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How To Get New Logo For Computers Business Start-Up

by Roy Millar Tweet - in Logo Design

Computers Business

Last updated on October 20th, 2022

Plenty of computer makers are in the markets, each competing hard to grab a considerable market share. Many startup businesses in this field have to compete with established brands and emerging business rivals. Therefore, the logo becomes an essential part of a computers business start-up. A logo draws the attention of potential customers by conveying a brand message effectively.

In this digital era, it is hard to imagine our lives without computers. Computers now are an integral part of our lives. We come across logos of prominent computer makers almost every day. Websites of most computer companies also display such unique and catchy logos. There is no doubt that logos play a crucial role in the success of computers companies like global players Dell, IBM and Apple.

Your computers business startup needs logo design even more effective. The logo can help you in marketing your business as it will draw the attention of your potential clients and customers. A professionally created logo speaks volumes about your business values and attitude.

Upon seeing such a logo, a customer gets some brand message indirectly through the use of colors, typeface, and other elements. But only a professional designer understands the nuances of using these elements to send the right signals to target customers.

Here Are Some Vital Tips To Get Your Computers Business Startup Logo

01. Research The Business

Before starting work on your logo design, make it absolutely clear that you have some insight about your client’s computer business. Often, clients provide a design brief that contains vital information regarding the business, industry, company’s history, target market and customers, and so on.


But if the design brief is missing any detail, get it from researching the business on your own. Find out the customers’ backgrounds. Which are the customers that the client wants to target? Remember that computer business is vast and has many layers of customers coming from different economic and cultural backgrounds.

When armed with the researched information, graphic designers are in a much better position to pick right design elements for the logo. You will not go directionless when creating a logo if you know your client’s business.

02. Know The Brand Message

A logo sends the right brand message using visual signals to potential customers. In fact, a basic function and usefulness of a logo are in its capacity to convey what a business stands for in a market. For example, a brand may want to tell its customers that it wants its customers to enjoy life. Or the message could be of having passion, love, and aggression.

In fact, each global brand has some specific message for its audience. Sometimes, the message is direct while most of the times, logo convey it in a hidden or indirect manner.

Brand Message

The FedEx logo is a perfect example. Though it is a courier company and not a computer business, still its logo is a brilliant example of a brand using its logo to send out the message. The hidden arrow between the letters E and x tells that the company offers fast courier services. And, the company offers modern day services as the arrow is the sign of progress also.

So, find out a precise message of client’s computer business. It is better to write down what the company wants to convey through its logo. Then, during the design process and when it is finally finished, match the logo design with the written brand message to your satisfaction.

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03. Create A Simple Logo

A logo for computer business startup must be as simple as it can be. A major advantage of a simple business logo is that it quickly establishes a connection with the viewers. A message from a simple logo is instantly delivered to the potential customers. In fact, the simplicity of the design is a way to let the brand message spread instantly for the viewers.

To create a logo, use minimalistic design principles. Go on eliminating all the extra elements in your logo. Then, keep only those elements that are enough to build your brand identity and message. So, keep the shape very simple, have only a few lines, use fewer colors and fonts, and avoid the use of complex symbols.

Simple Logo

Know that simplicity of a design is not restricted to logos only. In fact, each graphic design such as a website design should be simple so that users can navigate easily. So, keep the principle of simplicity in mind when designing a logo.

04. Make It Unique And Memorable

One reason that a brand struggles to grow is that its logo is not a unique one. Such logos have stock elements of images, symbols, and clichéd things. For example, a computer business logo having an image of the computer is a clichéd logo. This is because a computer in a computer business logo design becomes predictable and clichéd. People do not respond to these often-used elements.

So, create a logo that stands out. For instance, Nike’s swoosh and Apple’s logo. These are unique logos as you never saw these designs before. They are simple designs with a purpose.


But only the uniqueness of the design is not enough, it should be memorable as well. This means that people should like the logo for its overall shape and use of colors etc elements. McDonald’s yellow arch logo is unique but it is a memorable design also.

Make sure that you avoid the use of stock images and stock art. Many designers have already used those images, making them clichéd elements. People will just ignore such logos as they do not connect emotionally.


