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How To Get New Logo Design For An Animal & Pets Start-Up Business

by Michael Crawford Tweet - in Logo Design


Last updated on September 21st, 2018

Many people from across the globe secretly harbour a desire of starting an Animal & Pet business, be it Pet Sitting/Dog Walking centre, Dog Training institute, Pet Grooming organization or Upscale Pet Products. While most of these people do not lack the can-do spirit, undying passion and an earnest love for pets, they often lack clear goals and directions on how to make their brand stand out from the crowd.

Establishing a unique brand for your Animal & Pet business surely takes a terrible lot: A lot of time, a lot of efforts and pocket-full of cash! But the one thing that can help you reduce the efforts, money and time for establishing your business is a unique and professional logo. No wonder, nowadays, customized logos designs have become integral for start-up Animal & Pets business to build their brand value, earn media mileage and develop a fervent consumer base.

But how do you get the logo design that tickles pink the fancy of modern-day discerning consumers? Here’s a little smattering on different ways of getting superb logo designs for your Animal & Pets business.

Logo Design Agencies

Logo Design Agencies


Since time immemorial, logo design agencies are considered to be the safest way to procure logo designs that share your hunger for growth, and unfaltering ambitions! However, the sad reality is that hiring design agencies prove to be a costly affair and most start-ups lack required resources and money to hire a design agency for their logo designs. And even if manage to hire one of the popular and highly priced design agencies, you will not get more than five or seven logo design options to choose from. Not only will hiring a design agency hurt your pockets, but will also set a restraint for you to choose from the limited logo design options, leaving you baffled and longing for more flexibility. So, what’s the other option to get flexibility in terms of logo designs?

Full-time Logo Designers

Full-time Logo Designers


You may hire full-time designers for your company. But let’s face it; you’re a start-up and for your company every second and every penny counts. Hiring an employee, especially designers, proves to be a rather challenging task. It surely isn’t the lack of hungry, industrious candidates; the difficulty arises in identifying the broad spectrum of skill sets manifest in a single person. In addition, it takes a lot of time to screen candidates, take their interview, schedule a mock design test and then finalize a candidate for the job. And for start-ups like you who lack proper resources, it may prove too daunting to undergo this fairly long, tedious and tiring process. Additionally, talented designers may even ask for higher salaries that may make a dent in your budget. So, what’s the other option?

Freelance Logo Designers

Freelance Logo Designers



Well, there surely are no silver bullets for finding talented freelance logo designers who are affordable. But it’s like finding a needle in the haystack! Though freelancer logo designers may prove to be a cheaper option for you, there are a few hard realities about hiring freelancers you should know before you hire them. Freelancers may leave you anytime and you may not get the desired quality, if you pay them less. And if things go awry, it will be a loss for you. So, how do you get that perfect logo design for your start-up business with breaking your bank and without compromising on choices and quality? The answer is crowdsourcing!

Crowdsourcing The Logo Design

Crowdsourcing the Logo Design


Crowdsourcing is essentially the art of practising ‘open innovation’ to get your dream designs within your budget and in no time. Popular and reliable crowdsourcing marketplaces such as Designhill provide a great platform for start-ups like you to delegate their logo design requisites to thousands of registered designers from all over the world! Custom design crowdsourcing marketplaces like Designhill have made it possible for start-up businesses to tap crowd’s creativity, choose from 100+ designs within 7 days and create a buzz for their brands in no time.

Why Designhill?


For starters, Designhill is one of the world’s largest and most reliable crowdsourcing platforms with more than 20,000 registered designers and over 30 design categories to choose from. The company makes it easy for start-up businesses like you to reach beyond boundaries and get high-quality and customized logo designs at affordable prices and in no time. And the best part is that it offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Finally, you have a risk-free way of getting a customized logo design for your start-up Animal and Pets business.

Getting a logo design you’ll love is easy at Designhill! All you need to do is, simply start a logo design contest, choose from 100’s of Logo Designs and pick the best! So, if you’re looking for a great logo design for your business, we recommend you try Designhill too!

Looking for Customized, On time, Logo Designs? Launch a Logo Design Contest today. Choose from 100+ designs. Take your pick! We offer a full 100% money back guarantee! Finally, a risk-free way of getting a customized design.

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