Italian, or Latino cuisine. It would be good if your customers can find out your specialty of food and taste by your company name. People can easily find your business with such a name.

The Food Type You Cater

So, make sure that the name reflects your specialty of food. In fact, many catering companies have names after a particular cuisine type.

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02. Consider Your Event Specialty

Most catering companies offer their services at weddings. But they also are known for catering to other events. The fact is that there are other event specialties that catering companies deal in.

Besides the wedding, these companies deliver services related to the corporate catering, social event catering, and concession catering.

Event Specialty

So, first be precise in knowing which type of catering categories your company wishes to deal in. Then, see if your company’s name can reflect that event specialty.

Remember that with a specific type of catering mentioned in the name, it also helps in creating a perfect catering business logo design. The designer can generate several ideas around the catering type and event specialty of your company.

03. Pick A Clean Name

Whichever name you pick, make sure that it is simple and clean. If it is a difficult name to pronounce or write, people may not take it as well as your business seriously. They may get a message that your company doesn’t run in a professional manner.

A short and simple name, on the other hand, catches the attention of people immediately. People can easily recall such names.

Pick A Clean Name

Moreover, your simple company name will also have its impact on your catering logo design. Remember that a designer takes an impression from a company name as well and gets design ideas. This means that a clean name will inspire your designer to have better design ideas.

04. Use Name Generator Software

Name generator software is the one that gives you a long list of potential names related to industry and business. As you type a keyword related to your catering business type, you get dozens of names.

So, you can have different company names generated for a wedding, corporate, social and such other categories.

Name Generator Software

But the business name generator gives you a random list and not a selected one. So, you cannot depend on the list to find out a suitable company name.

Instead, you should take these names just to get some ideas of how would your company name sound. Also, you’ll get an idea of which name would look good on your food & catering company logo.

05. Gather Your Team For Brainstorming

Another effective way to generate business names for your catering company is to take help from your team members. Just ask them to assemble around a table and suggest some names. During such a brainstorming session, the focus is on generating the names.

Brainstrom Name For Categoring Company

So, there is a lot of discussions on which name will suit better to the type of business you want to operate. The team members then cancel the names they do not like. At the end of these sessions, you have a shortlist of the names that you can consider later at the time of finalizing one name.

However, before starting a brainstorming session, issue some guidelines about what should be and shouldn’t be in the name of your company.

Remember that a precise business name is also essential from a logo designer’s point of view as he/she will be the person who’ll be creating the logo for your catering company as a visual identity. You can also tell the members that what names will look impressive on your business logo.

06. Play With Words

What’s about using some wordplay to create a unique name for your catering company? You can use a pun, a way to joke, to have the name. For example, a company selling flowers is named as Floral and Hardy, which is a pun as it resembles with the famous comic actor pairs of Laurel and Hardy.

Similarly, another company is named as He-Van, which sounds like He-Man. Can you come out with such pun names for your catering business to catch the potential customers’ attention?

Play With Words

With a pun name created by wordplay, you can hire graphic design services with confidence to design unique logos and other visuals for your brand. Unique and playful names contribute a lot in creating engaging visuals.

07. Get Feedback

Do not rest on the name you picked for your business until you get feedback from everywhere. Ask your friends, relatives, family members, neighbors, and others to give their opinion on the name you’ve already selected.

If people have any doubt over its effectiveness, then think of another name. By asking their opinion, you also get the feeling of what reactions a name is going to evoke from people.

Get Feedback

Do not forget that an effective and popular name with your target audience will also encourage in creating unique graphic designs such as a logo for your company.

08. Have The .com Domain Name

Although many domain extensions such as .net, .biz, and other alternatives are available to businesses, you should prefer the .com domain name for your catering company. People and your target customers take the .com domain name as a sign of an established and dependable company.

Domain Name Catering Company

To get the .com domain name for a name that you have finalized in brainstorming sessions, go to the sites such as or to check if the domain is already booked or not.

If the .com domain has already been taken, find out if the owner is willing to sell the name. Think of buying this domain name as an investment. With this domain, you can hope of building an impressive brand identity of your catering business.

09. Register The Name

After you have made up your mind to pick a certain name, do not yet finalized it before checking if it can be registered with the authorities. Go to the site Trademark Electronic Search System [TESS] and search its database.

If some other company has already registered the name or an identical name, then forget it. You need to register another name in your shortlist for trademark registration.

Register The Name For Catering Company

After you know that the name can be registered, then go to the site, which is the U.S Patent and Trademark Office’s website.

Registering the name is a simple process as you can visit the site and file an online application in a few minutes without taking any help from a lawyer.

Trademark registration is an important step to take before you hire a professional graphic designer to create your catering company’s visuals such as logos, business cards, brochures, websites, etc.

10. Check Availability As A Social Handle

When everything is going your way and you selected a perfect name, what if it is not available as a social media handle? Remember that you will create social media page design as part of your marketing campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other platforms.

But you need a social media handle as your catering company name. So, check that the name is also available to use as the handle so that customers can find the business on various social channels.

Check Availability As A Social Handle

So, these are the key considerations for naming your catering business. The naming process is time-consuming and you may require several brainstorming sessions.

Therefore, you should have patience. But make sure that you do not compromise on the quality of the name as it is your identity.

After you have decided on the name, the next step is to give your catering company a nice visual identity.This you can do by creating mesmerizing graphics such as your logo, business card, brochure, websites, and many other visuals that you will be using in your marketing campaign.

To get a host of graphics and design ideas at an affordable price, you can rely on the Designhill, a leading marketplace for small and medium business owners to source various logos and other designs.

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A unique, clean, and catchy business name can drive customers towards your new catering company. To get such a name, start brainstorming sessions with pre-set guidelines. But the name should reflect the type of catering services you provide, and also accommodate the future growth of your business. The name also should be available as a domain name.

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