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How To Make A Great Moodboard? Learn In 5 Easy Steps

by Designhill Tweet - in Graphic Design

How to make a great moodboard? Learn in 5 easy steps

Last updated on January 25th, 2024

Creative people and strategists look for new ideas that often do not come easily. You have to think hard, and sometimes you may not get the expected results even after many days. Here, a moodboard can help. All you need to do is to assemble visuals related to the issue and see how they combine on the board. Your teammates can experiment with those elements and see which combination will work best.

What is a Moodboard?

A mood board is a board of a collage of different visuals, such as colors, images, text, and typography. It is about finding the ”mood” of a design you want to create. Then, with all such design elements strategically placed and visible on the board, you get an idea of what your mood board design should look like.

So, a mood board is helpful when you ponder how to rebrand, design a new app, make a website for branding purposes, or even renovating a place.

Digital moodboards have now replaced conventional physical mood boards. So, you can create a moodboard on your computer screen using various online tools. Once you have made your digital moodboard, you can share it with teammates.

Significance Of A Moodboard

A mood board gives you an idea of how your design will look. But that is not the only advantage of moodboards.

Here Are Some Advantages Of Moodboard:

Realize Your Vision

If you have an idea in mind, a moodboard helps you visualize it. The board is beneficial when you handle a creative project and don’t know what it should look like or where to start from.

With various ideas and elements displayed, your moodboard can clear your project’s vision. This gives you clarity of thought to arrive at a decision and develop it further.

Share Ideas With Your Team

While digital moodboards primarily help a creative designer visualize an idea, these are also shareable with a team. So, if your team is working on a project, all members can access the board digitally, anytime.  You can then get suggestions for improvements from your teammates live while presenting your ideas to them.

Present Your Ideas To Clients

Similarly, moodboards help engage clients with your idea while giving presentations to your clients. They can visualize a mood board design and give their suggestion or approval. Most clients need a design background, but they can easily understand what you are trying to do with the design.

What should a moodboard include?

A typical moodboard comprises multiple elements. Since it is for helping a designer or someone else to come up with some unique idea, many elements find a place on the board. The designer feels free to add as many elements as possible.

But Primarily, A Board Includes:

  • Images – You can add any image you assume may help express your unique design idea. So, the board can have a digital illustration, a photograph, or any other image.
  • Colors – Moodboards usually look like a rainbow of colors. Designers put most colors to see which one will best suit their brands. So, the entire color palette is presented as visual. That helps in picking a suitable color scheme for a mood board design.
  • Words – Moodboards have words or phrases to tell about the mood of a project. Words give viewers clarity of thought and direction about how the project should shape up. So, a combination of visuals and words helps designers in finding out new ideas.
  • Typography – When putting words on the board, the designer can even choose a particular font to consider further what the mood board design should look like. Typography is also a great way to present the displayed word visually.

Note that you will borrow most of the elements from your logo design if you already have it as your brand identity. This is because you would like to keep visual consistency across all your visual identities. So even if you ponder on a marketing concept, your logo colors and its message will be central to creating your mood board.

So, first, have your logo in place so that its design elements guide you while creating a mood board. Make sure you consider some expert logo design tips for designing a logo that stands out from your competitors’ logos.

Where to find elements for moodboards?

You can source elements for your moodboards from several resources that come in handy online.

Each mood board has specific design elements, such as symbols, icons, and typography. You can access them from a stock image library for free, as these are royalty-free photos.

You can also search social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr to check out some unique visuals for your mood board. Get images, graphics, and even videos from these platforms.

Also, think of exploring design networks for artists, such as PrintShop by Designhill, where you will find various illustrations and other artworks. Search the site to see which of those artworks suits you best to express your idea on moodboard. But give credit to the creators of these visuals you want to use on your mood board.

You can also opt for online moodboards equipped with all the elements you need as per your business and industry. Designhill can help you here. This leading marketplace lets you create your custom mood board online for free in just a few quick and easy steps. You will pay only when you are satisfied with the mood board design.

All the mood board elements are accessible with this tool. It lets you pick the right images, typography, textures, colors, and other elements from its vast library.

You can also use this marketplace to create logos using logo maker, which lets you create your logo in quick steps. Note that a logo is one of the first requirements for brand promotion.

5 Steps To Create Your Moodboard

Moodboards are a way to access some unique ideas from your team. The board stimulates our brains to think differently. But you need to create it carefully.

Here Are The Steps To Consider While Creating A Moodboard

Step 1. Know Your Purpose Behind The Moodboard 

First, be clear on why you want to create a moodboard. You should be precise in your purpose. If you need more clarification on it, start by determining your project’s goals. What do you want to achieve from that project? Answer that question correctly to your satisfaction when thinking about how to create a moodboard.

But ensure that you come up with details of what you want to achieve and comparisons with your competitors. More information will help create a precise moodboard for you and your team.

Step 2. Get A Canvas

Now, get yourself a blank canvas where you will add images, colors, etc., to make it a visual board. Next, you can choose a blank Word document as the board. Then, drag and drop the elements online into the document.

There are many dedicated moodboard generator apps to create moodboards or artboards of any size. You can not only drag images but also resize them using such tools.

Step 3. Collect Visual Elements

Next, you are ready to fill your moodboard with multiple elements to create a ‘mood.’ for your project. You can start by using the resource stored on your computer, or you might have bookmarked the images for later use. Many social media platforms are your resource to get the required visuals.

But if you wish to share your moodboard with others outside of your team, then you may be required to take permission for those visuals you access from social platforms. It would be good to source your visuals from stock photo libraries, which are loaded with thousands of images that do not require permission and license to use.

Step 4. Arrange Your Content

As a next crucial step, you arrange the colors, fonts, icons, symbols, etc., elements put on your moodboard in your way. This is where mood board creator tools are most beneficial. When you arrange and rearrange all those elements in different combinations, it helps in knowing the best combination that suits your project.

At this stage, you will discuss those different variants with your teammates. So, you will put colors in one place or displace them everywhere. Or, you will mix the fonts with colors. Overall, arrange them randomly initially to explore all combinations and see what different ideas emerge.

There are no set rules to follow while working on arranging the visuals. However, sometimes a random combination generates new ideas.

Step 5. Share Your Moodboard

The last step will be to share the moodboard you prepared carefully with your teammates and others. So, after you use mood board generator software and create your concept through the board, share it with your peers.

The purpose of sharing it is to invite their ideas for improvement. You must first save the moodboard online or in your computer file to share. You can use online platforms to share moodboards in various formats. Or, you can upload the board to a shared workspace.

So, these are the steps you need to take to create your moodboard to generate new ideas. Take each step carefully to get the maximum out of the board.

Besides mood board creation, you may also be looking forward to creating unique visuals, such as a logo for your products or services. Here, logo maker software can help you create a logo on your own.

Use the DIY tool’s vast library of elements, such as typography, colors, etc., and make a logo immediately to your satisfaction.

Moreover, if you are on a small budget and worry about how much a logo costs, logo-making software is ideal. It lets you customize your logo as many times as you want for free. You will only pay a small amount of money when you want to download your customized logo.

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Wrapping Up

Moodboard is an excellent tool for making strategies regarding a project. But first, know your goals so that you can collect visuals accordingly. You can source the visuals, such as colors, fonts, icons, symbols, etc., online. To get new ideas, arrange the elements randomly in various combinations and share them with your team and others.

Create Your Own Mood Board Online

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