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How To Get Professional Business Logo Designs?

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design

Business logo design

Last updated on February 2nd, 2023

A logo is a key identity of a business. People, in general, recognize brands in seconds by identifying their logo. Well, that speaks about how important a logo can be for a brand. However, for small businesses that are starting new, logos are expensive pieces of graphic design. Not every startup can afford to hire a professional designer. But a smart solution is to have a customized business logo design that can be created on your own by using logo software. This blog discusses the resources about how to design a logo all by yourself.

Can you imagine a business without a logo? A product or service with no logo stamped on its packaging or other materials does not exist in the business world. With such a symbol, a business conveys to its customers that they are with the right company. This means that a logo evokes trust amongst people.

But small businesses find it financially challenging to have a unique logo as they cannot pay the expensive fees of professional graphic designers. However, for new companies, logo maker tools are a great respite as they can create logos on their own.

However, before using the best logo creator tool, you must first be aware of different aspects of a logo design.

What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol that a designer creates using text and images. So, every logo is a symbolic representation of its business or any type of organization. When people see such a symbol, they immediately identify it and associate it with the company.

Upon seeing a logo, people recall their experience of using a product or service. In this way, logos become a powerful symbol of evoking our great experiences with that organization. Therefore, a logo is a strong identity of a business or organization and not just a symbol.

A logo is not a brand’s entire identity, but it is undoubtedly part of the story. Logos are one of the elements of storytelling that help make people think of a brand in a certain way.

Importance of A Logo For A Brand

When we think of global businesses, we tend to have images of their logos in mind. So, all social media platforms register their presence in our brains through their symbols, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. All the businesses, therefore, have logos.

You can gauge the importance of a professional business logo design because we associate global businesses with their logos.

We all are kind of emotionally attached to those unique visuals as we see them daily. There were instances when people did not take it kindly when global businesses redesigned or tweaked their logos.

So, Here Is Why Your New Business Should Come Up With A Unique Logo Design

01. Drive Your Audience’s Attention

If yours is a new business, one of the most challenging jobs is to catch people’s attention.

There are already many businesses active in your niche, which makes grabbing attention even more difficult. But with a uniquely designed logo, driving people’s attention to business becomes a lot easier.

When they glance at a new logo idea that is unique in many ways, they may stare at it for a few more seconds. That is enough for them to have that logo and its company in their mind for a long time.

This is why a business logo design must stand out, as that is the only way to make people look at the business symbol.

02. Make A Memorable First Impression

Often, the first impression counts a lot in human behavior, which is also true for businesses. If a brand can make an excellent first impression on its customers about its products or services, those people may become loyal customers.

Since a logo is the first visual that people see of a business, it should be making a lasting first impression. With a uniquely designed logo, your new business can reflect your professionalism and elegance.

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03. Build Your Brand Identity

A brand identity is all about people having a particular perception of your business. Companies do that by telling a brand story to a target audience.

A professionally created business logo design tells a story through colors, fonts, and symbols. When people see a logo, they get that story through the visuals.

Because a logo is present everywhere on products or services, business cards, brochures, and a host of other materials, it helps build a strong brand identity.

You consistently convey your message to the people through your advertisements, presence on social media, and using your logo.

04. Stand Out From Your Competitors

Even when you have carefully picked a niche and narrowed down your competition, several businesses still operate in that field. There is no escaping from the competition in the modern world.

While you will be offering valuable products or services to customers to beat the competition, still your logo can play a crucial role in this regard.

Business logo ideas are prominent visuals displayed everywhere on its marketing campaign, social media, and elsewhere. If your business logo design is a unique idea and impresses with its professional design, it conveys that your business is different.

People get this message indirectly that you have something unique to offer. This is because often, we all associate outstanding visuals with some hope and expectations.

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05. Ensure Brand Loyalty

No business can survive without building a solid base of loyal customers. Small companies mainly thrive on the back of their repeat buyers of products or services. But a business takes a long time to convince their customers into buying again.

Here, an impressive logo design can help you build brand loyalty. When people like your business logo design, they have some sort of emotional attachment to it.

When people trust your products, they are naturally attracted to you most of the time. So, when they see your logo, they know that its company has customers’ backing and trust.

06. Convey Your Brand Message

Your brand message is the value your business stands for. But how can you convey it to your target customers and market? Of course, you will be relentlessly promoting your brand story on social media and other platforms a way to convey your message.

But it all should start with your unique business logo design. Its colors, fonts, and images should tell what your business values are. Your logo will evoke the right emotions through the use of colors. So, if red is the dominant color, it will convey the message that your brand is about passion, love, and aggressiveness.

