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How To Generate Name Ideas For Political Parties

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Political Parties

Last updated on February 11th, 2023

Political parties in any democratic set up are many that create an extremely competitive environment for an aspiring new party to enter in. The first thing a new political party should do is to name itself appropriately. With the right name, it conveys the values it wishes to stand for. But naming is not as easy as we often think.

Political parties are a vital component of a democratic system of governance. They raise the relevant issues throughout a year to give people an understanding of the new developments taking place in a country.

While a party or alliance is elected to the power, several parties make the opposition. But together they form the entire political scenario.

There are already many political parties in a particular democratic country and you want to launch yet another party. You will compete with them to grab people’s attention.

But that will take time. It hardly happens that a newly formed party dominates years-old established parties all of a sudden. Usually, it takes years to campaign and reach out to the voters.

If you are planning to start a political party, first make sure that it is appropriately named. A loosely named party will ultimately fade away from the political scene due to the confusion the name created among the voters.

Business Name Ideas For Political Parties

Here is a list of Name Ideas for Political Parties

1. National Right Wing Party

2. National Progression Coalition

3. Rational Protection Party

4. Global Autocrat Party

5. Lawful Peace Party

6. Unified Green Union

7. Free Humanitarian Party

8. Liberal Welfare Party

9. Peaceful Red Union

10. Independent Justice Party

11.Unified Green Union

12. United Right Wing Party

13. Modern Citizens Party

14. People’s Red League

15. Lawful Pacifism Union

Here Are Some Essential Tips To Follow When Naming Your Political Party

01. Know What Your Political Party Is All About

Running a political party just for its sake is not going to enhance its reach amid people in a big way. Considering that winning people’s heart and mind is significant to getting their attention and vote, a party’s overall mission must be crystal clear.

Know Your Political Party

A well-thought-of strategy and mission to reach out to the concerned people must be in place. So, what is your party all about really? What political agenda it focuses on and what near-term and long-term objectives it intends to achieve?

How is that agenda distinctive regarding its usefulness for people? Give precise answer to such questions to arrive at a statement that can pinpoint your party’s mission and identity.

Write down some key features of the party in short. That will keep you focused on finding out a sweet and short name that people find relevant to their issues.

Pick a short name. A short name of three to four words will look good also on your political party logo design that you will put everywhere during campaigning.

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02. Who The Target Voters Are

Voters are crucial to all political parties. Their majority vote sends a party to the throne of power. Others sit in the opposition or languish outside of the parliament. But targeting the voters is not the same as a business targeting its customers.

There are no products or services to sell in a political campaign. Instead, the campaign is issue based.

A target voter for a political party is the one who is most concerned about an issue. For example, if you talk about the worsening conditions of the farmers, then they are the target voters. So, you may form a party on agriculture-based issues.

Who The Target Voters Are

However, many parties raise different issues. In that case, such a party may not be dedicated to a particular voting community. Instead, it intends to address all the emerging issues that are of significant concern to all sections of the population.

These issues may be unemployment, high prices, relations with the neighboring countries etc. So, find out who exactly are the voters you want to target in your campaign. If you know it precisely, it will surely help in naming your party.

Don’t forget to brief the logo designer about your target voters when they’re designing the logo for your political party as it’ll be a crucial visual of your party. The logo will then reflect the voters’ aspirations and expectations from your party.

03. What The Core Message Is

Another significant aspect to cover when naming political parties is the message for the voters. What is your party’s core message? Why should people vote for your party? A cleanly chalked out message will engage the audience with your party.

What The Core Message Is

But avoid having a complicated message that has some intellectual tone to it. That will simply drive away your target audience. How about having your message in the form of a slogan? If the slogan can catch the people’s fancy, it will even result in poll victories for a party.

You will also brief the message to your professional graphic designer who will be part of your political campaign. The designer will be responsible for creating visuals such as logos and party banners. These visuals are crucial for promoting your party’s identity.

04. Brainstorm The Name Ideas

Form a core team of your friends and gather them for a brainstorming session. They understand your party ideals well. So, they can suggest some meaningful names.

When they sit around a table, just let them unleash their name ideas with no restrictions. Make a list of these names and see which of them best describes your party mission.

What The Core Message Is

In a few sessions, you will be able to shortlist some names that the members agree with. That way, you may find out the name that will project your party’s image well amid people.

When you create a logo of your party at a later stage, the effective and relevant name will matter a lot in giving your logo identity and recognition.

05. Consider Political Competitors

A name that more or less sounds like names of other political parties should be avoided. While some words like ‘Democratic’ are common in the names of the political parties, overall, it should stand out.

Remember that the name should also be reflecting the people’s aspirations and their concerns.

Consider Political Competitors

So, have a closure look at your rival political parties’ names and try to come out with something different. Here, take note of the fact that a unique name will also help a lot in creating better visual identities of your parties with the help of graphic design services of a professional designer.

06. Use A Name Generator

You have many name generator tool and softwares available for free on the web. Give a try to these also. Put some keywords on their search box, and you have dozens of names ready for your review.

Businesses also use some software to get name ideas. You may get some outstanding names this way.

Use A Name Generator

However, software mostly generates some mechanical names that sound extremely formal and are not in sync with people’s sentiments. But you can have a rough idea of the names from the software.

This is one of the ways to generate a name that works well with graphic design ideas which you’ll be designing at a later stage for the visual identity of your political party.

07. Ignore Catchy And Non-Serious Names

Some political parties, especially local parties with a limited voter base, have catchy names. They hope to grab the attention of some voters. But with such a name, which has no relevance to the current issues, they do not last long. Such names are looked down as non-serious by people.

Ignore Catchy And Non-Serious Names

Therefore, make sure that the name is formal and unique. It must represent people’s aspirations. It should also have the power to cover burning issues.

08. Get Feedback

Most importantly, test your finalized name of the political party with people. Post the name on different social media channels and ask your followers to vote whether they like it or not. The social media page design must be attracting to roll the followers eyes roll.

You can also post three to four names and ask them to pick one name. This feedback is essential to know what people think about the name you chose. Also, ask for the opinion of your friends.

Get Feedback

So, these aspects of finding new business name ideas for political parties should be covered well. Do not rush to pick any casual name that you regret later and want to change.

After you have named your political party, it is now time to brand it. You will be designing some remarkable visuals such as your party logo, visiting cards, brochures, websites, etc. Just like you had many names ideas, you need design ideas that represent your party.

At Designhill, you can launch a design contest that invites many professional graphic designers to create logos and websites etc. for your party.

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Political parties must be named appropriately so that they can convey the core message of the party to the voters. But to find out the right name, first know your party’s core mission and message, its target voters, do brainstorming, know your political competitors etc. You should have patience as the entire exercise may take time to complete.

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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