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How To Get A New Logo Design For Dating Business Start-Up

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Design

Last updated on March 7th, 2022

Your dating business startup has to compete hard with many similar enterprises. A well thought of marketing strategy can help you build a solid customer base. But make sure that your dating business logo is a memorable design. Such a logo will draw the attention of your potential customers. It will also help build your customer base.

Your dating business is bound to earn you good profits as increasing numbers of people are meeting their dream partners with help of such sites. There are over 1500 dating sites in the U.S. According to an estimate, 74% of the people in the U.S have tried online dating service at least once.

Your startup dating business can win hearts only if people can recognize your brand. Therefore, your logo design must convey your business message of trust, faith, friendship and confidentiality to the users of your dating site.

Fine points to know about the sources which can help you create an effective dating business startup logo design.

One important thing to keep in mind while designing your logo is that your business is still in its early stage. This means that you really do not require a logo that costs a fortune. In other words, your startup company can do well with a logo that is just fine and conveys the intended message efficiently.

It is when your business finally establishes its hold to an extent that you may require a little tweaking and redesigning of your logo. This is done to address the new issues and message that arise out when you expand your business in new markets. Until then, you can do well with a professional looking logo that doesn’t hurt your pocket.

01. Hire A Freelance Designer

You can ask a freelance graphic designer to create a nice logo for your startup dating business. The freelancers are experienced people who know how to create a professional logo that efficiently shares your business message. You can depend on their expertise and skills.

But make sure that you check out their design portfolios. But don’t just restrict yourself, scan many such portfolios and look for the freelancers. They may create impressive logos for your dating business start-up. You can easily compare them and select the one whose design works you like the most.

Hire A Freelance Designer

However, there are two basic disadvantages in hiring the freelancers. First, they offer you only a few design concepts and you have to rely on one of them for your logo design. Secondly, usually, such freelancers are pricey professionals owing to their high-end expertise and experience of many years. For dating business owners, smaller funds are usually a hindrance in hiring such experienced freelance designers.

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02. Look For A Design Agency

If there is a design agency nearby your place, you can take their services to design your startup business logo. You can also scan the web to compare many such agencies. Compare their portfolios, past works, terms & conditions and get recommendations from your friends before contacting them for your logo design work.

Design Agency

But a majority of these agencies are too expensive for startups. They often charge high prices for their service due to the intricate design detailing which may not be needed for your kind of logo work. But in case, you work with design agencies, you are bound to pay for such intricate detailing anyway.

Similarly, they also are known to offer you limited choices of design concepts and you are bound to take a choice from limited options. This means that you get your dating logo design with a not so perfect color scheme.


03. Crowdsourcing Your Design Work

Crowdsourcing sites are popular with startup companies for various reasons. One of them is that your startup dating business can get a nice logo design at a very low price and within a very short time. Small businesses and startups should opt for crowdsourcing their design work for a host of benefits.

logo design

First, small dating business sites can get company logos at affordable prices. Most of these sites have competitive pricing packages that allow small entrepreneurs to get designs at low prices.

Secondly, the clients can have access to dozens of designs from many designers. The clients have many designs to choose from. This means that chances of getting a unique dating business logo design are higher when crowdsourcing your design work.

Designhill is one such prominent crowdsourcing site that carries many benefits for the business owners. This site is now well recognized for its affordable pricing for creating a business logos. The marketplace is a dependable source to create logos, business card designs and other graphic design elements.

This marketplace has hundreds of graphic designers. Many of them are logo designers who will work on your design project. All you need to access them is to launch your logo design contest. You can pick up the lowest pricing package. Even such a package will be good enough to attract dozens of creative logo designers to your contest.

But make sure that you post a design brief along with the design contest. The brief should provide the information about your company and business. If you have any specific color, a typeface, or any other element in mind, mention it in the brief.

You should inspire the designers to create your logo as per your expectations. So, interact with them whenever they send their design entries to you. Tell them clearly if you want some improvements in the design. Most importantly, if you find a particular logo design entry interesting, chat with the designer regularly.

After you get dozens of logo design entries, you may find it difficult to select just one winning design for you startup dating business. Designhill lets you have a poll on social media. Upload these designs on your social media page and request your followers for their opinion.

This way, you can know which logo design they are liking more. You can have an idea of people’s choice. This will help you take a decision when picking a logo for your dating business.

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Your startup dating business can have a memorable logo design that interacts with your target audience. Such a logo is capable of sending out your brand message. You can get one such logo from freelance designers and design agencies. But crowdsourcing sites are beneficial in terms of lower prices and access to the unique design ideas.

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