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How To Generate The Business Name Ideas For Computer Company

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Computer Company

Last updated on October 19th, 2022

Did you know that Google was initially called as BackRub? Pepsi first hit the store shelves as Brad’s Drink? We can’t even imagine these names as brands with global appeal. Generating an excellent name for your computer company can be a challenge. When you start coming up with the business name ideas, keep in mind that they convey the nature of your business to your customers easily.

What is a name? It matters a lot when it comes to the success of any business. A right name can make your company the talk of the town. On the flip side, a wrong name can ruin it to failure.

This means that coming up with a great name is an essential steps towards a successful business. It is the face of your brand that your customers will hear or see first. A name should convey the skills, significance, and uniqueness of your products and services.

Some experts believe that the computer company name should be conceptual. Others believe that it should clearly state what the company does. In reality, any name can work if it is helping in communicating a unique selling point and story of your brand.

Great names are like magnets that can easily attract the attention of customers. If your name is not unique and catchy, and it doesn’t align with the taste and preferences of your customers, then it would turn them off and make them keep on scrolling.

Are you ready to start your computer business? One of the most challenging steps in starting a business is choosing a business name.

When it comes to computer businesses, there are unlimited possibilities due to the extended vocabulary that is associated with the industry (giga, flash, byte etc.). Such advantages can actually provide substantial support for business names.

Business Name Ideas – Computer Business

Here is a list of computer business name ideas for your new startup

1. ThreeSixty Computers
2. NightOwl Computer Business
3. Tech Drive
4. Geeks Computer
5. SYS Technologies
6. RedStart Computers
7. Innovative Network Solutions
8. CloudCoder
9. GoTech
10. Smart Thinkers
11. Code Doctr
12. TechWorks Inc.
13. Ubiquity Technologies
14. TechLab Inc.
15. Hazel Technologies
16. Gold IO Technologies
17. Tech Heroes
18. Techlite Solutions
19. Flexi Tech Inc.
20. QuickTech Stystems

Here Are Some Points On How To Generate The Business Name Ideas For Computer Company

What Makes A Great Business Name?

01. Originality

The biggest mistake that most of the businesses do is that they try to copy the names of other brands even if they are not from the same industry. Choosing a brand name that is not original or similar to other brands can negatively affect your computer business.


You can take inspiration from other brands but imitating the business name can not only have legal consequences but also confuse your customers. Example: legal disputes between Apple Corps(owned by The Beatles) and the computer manufacturer Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) over competing trademark rights.

02. Focus

You might be focusing on going global with your business someday. It’s natural that you may come up with words like ‘global’ or ‘enterprise’.

That’s really good to give your dream wings, but your customers want a specialized service. Isn’t it? Such tags will put them off for sure. So, it’s essential to pick a name that reflects the true aspects of your business.

03. No Limitations

It might be ideal to incorporate specific locations in your computer business name. But what if you want to go beyond that location? Creating a location specific name will kill your future possibilities. It will also put you among local businesses thereby restricting your boundaries and growth.

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04. Simplicity

When it comes to naming a computer business, it is advisable to keep it simple. You might want to name your computer business that is cool and edgy.

This sounds good until you realize the customers are finding it difficult to spell or pronounce. You can’t take the risk of losing customers due to the inability to connect with the brand.


Popular Type Of Business Names

01. Founder

While some founders don’t brand their name, some preferred to name their companies after their own name.

The main benefits of having such names are:

  • Easy to trademark
  • Can be distinctive if positioned properly
  • Gives personality to a company

Examples: Godrej, Mahindra, Toyota, Philips, Nestle etc.

02. Misspelled

Companies who want to portray themselves as calm, friendly, creative have started coming up with –ly,-me or -fy in their names.

Though using a popular word, eliminating a word or changing the spelling might give you a name to your computer business a modern twist, but if we think about customers, they might not be able to pronounce your brand name or might not be able to find you online.


03. Phrases

Under this category, companies usually put together two words and make a phrase. They sound linguistically normal and have clear meanings but can sound awkward when used as nouns. Examples: StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, MyBlog, iLike etc.

04. Initials Or Acronyms

These are the type of names that are created by using the first letter of each word in a much longer phrase. The letters are pronounced either individually or by combining a letter as a word.


There are two main problems in using initials or creating acronyms as a business name. First, your audience will not get to know about the nature of your business. Second, getting a domain with three or four letter acronym can be difficult.Examples: BMW, LG, IBM, HP etc.

05. Culture & History

Some companies name their business using the terms from culture and history. We all are familiar with the names of famous companies; but have you ever thought that these names have a hidden meaning as well? Let’s take an example of a brand name Nike- a global shoemaker.