Similarly, clever fonts reflect your brand’s personality, which also hints at your type of business and industry. All such elements help in delivering your message across your target market.

So, if your brand deals in some entertainment products, you can choose comic fonts or handwritten letters to convey your brand message. With such fonts, your logo will go well with, for instance, funny t-shirts and other giveaways for brand promotion.

9 Major Types of Logos

When you design your own logo, the first thing to consider is the logo suitable to your brand.

There are many types of logos, but not all of them may represent your new business adequately. You have to carefully analyze your brand’s design requirements and pick the one type that can speak well for your brand personality.

Following are the main types of logos that most brands have as their visual identity.

01. Lettermark Logos

Lettermarks, also known as monograms, are logos that have shortened versions of a company name. So, these are acronyms of a complete brand name.

Famous lettermark business logo design examples are NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration] and HBO [Home Box Office].

Use a lettermark if your company name is too lengthy. But a downside could be that a new business will struggle to promote itself amid target customers. So, a better approach would be to write your company name underneath the acronym.

02. Wordmark Logos

Wordmarks, also known as logotypes, have a full company name with no other elements. So, you will not find any symbol, icon, image, emblems, and graphic patterns. Global companies having wordmark logos include Google and Coca-Cola.

For new businesses, wordmarks are preferable logos as they can let people know their full company name, which helps promote a new business.

03. Abstract Logos

Abstract logos do not have any text as part of the design. Instead, such a logo has an abstract image as a representation of a company’s message. A famous abstract business logo design is Nike’s swoosh logo, and Airbnb and Pepsi are other iconic abstract logos.

A new business should not use this type of logo as not many people know the company. But after gaining recognition in the market, you can redesign the logo into an abstract mark.

04. Mascot Logos

A mascot business logo design is in the form of a drawing of a human face. For example, the KFC logo is the drawing of the face of its owner. Mostly, the designers prefer mascot logos when a company wishes to project itself as a fun and friendly brand.

05. Combination Logos

A combination logo has the features of any two logos. So, this type of logo is a surefire way to drive people’s attention.

Take, for example, the Dove logo. It is the combination of a wordmark and pictorial symbols. The Burger King logo is another such logo which is a picture of a burger with the company’s full name.

06. Pictorial Logos

A pictorial business logo design comprises an image that has a symbolic meaning. But the image should be such that the target audience must relate to it. Famous examples of pictorial logos are that of the Twitter logo and the Apple logo.

07. Emblem Logos

Emblem logos are known for their power to give a traditional feel. Most such logos are in geometrical shapes with text, symbols, or imagery inside with many details. Famous emblem logos include Stella Artois beer and DC’s Superman logos.

08. Slime Logos

Slime logos are the latest addition to the list. These are image-based trendy logos that look colorful and have a cartoonish tinge to them. Slime is the inspiration behind creating such a logo. The Nickelodeon logo is a bright example of a slime logo.

09. Dynamic Mark Logos

A unique characteristic of dynamic mark logos is that they break the rules of standard business logo designs. They do not follow any set combination of color and text.

The designer lets creativity roam freely around while designing such logos. A famous example of a dynamic mark logo is the City of Melbourne logo.

Top 10 Fonts For Logos

Once you have picked the correct type of logo for your upcoming business, choose your fonts carefully. Now, hundreds of fonts are available free online, which sometimes creates the problem of plenty. Picking one out of several logo fonts may not be an easy job when you design your own logo.

Still, We Give You A Select List of Popular Fonts To Create A Business Logo Design

01. Helvetica Now

Helvetica Now is among the best fonts for a business logo design when giving a modern design. Its classic Swiss typeface is ideal for brands that convey a message of elegance and sophistication. The new font version has a simple and neutral look. This font is available in 48 weights ranging from Light Micro to Extra Black Display.

02. TT Norms Pro

TT Norms Pro is a geometric sans serif font with classic type characters. This makes the font a good option for headlines. But it has also been accepted as one of the best choices for logo design. This family of fonts has 18 reworked fonts.

03. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova comes with an astonishing variety of 144 styles due to the reworking of old Proxima Sans. The new font has both geometrical and modern appearances and has characteristics of both Futura and Akidenz Grotesk fonts. It has 48 full-featured Open Type fonts.

04. FF DIN

FF DIN has a primitive and technical appearance to it, and still, it is a popular font for a business logo design. Besides the logo, the font finds its use for posters, packaging, editorial, billboards, and signages. It is now known as a publication and corporate typeface.

05. Avenir Next

Avenir Next is a linear sans serif typeface that combines the characteristics of Futura and Erbar. The logo designers can use this font for different styles ranging from ultra-light to heavy. But unlike Futura, it is not purely a geometric font.

