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How To Get More Clients Through Designhill?

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Graphic Design

How to get more clients

Last updated on January 31st, 2023

Designhill is a leading marketplace which plays as a meeting point for business owners and graphic designers. They both come together to create different design solutions such as logos, business cards, brochures, website, packaging, etc. The marketplace is also a resource for graphic designers to find new work opportunities. However, “how to get more clients” is a major concern for them as businesses have access to thousands of designers on this platform.

Freelance graphic designers look for new assignments from different clients throughout the year. A marketplace like Designhill gives them access to dozens of design contests posted by business owners daily. These contests can keep designers busy.

But graphic designers should try to win clients’ confidence to get high paying assignments. If designers are able to project themselves as trustworthy professionals, they can build a sound career.

Know that graphic design has now become a great earning opportunity for those who have the right skills. With the required set of skills and experience, a designer can work from home and earn a decent living with ease. Small and medium to large business owners know the importance of a logo design and other design works for brand promotion and establishing an authentic brand identity.

They are willing to fork out huge money to the deserving graphic designers. According to the reports, 67% of the small businesses are willing to give $500 easily for a logo, and 18% will give $1000 to an experienced designer. The modern age marketers have now acknowledged the significance of visuals in their brands’ promotion.

But that does not automatically mean that you will get clients with ease. Do not forget that thousands of new and established graphic designers are vying to catch the attention of clients. They are marketing their design abilities hard.

Explore Designhill

Freelance designers can explore Designhill when thinking about how to get more clients. This leading marketplace is already home to hundreds of thousands of graphic designers. They try their best to draw as many clients’ attention as they can to get new projects. But due to high number of designers, a fierce competition has emerged amongst them for winning more clients.

At this site, the most popular way to earn money is to win design contests. Small and medium business owners launch these contests with stipulated prize money. Hundreds of such contests are launched on the site daily.


However, when thinking about how to get more clients using Designhill platform, it usually means exploring a non-contest way. While you go on designing to win contests and prize, you should simultaneously try to win the one-to-one project. This is the way to work with a client on a personal level without entering the contest.

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But how will you attract potential clients so that they assign you projects? A usual and best way is to build your graphic design portfolio on Designhill and promote it wisely.

These Are Some Top Tips On How To Get More Clients Using Designhill

01. Create A Profile

A client, when searching for a freelance graphic designer, will first go through designers’ profiles. At Designhill, designers can create their portfolio to showcase their best works. But make sure that your portfolio displays the designs that show your niche style. Clients look for style in design as they think it can give their brand a unique identity.

Create A Profile

How about including some themed designs related to seasonal events in your own niche style? This will help in keeping your designs fresh and relevant. Do not forget to add a call-to-action message that invites clients to work with you. This is your tool to get graphic design jobs.

02. Offer Discounts

When working on one-to-one basis with a client, you can offer discounts on your usual fees to get clients. For example, during the Christmas season or New Year, offer 15% discounts to design cards. They will lap up the reduced price; for instance — to create a fun holiday version of their business logo design.

Offer Discounts

Think of reaching out to your regular clients with a proposal for substantial discounts. Make sure that you link your profile on Designhill when promoting your new discount offers on your social media pages.

03. Include Vital Information

Not getting more clients even after professionally designed portfolio is a major concern. A reason for this could be that they do not have any assurance about your experience. Therefore, give some vital information to help you win their confidence. The first step to take here is to show how your designs appear in real life. You should tag them #IRL (“in real life”). This will let them know about the designs looking great in real life too.

Include Vital Information

Then, give more information about the designs. You can give your price if you are selling those designs. Also, let them know about the material used in creating the design. You should even think of giving the names of clients who bought your works. All such measures help you improve your design portfolio and build your credibility.

04. Highlight Your Skills

Highlighting your skills will immensely help you get clients through Designhill. As a freelance graphic designer, you are always evolving. You have added more design skills to your kitty and learned more new tricks. But the clients do not know about it as you simply did not care to highlight them in your portfolio and social media posts or blogs.

Highlight Your Skills

Once clients know about your progress and that you are a learner, they will have faith and confidence in offering you new assignments. So, whichever little skill you learn, mention it directly or indirectly through blogs or other posts and link them back to your portfolio.

05. Put Your Best Work Forward

Many designers make this common mistake of including every single work in their portfolio. Unless you are some legendary designer, you should be selective in giving space to your past works. Since you are a designer, you can easily judge which of your designs are really good, not so good, and outrightly worst. So, make it a point that your portfolio has your best work only. These are the designs that new clients should see to judge your skills and form some expectation from you.

Put Your Best Work Forward

Another trick to promote your designs at Designhill is to display your best work as your profile cover image. When picking the samples, opt for those that resonate well with the greater audience. In fact, putting your best works forward is one of the key tips to create a portfolio that stands out.

06. Make Your Works Discoverable

People and potential clients should be able to search your design works and portfolio easily. For that to happen, use Meta tags cleverly. When you provide descriptions for your portfolio, customize the description by adding keywords. You should also use keywords in the title. This helps search engines to rank your description of design and portfolio.

Make Your Works Discoverable

These keywords will be useful for those people who type the words in search engine boxes to find graphic design works. Therefore, be precise with your metadata. Make sure that you are always visible to the potential clients on the web.

07. Adopt A Proactive Approach

Sometimes, a direct and proactive approach helps in promoting your past design works in order to attract new clients. For that, you should find out a way to share the graphic design portfolio that you have placed on Designhill. Share the portfolio outside of this marketplace as well. Use all the popular social channels and other promotional means to spread a word about the portfolio.

Adopt A Proactive Approach

08. Tell Your Story

Your digital portfolio at Designhill is also the place where you can confidently tell your story. By telling the story, we mean that you can showcase your personality and your journey to become a graphic designer. Tell about your future goals and ambitions as well. Make sure that your story is convincing and specific. But it should be your own and not everyone’s.

Tell Your Story

09. Include Testimonials

Clients like to read what others have to say about their experience of working with you and how they liked your design works. Therefore, testimonials should be very much a part of a design portfolio. Reach out to your satisfied past clients or employers, and request them to say some kind word of appreciation about what you do. Then, include those testimonials in your blog, social media pages, website, and even design portfolio.

Include Testimonials

So, these were the top tips on how to get more clients using Designhill marketplace. You need to pay utmost attention to all these considerations to get the desirable results.

While Designhill is the right place to create your portfolio and attract potential clients, it is also a leading marketplace to win contests with prizes. You can scan this site for dozens of new logo and other design contests, which is your way to earn money.

Wrapping Up

Designhill is an ideal marketplace when thinking about how to get clients who can assign you projects regularly. The best way is to build your design portfolio that most clients visit first to have a look at what design skills, quality of past works, and experience you have got. Then, you should aggressively promote the portfolio on your blog, social media pages, website, etc.

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