The company takes its name from the Greek goddess of victory, Nike. Ancient Greeks worshiped Nike as they had a belief that she could never let them die, and will also bless them with strength and speed needed to be victorious in any task they undertook.

06. Compound

In this type of business name, companies put together two words, where the first word gets the primary emphasis in pronunciation.

In most of the cases, both the words are a noun, and it doesn’t matter if there is a space between the words or not. This style gives the businesses many possible combinations to create a unique name.


Examples: SnapChat, SplitWave, BlueDot, WordPress etc.

Generation Of A Computer Business Name

01. Specify The Type Of Business

While choosing the computer business name, it is imperative to take into consideration the type of business you are in. The name of your company should be such that it automatically explains who you are and what you do.


Choosing a right name can produce meaning and build trust. For example Tech to Us, My Computer Works, Total Tech Care 360—popular tech/computer support service providers in the US.

02. Keep It Short

While choosing the name for your computer business, remember to keep it short and descriptive.

To attract more customers with your marketing materials, select a name that you can easily convert into a domain name for your website and also become a part of your official email address. Short names are easier to remember and are better for social media and SEO.

03. Convey The Value Of A Business

Besides the product and services you plan to offer, it is essential to convey what are the core values of your computer business.


04. Don’t Copy The Competitors

Many people don’t realize the power of brand recognition and choose the exact name of other businesses of the same industry. You can of course check the competitor’s names, their styles, tonality and messaging.

But at the end, for your computer business, you should come up with the name that not only helps you in standing out in the crowd but also ease you in positioning your brand in the marketplace by graphic design services.

05. Trademark Search

Once you have narrow down the list of names to avoid any future troubles, it is vital to do a trademark search for your name. It might be possible that your list might contain the names that have already been trademarked by other people.

Trademark Search

You can take the help of the US government’s trademark search tool. It can assist you in searching the businesses with a same or very similar name to their business.

06. Test Your Name

Selecting a computer business name is not a race. Don’t be in a rush to pick a name as it will be with you for a long time. Test your name with others and decide if it’s the best for your business or not.

  • Share your name with friends and coworkers to see how it feels over time.
  • Imagine how the name will influence the customer’s thoughts and opinions
  • Ask yourself if the name is conveying what you want it to do.
  • You can also do A/B testing with the possible names and find out which one is fetching more targeted audiences.

07. Select A Name

Once you have selected a name for your computer business, make sure you stick with it. Changing a business name can be very tedious and painful process. There might come a time when you want to go for new products or service to grow your business.


Therefore, the name of your business should be such that it can undergo diversification without having to change the name of your company. Example: Apple, Amazon, Google.

08. Create A Logo

Businesses that deal with computers have to compete in one of the fastest growing industries. These companies tend to choose the logo design that emphasizes on intellect, imagination, and optimism.

Company logo plays a vital role in conveying the business vision. It is placed everywhere be it letterheads, business cards, or any other marketing materials.


Designing a logo might sound easy but before creating a business logo design, here are few things that you need to consider on your way to have a perfect logo:

Get Inspiration: Before designing a logo for your computer business, study the logos of some successful companies and see how their logos convey the company’s values and goals.

Think About What You Want To Convey: This is perhaps the first question you should ask before designing a logo. A logo reflects the brand identity. It is a symbol that immediately connects the customers with your brand. Do keep in mind these factors when you come up with computer company logo ideas.

Adopt A Minimalistic Approach: Think of the brands like Apple, LG, HP, Nike, etc. What do they all have common in their legendary logos? Perfect use of colors and shape. Their logos perfectly capture the band to build an identity that everyone can relate to.

Minimalistic Approach

Make And Test Your Logo: Once you have collected all the ideas, it’s time to start designing and testing your logo. Testing of it will not only help you in choosing the best logo but also give you the useful information about the customer preferences for colors and shapes. Example: Recently Mozilla’s Firefox comes up for the open discussion about selecting a new logo design before launching its new logo.

Hire a Graphic Designer: There are many ways you can design a logo such as a logo contest, one-to-one-project, logo maker etc. Make a selection and hire a professional graphic designer.

A logo design company can help you get in touch with designers from across the world.How did you come up with your computer business name? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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We understand that choosing a right name for a business is really hard. Naming a company is like naming a child. Perfect! If you meet a majority of the criteria mentioned above, you can move forward with confidence, knowing that you have done a thorough job in finding the right name for your computer business.If you are looking for professional graphic design services, then Designhill should be the first stop. The company provides you with a platform where you can hire a freelance graphic designer from all over the world to create a logo in a short span of time.

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