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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Construction Companies

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Construction Companies

Last updated on July 21st, 2020

Construction companies are essential to building residential and commercial complexes and also to several related activities. But a new enterprise in this sector needs unique strategies to get recognition among potential clients. With a catchy but effective name, however, a new company can easily send the right message to the market and audience.

The construction business is full of competition as plenty of established players make their presence felt to drive customers. Your construction startup, therefore, will face market conditions that are tough to handle. However, with the right marketing plans in place, you can start well to get noticed. The construction industry is growing at a rapid pace. In the U.S, the value of construction in January 2017 was around $1.18 trillion. That was a 3.1% increase over the same month in the previous year.

But before you launch any marketing plan, make sure that your company name speaks about your business. If there is a mismatch between what your business does and its name, your audience may not appreciate it. Remember that a company’s name is its face that people want to recognize before buying its services or products.

So, a name should speak adequately about what your company does. It should straightforwardly tell the audience about the type of construction business you are in. That is the right name and way to introduce your company to the market.

Naming a business, however, is not a simple process. In some creative moment, the perfect name may flash through your mind. But that rarely happens to everyone. Usually, you have to wait for many days and even months before you agree to a name for a company including your construction business.

So, when considering a name for construction companies, make sure that it is unique and simple. But it should be a relevant business name that stands for your brand values. It is not an easy task to accomplish.

Construction Companies Business Name Ideas

Construction companies are many in any given market. This should compel you to find out unique construction company names that drive quick attention. Here is our list of memorable company names.

1. Builder Monsters

2. Premium Property Renovation

3. Premier Construction Agency

4. Inspiration Property Builders

5. Green Constructions

6. Standard Material Suppliers

7. Sunshine Builders

8. Matrix Home Construction

9. Dynamic Builders

10. Golden Key Home Builders

Here Are Some Key Points To Consider When Naming Your Construction Company

01. Consider On Your Niche

First, you should not try to name your construction company before deciding your niche business. The construction business is vast with many sub-sects dotting the market. Right from the acquisition of land to designing, financing, and operating, there are many types of construction businesses.

Consider On Your Niche

Are you a small renovation contractor or general contractor? Do you run a company as an owner-builder or a real estate developer? Or, you may be a professional construction manager.

It is only after deciding on the niche that you will be able to pinpoint a name that can speak for the type of construction business you run.

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02. Stand Out In Your Market

It is essential that your company name stands out in the niche market. Already, dozens of companies in a similar niche may be operating in your locality. Many of them are well-established brands, and others are vying to grab the clients’ attention. So, a unique name is your chance to catch their attention immediately. Such names that are unique, easy to pronounce, and memorable become a tool to introduce a new business in a target market.

Stand Out In Your Market

Moreover, if your company name stands out, it will surely help in generating unique ideas for your construction company logo. A unique “company name” helps generate great design ideas.

03. Know Your Brand Message And Personality

What is your brand promise to your target clients? Find it out precisely and get it written on a piece of paper so that it serves as the guidance in picking the right company name that helps build your brand.

Know Your Construction Business Brand Message

When you choose a name, check if it reflects the brand promise or not. When you brainstorm for new name ideas, keep your company’s brand personality and core message in mind.

The name should make your clients feel your brand. Overall, the name must contribute its bit to your efforts to build your company’s brand identity.

04. Brainstorm Ideas

One of the best ways to generate construction company name ideas is to brainstorm. You may need to sit for several brainstorming session. If you have the clear-cut guidelines for what names to choose and what to discard, a meeting of minds can surely generate some exciting name ideas.

Brainstrom Ideas For Construction Companies

During the sessions, let your team members come out with a generous list of ideas. Do not restrict their creative ideas. Later on, you can shortlist the names that you liked the most. Then discuss the pros and cons of the selected names, and see which name gets the maximum votes of the members.

05. Explore Business Name Generators

Business name generators are plenty on the web and available for free. You can instantly generate a long list of names in a random way. A keyword related to your construction niche typed in the search box of the software will give you many name ideas. However, these are machine-generated names, lacking in creativity. But the name generator can give you some idea.

Business Name Generators

Try other creative name generator tools to get more ideas. Note that with an exciting new name idea, you will create unique graphic designs such as logos, websites, business cards, brochures, mobile apps, stationery, etc. With a memorable name and impressive business name, your new company can make the desired impact on target clients.

06. Prefer A Clean And Simple Name

Your construction company name should be simple. This characteristic is vital to make the name memorable and recognizable. How about using the alliteration technique in which you repeat the same consonant such as in Coca-Cola. Speak out the name loudly in a conversation and make sure that you can pronounce it with ease.

Simple Name For Construction Company

Also, a simple name looks impressive on different marketing materials. Your logo designer will find the simple name as delightful to incorporate in your construction company’s logo.

07. Check For Domain Availability

A domain name that closely resembles your business name is equally important to have for your business. If a name you find as perfect for your construction company is not available as a domain name, then better change the name or try some other domain variation and extensions. For example, if someone has already booked the most sought-after .com domain resembling with your company name, then try variations such as .net.

Domain Availability

Remember that with the right domain name that resembles your business name, people can quickly find your company in search engines results. You should own the domain name before you hire graphic design services to create your construction company’s website.

08. Check For Trademark Availability

Is the name you picked for your construction company available as a trademark as well? Getting a trademark is your legal way to do business under a company name.

Trademark Availability

A trademark will also keep your business safe from any infringements from your competitors. So, go to the sites such as and to check if the name is available for registration as a trademark. The trademark should be available before you hire the services of a professional graphic designer to create your company logo, which also becomes your trademark.

09. Get Feedback

Since you are choosing your company name, you are too close to the entire naming process. That sometimes results in some mistakes in finding out a name that everyone likes. A way to deal with this problem is to ask for a neutral opinion from your neighbors or some experts.

Get Feedback

A better approach will be to run a poll on social media and request your followers to vote for the best name out of the three to four names you shortlist. In this way, you can have a feel of what people think of the names you picked. Do not forget that the design of your construction business logo, which is your identity of business, depends a lot on the effectiveness of the name. So, get the feedback from whoever matters to you.

So, these are some of the basics and crucial aspects of naming your construction company. It is now clear that a name that is unique and simple should also be relevant to your brand message. Then such a name must also be available as a trademark and domain name.

Once everyone is happy with the name you picked for your construction business, the next step is to build your company’s identity using a logo, business card, and website, etc. visuals, you need services of marketplaces like Designhill. This leading design marketplace gives you access to dozens of unique design ideas at an affordable price.

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Naming a construction company is not an easy task. The name should be unique, simple, and memorable as well. Several brainstorming sessions, use of name generator software, checking the competitors’ company name and availability as domain name and trademark are the steps to take.

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