How to Get a New Logo Design for Attorney & Law business Start-up

How to Get a New Logo Design for Attorney & Law business Start-up

A majority of attorney & law firms in the USA are represented by logos that are of inferior quality. Such logos are based on text and use common fonts. Clearly, these are routine logos that we see everywhere and so they are unable to convey the right business message to the clients in the most effective fashion. Ultimately, these types of logos end-up inflicting more harm to the business than doing any good to it.

So, do not treat your attorney and law business startup logo lightly if you want to make a serious presence in the market. Instead, make sure that you create a professional logo to represent your law firm’s philosophy and expertise amongst your clients and customers. The logo should be a great visual cue for your business growth.
How to Get a Professional Logo Design

Compare freelancer designers– Freelance logo designers can serve you well with a professional logo. You should compare as many of them as you can on the web. But settle for designer whose portfolio matches with your design needs. Make sure that the portfolio gives you a fair idea of the style and quality of the logos that the designer likes to create.

However, freelancers usually charge very high fees due to their expertise and experience. So, if you’re a start-up or a small business with budget constraints, you may not find freelancers so suitable to hire. Moreover, you get very few choices of design concepts which sometimes results in low quality design at high price.
Compare design agencies – Another option often explored by attorney and law business startups is design agencies. You will come across many such agencies that try to lure the clients with attractive packages. But even they are not so affordable for startup ventures that often lack resources and marketing funds.

The design agencies too are known for creating logos with limited number of concepts. So, customizing a logo for your law firm may become a daunting task for you due to only two to three concepts offered by such agencies.

Crowdsourcing platforms – Considering the unaffordable costs and very few design ideas by the agencies and freelancers, it would be a good advice to crowdsource your logo design project. You can find some really trusted design crowdsourcing sites such as Designhill to launch your logo design contest.

At Designhill, you can launch your attorney and law business startup logo design contest in some easy steps and in a few clicks. Just select a small package and winning amount you want to offer to the selected designer. Hundreds of designers will compete in your contest and will create interesting and unique logos for your firm in line with your design brief. You can then select a winner basis the logo design that best matches your business requisites. Not only that, Designhill also offers you a 100% money back guarantee! So, it’s a risk-free way to get the logo designs you’ll love!

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