06. Mont

Mont is a proportional font with unique details, making it ideal for a business logo design and headlines. It has ten weights ranging from Hairline to matching italics. Its popularity amongst designers is because of its versatility that helps graphic designers meet design challenges. The font comes with advanced typographical features.

07. Nexa

Known as the most recognizable font, Nexa is a geometric sans serif font. It gives a logo design legibility, especially if the design involves geometric features. The font family comes with nine weights and 36 fonts. You can prefer this font to create clean logos.

08. Gilroy

Gilroy is a popular font with graphic designers to create modern logos and web design. It is a modern sans serif font and has some geometric touch with circles and squares shapes.

09. Cera Pro

Cera Pro is a pure geometrical font with elementary shapes. It brings simplicity and elegance to a logo design. You can have the font in its six weights from thin to black, giving you a range of expressions to use as per a brand’s requirements.

10. Intro

The intro is a classy sans serif font but has some touch of serifs as well. If logo designers need to give some playfulness and modern touch to the design, this could be an ideal choice of typeface. You can access Intro in 72- styles and eight weights.

Characteristics of An Impressive Business Logo Design

Before you start using some logo maker software to create a logo on your own or even hire a professional designer, know what makes a logo an impressive design. Not all such business symbols drive people’s attention, and such logos lack something in their design, and people do not get the right message.

Here Is How A Business Logo Design Should Look Like

01. Simple Design

A common feature of all the impressive global logos is that they are simple designs. Take, for example, the Apple logo. It is a pictorial logo with just an image of an apple with a bite that also translates to a byte in computer language. There is no other element of shape, color, fonts, etc., in this design. As a result, it conveys its message instantly at a glance.

People do not like logos that look complicated with multiple uses of colors and fonts. Note that the attention span of humans is now for a few seconds only. That is another reason why your logo should convey its message through a simple design.

02. A Unique Design

Not just any simple design will serve the purpose. A logo must also be a unique symbol, which means that people have not seen it before. They should not be reminded of any other icon or logo while glancing at your logo. The above example of the Apple logo is also a unique design since there is no different such logo in the world.

The whole exercise of creating a business logo design is about first having a logo idea that stands out. Its look and appearance must not be similar to any other symbol, an essential characteristic of a logo.

03. Memorable Symbol

The simplicity and uniqueness of a business logo design are appreciable. But is it memorable as well? A memorable design is one that people can keep in mind after first seeing it. People will remember a logo only when they can relate to it. So, the Coca-Cola logo becomes memorable because of its classic lettering style. People relate to the Pepsi logo since it is in the shape of a smile of a satisfied customer.

04. A Timeless Design

Another characteristic of a great business logo design is that it lasts for many decades and continues to be a symbol worth noticing. Most global businesses have logos that they created decades ago and still are almost the same today. A trendy design is only for a short period up the time that trend lasts, and after that, the design becomes outdated.

For example, the Coca-Cola logo has been around for over a century, and it still appeals to customers.

A logo must be a timeless design also because people develop an emotional and cultural association with it and become part of the design. They are loyal business customers as they can instantly recognize that familiar logo and are naturally drawn to it.

05. Versatile Design

A great business logo design is essentially a versatile piece of work, and it should look equally impressive and memorable when printed on different materials. So, it should look on a piece of paper or online on a website. Such a logo retains its impression when printed on custom t-shirts, banners, and hats.

Also, whether it appears in colors or black and white, the logo remains the same impressive piece of design. So, if your logo is dependent on colors, then it will lose its shine when printed in black and white in newspapers for advertising purposes.

A good logo also adjusts well for its size and dimensions. You can print it in small sizes on a small product such as a promotional mug, and it will be the same great design. The dimensions of such a logo will not change.

Top 10 Tools To Create Your Business Logo Design on Your Own

Now that you know the importance of a logo, the main types, and primary logo fonts, you are ready to use a logo maker tool.

A logo maker tool is an ideal software for those with no graphic design experience. They can use the DIY tool in a hassle-free and straightforward way. They need to select a design template, drag and drop colors, etc., elements in the design frame. Since the tools have plenty of editing features, you can customize your business logo design as much as possible.

One of the advantages of logo makers is that most of these are free to use. You will pay only when you need to download your design, and that fee also is nominal. The logo maker is available all the time, so you are not dependent on a designer’s timings. Also, you can have your business logo design in hours. That is because a modern logo creator is a sophisticated tool.

So, if you want to design your logo on your own, then here are the proven logo maker tools with tons of user-friendly features for non-designers.

Designhill is also one creative marketplace that offers you design tools to create various graphic clothing designs, including a unique t-shirt design.

01. Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill is a widely recognized number one creative marketplace today to access unique graphic designs. Its logo maker also is amongst the best software to create professional business logo designs.

Designhill Logo Maker is an AI-powered DIY tool that lets you create fully customized logos in a few easy steps. This tool comes loaded with 1 million icons and other design elements, including colors, fonts, text.

Just scan and drag the stuff you find suitable for your brand personality and drop them into the design frame. Within a few clicks, you can create your business logo design with this tool.

You start with Designhill Logo maker with a simple click to enter your name. Then, choose colors, fonts, styles, and icons from a vast library. Select from hundreds of logo design templates.

This online logo maker will then give a select list of unique logo ideas to pick one of them. The logo maker software gives you mockups also to test your logo on t-shirts, mugs, and many other materials.

This best logo maker is ideal for new businesses which run on a tight budget. They can edit and create their own unique and impressive logo at a minimal price.

02. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is also an AI-powered online logo maker that lets you create your logo quickly without any design experience. Just enter your company name and maybe a tagline. Then, the software will guide you with its step-by-step approach.

It has a library of many logotypes, wordmarks, shapes, and icons. With the help of a studio editor, you can edit your logo and add colors, fonts, icons, and style. You can also change the layout and size if needed. There is also a wide range of inspirational business logo design ideas as per your industry.

03. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is an inexpensive logo maker that has Raster and vector editing tools. It is a native Mac application with features similar to Adobe Illustrator. For Mac users, this Apple Design Award winner tool is considered the best. But it is compatible with iPad and Windows operating systems.

A vital feature of this logo maker is that it allows you to sketch between raster and vector designs. You can also add brush strokes and scan a pencil drawing.

04. Hatchful

Hatchful is another logo-making tool that has a user-friendly mobile interface. It is a free logo maker, which makes it even more helpful for small businesses. You can create a logo with no design experience by using its drag and drop feature to customize your logo as per your design requirements. With this tool, you can create a high-resolution business logo design.

However, a drawback could be that it has a limited number of designs, and its editing capabilities also are not high-end. It is a less customizable tool when compared to vector editing software.

05. Looka

Looka, formerly known as LogoJoy, is another online logo generator tool that non-designers can easily use. All you need to do is pick your industry, a range of logos for inspiration, your choice of colors and fonts.

You can also select from different symbols, icons, and other images available in its library. This drag and drop DIY tool lets you customize a business logo design according to your size, font, etc.

06. Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is an advanced vector editor tool that you can use to create a customized logo design. It has plenty of illustrations and icon templates and also has a zoom feature.

You can zoom up to 25,600%, which will allow you to edit the most delicate details of your design. Also, you can export your logo in a PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG file. The user interface is simple.

07. Corel DRAW

Corel DRAW is the oldest logo maker software that is an excellent competition to Adobe Illustrator. Its illustration-to-vector-image feature makes it amongst the best software to create a logo and then turn it into a vector design.

You will also have access to many video tutorials and other tools. Its LiveSketch tool helps you draw a logo by hand. While you sketch your logo, the software will automatically adjust the design into vector curves.

08. Constant Contact Logo Maker

Constant Contact Logo Maker is another powerful tool to create professional business logo design without prior design experience. This online logo creator tool uses artificial intelligence to let you access a great range of logos as per your industry and business.

Enter your company name and slogan. Then, the tool will automatically create your business logo design. Its features help you customize your logo design easily by changing font size, letter spacing, line height, capitalization, etc.

09. Canva

Canva is an excellent tool for beginners who want to create a business logo design. It has been developing high-quality logo templates. You can also use this tool to start a business logo design in a team collaborating with other members. Its top features a combo of colors and fonts, tons of free and premium illustrations, images, and symbols, and more than 1400 logo templates.

10. Inkspace

Inkscape is another helpful tool to create a business logo design that looks professional and customized for your brand identity. This tool lets you create your logo in a few easy steps. Being among the fewer vector editing programs, it works equally well with Windows, Mac, and Linux programs.

This tool comes with a pencil, pen, calligraphy, shapes, and text tools. The designers also have many color selector tools and a gradient editor as well.

So, you do not have to be a skillful designer to create a professional business logo design. All you need to do is access a logo maker tool and start designing as per its guidance. These DIY tools give you plenty of design elements and editing tools to make the designing job more manageable. You can work like a pro with these tools.

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Wrapping Up

Even with no experience in graphic designing, you can create a business logo design with the help of logo-making software. A logo maker lets you create a logo by allowing you to drag and drop design elements from its library. You can then use editing tools to customize your logo features as per your design requirements. But you must also first know how your logo should professionally look to make a lasting impression on your target audience.

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