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How To Get A New Logo Design For An Entertainment & Arts Business Start-up Through Crowdsourcing

by John Kash Tweet - in Crowdsourcing


Last updated on November 12th, 2021


After you have prepared the layout plan of your entertainment and arts business/start-up, the next big thing on your mind would of course be its successful launch.

So, now you should prepare yourself to avail the services of graphic designers because these are the people whom you are going to contact regularly for your brochure, logo, website and stationery designing work.

After all, you are now assigned with a tough job of marketing your business that too through varied design elements including the most essential one – your company’s logo!

So, while you search the market for a modest graphic designer or to be precise, a logo designer, you should know that you have in fact many options to explore. You can hire a freelancer designer after many rounds of interviews and agree upon hefty amounts for just few design concepts.

Or, you might locate a competent design agency despite evaluating the risks that if it is not able to come up with the kind of quality work you are expecting then what would happen.

There is yet another source to explore when thinking about getting a logo designed. Here, the obvious choice is crowdsourcing creative websites that are getting popular with the clients like you who wish to get their logos and graphic designed at affordable rates.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can explore the true potential of crowdsourcing graphic design platforms so as to gain maximum from them. Rather, you get to know how crowdsourcing platform works best for an entertainment & arts business start-up like yours.

Here Are Few Important Points That Help You Make A Right Selection

1. Cognizing Your Brand Personality

Letting your designer understand your brand’s key features is extremely important to designing your logo. Therefore, you must clearly tell your designer about your brand personality, business objectives and your target audience, in the first place.

logo designHere, you really benefit from crowdsourcing because no prior experience of working with designers is required for getting your work done.

However, you still have to acquaint your designer with your business attributes and many other relevant aspects. This paves way for incorporation of realistic business elements into your logo design.

2. Selecting Right Crowdsourcing Platform

It is equally important to know about the right crowdsourcing platform dedicated to the cause of graphic design clients and designers. There are dozens of online marketplaces on the web.

To locate a right one amongst them, you need to search the websites for quality designs and number of project responses received for specific design projects. Review the design input and the winning designs displayed on the sites.

Crowdsource your logo

Designhill crowdsourcing site can be considered best in terms of quality designs and number of design entry submissions received in responses to many logo design contests.

As soon as you get registered with the site and launch a design contest, you get to see plethora of excellent and useful features that ease out most of your work.

3. Making A Clear Design Brief

Another most important aspect of launching your logo design contest is posting a correct design brief. The brief should contain the relevant information about your logo design.


 Take Few Points Into Consideration:

  • Mention element, icon, symbol, image, text, slogan and color you wish to see in your logo.
  • Provide details and some history of your business as well. The designers want to know things such as your potential customers, their economic backgrounds, what they like about your products or services.
  • Try mentioning something unique about your products and targeted market.

In addition, if you wish to attract more designers to your logo design contest, you can set the winning price range little higher than usual.

Quite naturally, this will lure more designers to participate in your logo design contest and who knows this might fetch you a better business logo design!.

4. Giving More Time To Designers

Give more time to designers so that they have ample of time to prepare a proper layout of your logo. Setting out the deadline according to designers’ convenience is always a better option.

Quite often, creative designers get frustrated by short deadlines. Moreover, at times designers are too busy, so they prefer a logo design contest that gives them more time to plan.


But in case you want your logo urgently, you can always shorten the deadline so that your project gets completed well in time. Sometimes, this also helps in increasing your submission rate.

5. Picking A Winning Design

Now, you have to prepare yourself to select a winning logo design for your entertainment and arts business start-up. Sometimes, due to plenty of design submissions, selection of a right logo design becomes difficult.

Here, you can take suggestions from your friends and experts by posting your preferred designs on your social networking sites so as to come up with the best winning design entry.

Once you have picked a logo for your entertainment and arts business, make sure to get legal rights document for your logo design from your crowdsourcing design website.

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