05. Use One Or Two Colors Only

Another sign of an impressive computer business startup logo is that it has one or two colors. Use two colors when you need to create some contrast in the design. So, you can put a background color and a different color for the foreground to create some pleasing contrasting effect.

Most of the global logos have just one color. You will rarely find a multicolor logo. Use multicolor only when you have a justification for it.


If you are not sure about which colors should be incorporated in your logo, get a hint from other graphic design products of your client’s business. You can take a look at client’s brochure design to find which colors are used more often.

06. Use Fonts To Add Some Personality

A great logo design has a personality as well. By this we mean that a logo is able to convey what it stands for. For example, if a logo is of a company that sells toys, the logo design will have a personality of a child, having multi colors and a handwritten font. Similarly, if a lawyer’s office needs a logo, it will reflect the personality by incorporating fonts that create a formal law office environment.


Pick only those fonts for your logo that can express the personality of your computer business startup. Fonts are important elements especially when your company’s name makes your logo.

07. It Should Be A Versatile

When designing your computer business startup logo, remember that it will be used in varied forms and media. It should be therefore a versatile logo. If your logo looks good as part of your business card design but does not look that good on your website, then redesign the logo. Similarly, if the logo loses its effectiveness in its black and white version, it is of little use.


To ensure that your logo keeps its impressive look in black and white, fill the colors only when you find the pencil drawing of the logo satisfactory. It is only after the sketches look great that you should think of incorporating some colors.

08. Make It Scalable

Similarly, think of making your computer business startup logo design scalable as well. This means that when blown up to higher sizes, the logo should not lose its proportion of elements. For example, if your logo is printed as part of your billboard design, its shape and other elements should still look remarkable. When scaled down to smaller sizes, the logo’s elements and details should be clearly visible.


09. Ensure That It Is A Timeless Design

Another quality of a remarkable logo design is that it lasts for many years. Remember that your client would like to keep the same design for even decades. People also build some attachment with a logo and do not like when it is redesigned very often. So, make sure that the design is not based on the latest trends.

Timeless Design

Instead, create a logo that is professional in appeal and appearance. Such a logo needs only some tweaking of design when a business has evolved over the years.

10. Ways To Get Your Computer Business Logo

What are the sources which you can explore to get your computer logo? There are mainly two sources. You can hire an individual graphic designer for graphic design services who works on a freelance basis. You can also design on your own using some software, or you can crowdsource your logo work.

Business Logo

To design computer logo for your business, nowadays one has multiple options such as one can go for online logo maker, can hire a freelancer logo designer or give this job to a design agency. But you must check out the credibility of the freelancer and the agency before hiring them for your logo design project. You also have another efficient and cost-effective alternative to design agency and freelancer, crowdsourcing.

11. Why Is Crowdsourcing A More Viable Design Option?

In case you do not consider hiring freelancer logo designer or a design agency due to their expensive fees or lack of credibility, you can explore one of the many custom design crowdsourcing sites such as Designhill. Crowdsourcing your logo designing project to the marketplaces such as Designhill has many benefits.

With crowdsourcing, there is no need for you to check your logo designers’ past work experience since your designing project is now scattered amongst a fleet of talented designers from across the globe. And in case, you do not like the work of some designers, you still have plenty of logo designs to choose from.

Design Option

Launching a logo design contest at Designhill is easy. You simply fill out the design brief and specify as to what you want in your design. Provide as much detail as you can to help the designers understand your requirements. Then choose a design package, pay, and launch your contest in the largest and most reliable custom design marketplace.

As soon as you launch the contest, design entries start pouring in from designers across the globe. The community of talented designers at Designhill works round the clock and submits professional logo designs in response to your contest.

You get to choose from an average of 100+ logo design options. So, take your best pick. Also, give ratings, feedback and comments to help designers. Remember, the more prompt and detailed you are, the better designs you will receive.

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The computer business is competitive but you can draw customers’ attention using your memorable logo. It should be a unique logo with strategic use of colors, typeface, and other elements to send out a precise brand message. You can crowdsource your logo work to get one nice logo at an affordable price.

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Roy Miller is a visual artist and spends most of his time conceptualizing off-the-rack designs at popular crowdsourcing company, Designhill. In addition, he's a social media enthusiast,online market analyst and blogger. When not writing, he loves spending his time playing video games and watching sci-fi movies! Twitter

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