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How To Get Hired For One-To-One Projects On Designhill?

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Webinar

One-To-One Projects

Last updated on September 8th, 2020

How to earn more money? That’s the question which haunts almost every graphic designer out there. Keeping this in mind, Designhill launched one-to-one projects for designers and clients as well. They collaborate and work with each other on a one-to-one basis. Here too, designers have questions popping up in their mind such as — how to get hired for one-to-one projects?

The project puts a client into a network of over 100,000 graphic designers from around the world. For business owners, it’s easy to get started with this particular service. They visit the Design Gallery Page, review the design and directly invite the designer they like to participate in their project. It’s as simple as that.

You might always have dreamed of working for a one-to-one project. But you never get the chance. Focused on this particular issue, Designhill lately organized a webinar covering the topic — ‘How to get hired for One-To-One Projects on Designhill?’ The webinar’s guest speaker was Mr. Rahul Aggarwal — co-founder of Designhill himself! He shared some crucial tips using which you can improve your hiring chances.

Check Out The Webinar Video

Mr. Aggarwal is an insightful entrepreneur who focuses on bridging the gap between the clients and designers. Having accumulated extensive experience across diverse fields, he aims at empowering creative minds and providing them with massive opportunities to earn more through Designhill.

Here We Have Created A List Of Tips From A Particular Section Of The Webinar

Often creative professionals, even after creating a profile, don’t get hired for 1-to-1 projects. What are the elements that keep them away from success?

01. Create A Professional, Attention – Grabbing Portfolio

Every creative professional who wants to earn more needs to be discovered. Remember, people buy only what they see. A creative portfolio goes a long way to attracting possible clients. With more than 100,000 designers in our community, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack to pick a designer for work. Clients often see the type of work a designer does before finalizing.


Therefore, creating a designer’s portfolio is the first step to improving your chances of getting hired. Don’t just create your portfolio for once and forget about it. In fact, keep updating at regular intervals.

Add your avatar image, create a timeline photo as well. Keep in mind that a well-created portfolio may help you attract clients and get multiple projects at the same time.

02. List Your Services In The Design Gallery Page

Every day, our Design Gallery Page gets a boost of traffic. This particular section allows creative professionals to add their services, bag the attention of clients, and get hired. Put your best designs into this section. Keep listing your designs (of course, it would need a quality check from our side) and updating it.

The page is crucial not only for earning money but also to become a part of the designer community. It lets you see what other creative people are bringing up. You can take inspiration from their quality and even appreciate their designs.

Services Page

The community also helps you in exchanging your ideas with other artists, showcasing your work and getting hired.

Every month, the Design Gallery Page receives more than 60,000 client visits for graphics related services.

Any customer who likes your designs uploaded in this section can hire you upfront. However, the condition is to keep uploading and updating your designs.

03. Update Your Skill Sets

Different clients have different project requirements like some would like you to design a logo and some would want you to create a brochure design and so forth. They look for the one who they think would be able to do the task. No one can control a client’s thinking. However, you can influence their decisions.

Update Your Skill Sets

Becoming a pro designer doesn’t come handy if you cannot show your best skill sets to the clients. Updating your portfolio with your skills is the best way to convince the clients and bag the project. With a crisp description, choose your core areas, familiarity with design tools, applications, and skills you are pro in and quality you have.

04. Focus On Quality Not Quantity

The reasons for why some designers are getting hired again and again as compared to others are that they focus on one task at one time. One of the most common reasons we have found that the majority of the designers who don’t get hired submit designs in many contests and take on many tasks.

Design Quality

Focusing on quality not quantity is very important. You can participate in every day or two days. It heightens you winning chances. The same goes for one-to-one projects. Focus on getting hired and completing one project at a time. Don’t try to do this, that and that! It will mess up with the whole process and slow down the progress of the project.

05. Know What the Client Wants, Read Description Carefully

Mr. Aggarwal stresses more on reading the client’s design brief. According to him satisfying and meeting what a client wants is the gateway to one-to-one projects and contest wins.

Why we don’t get hired, it’s because we don’t read the design brief properly; we don’t check the reference images and attachments that the customers have provided.

As a designer’s platform, we try it our best to help designers understand the client’s requirements with ease. We ask the clients to choose a few designs and individual styles before they post a contest with us. We ask the client a few questions which would make it easier for the designer to understand their needs the best.

Read Description Carefully

But the most common issues are that designers don’t read the brief carefully, they don’t check the reference, images, or attachment. They don’t breakdown the description or brief and fail to understand it well. Therefore, they focus not on quality but quantity.

The said scenarios aren’t applicable to all designers, however, and there can be some exceptions. But many designers participate in various contests and still aren’t winning or getting hired.

So, you need to get back and focus on what a client wants. The moment you start doing this, it’s going to make a lot of difference.

06. Price Well & Negotiate Your Terms Well

When you are focusing on one-to-one projects, it’s essential that you put up your fee, terms, and delivery schedule well. Before making a final call or agreement, consider the turnaround time for:

i. Submission of mock-ups.

ii. Design revisions or changes.

iii. Final submission or handover.


Include the number of revisions you are comfortable with as far as a project is concerned. Clearly specify the things included in your fee, along with the exclusions. It will keep you away from any future confusions or disagreements.

We don’t want you to underprice yourself. Charge a fee that you think would justify your skills and work.

07. Be Creative, Be Original

Well, that goes without saying — the original the better. Whether you are submitting your designs to a contest or eyeing on one-to-one projects, creativity is the elixir that will keep you alive in the competitive sphere. For clients to hire you, it’s important that you maintain originality and avoid using stock images or designs.

Be Creative, Be Original

Everything on the Web isn’t free. If you use clipart or imagery, obtain the license of the same. At the time of submission, you need to provide a declaration of the used stock images and clipart. It builds trust and convinces the clients to hire you.


Now that you know how to get hired for one-to-one projects, it’s the right time to start working on your portfolio. Create a stunning portfolio, describe your work, show your skill sets and improve your chances for getting hired for one-to-one projects.

Start a One-to-One Project

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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