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How To Grow Your Brand Using Social Media

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Social Media

Last updated on September 27th, 2019

Social media is a proven platform for brand promotion. But it also is the most explored medium. Now every business has an overwhelming presence of different social media channels. This makes using the media to drive customers to brands even more difficult and challenging. Therefore, an intelligent and careful approach to enhance the reach of your business using social channels is the need of the hour.

In the modern digital age, no business can survive without having a compelling presence on different social media platforms. If your brand is not present on Twitter or Facebook, you are depriving it of millions of visitors who come to these popular channels daily. But if you explore these two channels wisely, many of those visitors can be turned into your potential customers. That requires you to work out a wise branding strategy for social media.

The time-proven usefulness of social media for brand promotion is now evident also from different surveys. According to a report, 91% of US businesses were using social media for marketing purposes. But what could possibly be the main reasons for such massive use of the media by businesses? Global industry professionals have cited marketing as the main purpose. Other reasons include improved traffic, growing fan loyalty, and lead generation.

However, the tough competition to drive traffic from social media is becoming increasingly challenging. You have to come up with new and unique strategies. The point here is to stand out so that people find your content interesting, engaging, and useful.

That said, many businesses just ignore the very basics of social media brand identity planning and end up paying a heavy price by losing the traffic to their rival brands.

Here Is The Webinar Video

Here Are The Key Points That Will Help You Build A Better Social Media Presence For Your Brand Growth

01. Pay Attention To What Your Customers Say

One of the effective marketing tactics used today is social listening. To market your brand well on social media, you need to have reliable data. This data includes information about your audience, competitor’s activities, and what the direction of your marketing is. You get hold of such crucial data only when you listen to what is being said or discuss about your brand and industry on social channels.

Pay Attention

So, how do you listen to people on social media? You can get the data using the social listening tool. The tools help in listening to what is happening online and what conversations are taking place. You can also manage your online reputation of the brand, monitor competitors, and find influencers to collaborate with for brand promotion.

Additionally, get insight into various backgrounds of your target audience, and what hashtags and keywords they use the most. Know also about their preference for content and which social accounts they usually engage with most of the time, etc.

02. Use Video Advertising On Facebook

Videos are proving to be great winners when it comes to conversion of visitors into buyers. Video marketing has picked up fast due to its ever-increasing popularity to take brands to people. On social media, video advertising on Facebook is advisable. Since Facebook is already a massive platform where millions of visitors come daily, your videos of products or services naturally get huge exposure.

Video Advertising On Facebook

Know that videos are also preferred to create personalized content that leads to more sales. Facebook allows users to create Dynamic Ads to give personalize ad experience to your target audience.

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03. Raise Brand Awareness

Brand recognition is important for any small business. This should be the top goal, especially for new companies. This is because customers usually trust a brand that they are familiar with. Social media can help a business establish their brands. As compared to conventional media, your brand reaches to more people when using social media.

Brand Awareness

To create brand recognition, you should post relevant content regularly. Make sure that various social platforms have your profile photos and cover images. Your logo design should appear on social platforms at the right place to make a lasting impact.

But your social media page design is also equally important. It should instantly attract visitors so that they are glued to it for a long time. Make sure that your brand colors, typefaces, and images are present on the page at the right place for brand consistency.

04. Project Your Brand As An Authority

People trust a brand that they find is its market leader in terms of quality and other parameters. Social media platforms can help brands project them as authority to build the trust factor. If that happens, a business can become a leader in its niche market.

Project Your Brand

To achieve that, you need to post high-quality content that is relevant to your industry and niche. The search engines such as Google will then start recognizing your brand’s authority. When your social media page becomes an authority, it generates high-quality traffic for your website.

05. Add A Strong CTA

The call-to-action buttons are important to motivate visitors to make a buying or any other desired action. These buttons direct potential customers to what steps to take next to make a purchase. Therefore, make sure that your call-to-action button is appealing and make sure that it appears on all of your social media profiles.

Add A Strong CTA

What to write in the button? A basic purpose is to make visitors take the steps to buy your products or services. You can motivate your followers on social media pages to order online. These buttons are part of the purchasing cycle. So, create engaging CTAs with the help of a graphic designer who will incorporate the right color and shape of the buttons.

06. Offer Discounts And Giveaways

Everyone loves to have some free useful things as a gift. Similarly, discounts are also a good way to win the hearts of customers. Therefore, an effective social media strategy that most marketers use is to organize events where they offer gifts. These giveaways are surely a way to entice people to your brand of products or services. Moreover, this is the most cost-effective way to generate more sales consistently. This is also a great way to promote your brand on social channels.

Offer Discounts

Another thing to note here is that these events for giveaway become a good engaging activity for potential customers. You can organize some contest for people to make it more interesting and exciting to increase the engagement rate. Think of running some Facebook contests. Most importantly, if customers find your discounts, contests, and giveaways interesting, they will share it with their peers.

So, these are the measures you should take as some basic but crucial preparation for making your social media campaign fruitful. Focus on each step with time and energy of your team to achieve the brand promotion goals.

Webinar On Social Media Strategies

To make small and medium business owners aware of the benefits of social media for promotion of products or services on social media, Designhill  organized a webinar on July 24, 2019 on the topic – How to Create Engaging Content and Grow Your Brand on Social Media. As a business owner or marketer, you should watch this video to learn new social media strategies.

The guest speaker was Michael Janda who has 23+ years of experience in dealing with creating engaging content and other such issues. He is the founder of the creative agency ‘Riser’ and an author of award-winning book “Burn Your Portfolio’’. He has worked with clients like Disney, Google, Warner Bros., Fox, National Geographic and many more. His work, book, and agency have received awards and recognition from Inc. 5000, FWA, Awwwards, and HOW Magazine.

During the webinar session, Michael offered key tips from his experience of creating engaging content for social media with the intention of promoting your brand. He advises you on how and where to begin on social media for the campaign.

While guiding you for the effective growth strategies, Michel elaborates on the difference between a linear and non-linear narrative, the best practices for each social platform, how to plan social media long-form content, how to break social media content into short-form, shareable pieces, and how to measure and connect the dots between content and action.

Wrapping Up

Social media is the most effective weapon for marketers for brand promotion. Today, most people are on different social media channels, through which your brand can reach to them. But you need to develop a sense of social listening to know what your customers’ preference regarding your type of brand is and how to address their issues. In this endeavor, Facebook video advertising, creating engaging content, generating brand awareness and authority, CTAs, etc can play a key role.

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