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How To Make Money As A Freelancer

by Designhill Tweet - in How To Make Money

make money as a Freelancer

Last updated on January 31st, 2023

Freelancing culture is spreading fast globally, the field is brimming with job opportunities and there is a piece of pie for everyone. From copy writer to graphic designer, web programmer to bookkeeping, technical support to marketing, every type of service a business needs is provided by Freelancers.

If you have a talent and a creative bent of mind then you can make money as a freelancer. Read this blog to know how a career as a freelancer can be rewarding for you.

Before You Join The Bandwagon Of Freelancers Take A Glance At Some Surprising Statistics

  1. There are more than 53 million people doing freelance work in the U.S.
  2. People who freelance contribute an estimated $715 billion in freelance earnings to our economy.
  3. 65% said, freelancing as a career path is more respected when compared to three years back.
  4. 80% of non-freelancers say they would be willing to work outside their primary job to make more money.
  5. 60% of freelancers in the U.S started freelancing by choice not by necessity.
  6. As per Bureau of Labor Statistics, 15.5 million people were self-employed as of may 2015 – an increase of approximately 1 million since may 2014 and is expected to rise more in the coming years.

The Freelance economy is on the rise, if you are wondering what is the reason for this.

Here Are Top 5 Benefits Of Working As A Freelancer

i. You Are Your Own Boss

No matter how much money we make in a job, we all want to be our own boss. Working as a freelancer, gives you liberty to work as per your own will. You can pick assignments as per your own interest thus you get to build the career you want for yourself. You have the freedom of full control over the work assignments you take on and for whom you chose to work.

ii. You Get To Pocket All The Profits

Well isn’t it demotivating when you realize that your employer is charging a client 10 times the amount you are getting paid especially on a project you are doing all the hard work. Well, in freelance jobs you will be able to charge what your work is worth and guess what you get to pocket all the profits you make.

iii. You Have More Income Potential

Another benefit of freelance jobs is, your income is not restricted by hourly or salaried rate, it totally depends on your hard work. The more effort you put into finding clients and doing assignments, the more income you have the potential of making.

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iv. You Have More Flexibility

Freelancing gives you enough flexibility than a desk job. If you are not looking for a typical 9 to 5 job then freelance jobs from home is your best bet. You can decide your hours of work as per your comfort, if you are a morning person you can work in the early hours of the morning, or late into the night.

Thus, you have the freedom and flexibility to adjust your work schedule. You can work according to your most productive working times.

v. You Work Wherever You Want

Being a freelancer, you don’t need to necessarily work from a specific location, confined to the four walls of your office. You can work from the comfort of your home and also go out with your laptop and work while sitting in your favorite coffee shop or near by park while enjoying fresh breeze or local library.

The idea is location is not important, you can work from wherever you want, thanks to technology and increasing connectivity. You can also work while travelling as long as you are meeting the work deadlines.

Spending entire career at one company has become a thing of the past. Many people have turned down the structural limitations of the 9 to 5 and physical office to become self employed or freelancers. Freelancing jobs give people autonomy, flexibility, exposure and handsome amount of money.

So, Take A Look At Top 10 Freelancing Career Options

01. Content Writing

Are you good with words and passionate about writing? If yes then you have the opportunity to work as a freelance writer. With thousands of websites, countless blogs and magazines out there, there is lot of scope for freelance writing jobs.

Freelance Content Writer

An average freelance writer earns around 228,000 per year in (India) and you can earn 10 times more than the mentioned amount depending upon your writing skills. So, polish your writing skills and brush up your grammar and uncap the benefits of working as a freelance writer.

02. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is another freelance skill that is quite in demand. If you have good designing skills then you can cash in the opportunities available in designing field. Many digital marketing companies, magazines, blogs, websites are on a constant lookout for talented and creative graphic designers and logo designers who can design beautiful graphics.


Designhill is one such site that provides a great platform to all skilled freelance designers to participate, earn and share their work and skills. So, if you have the required skills and creativity then you can earn a lot from these online graphic design jobs.

03. Blogging

Blogging offers realm of opportunities, you can either start a blog of your own or associate with someone else as a blogger and make money. For getting started into freelance blogging jobs, you need to have excellent writing skills, much knowledge of he subject and a style of presenting information in a way that it gets viral or at least catches the attention.

freelance blogger

For freelance blogging there are many niches like technology, travel, fashion, food, internet marketing, and more. Pick the one that interests you and as far as earning is concerned, once you make a name in the blogging, sky is the limit.

04. Social Media Marketing

Maintaining an active social media presence has become essential for every company whether you are running a technology company or an e-commerce platform. You can now imagine the kind of opportunities social media marketing offers.

social media marketing

Many companies look for social media experts who can work as a freelancer to maintain their company’s social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram majorly. If you have in-depth knowledge of these channels and have skills that can help brands increase user-engagement on their social pages then you can go for social media marketing freelance jobs and make some really good money.

05. Web Development

Everyday so many websites are born, with so many websites up and running, companies need experts who can handle back end process, technical glitches smoothly while ensuring website doesn’t go down or load slowly.

Web development

If you are a web developer, you can make significant amount of money by working as a freelance web developer for companies. However to be successful in this field you need to embrace the newest design trends in the world of web.

06. Voice Over Artists

Do you have good speaking skills and a catchy voice? If yes, then you can easily take up any freelance voice artist jobs and earn a handsome amount of money. Voice over artists (VO) are high in demand from radio ads to movie trailers and corporate videos they are much needed. But, you need impeccable enunciation, appropriate pacing and natural articulateness to enter in the VO field.

07. App Development

Just like web development, freelance app development is also high in demand as no. of people browsing via mobile devices is increasing day by day.

app development

If you are a productive software engineer or you have skills required to be a successful app developer such as mobile UI designing, programming, agile methodologies experience, then you can earn tons of money in freelance app development jobs.

08. Online Tutor

Are you good at academics? If you were a math topper at school or have incredible English language skills then you can earn decent money by picking online tutoring jobs.

online tutor

There are many sites like, WyzAnt to name a few who hire freelance tutors for teaching various subjects. You can pick a subject of your expertise Maths, English, Chemistry and Physics and make money freelancing.

09. Translation

If you can speak, read and write any foreign language especially french, Italian, Russian or any regional language then good news is translation field has immense scope for you. You can take up any freelance translation projects and assignments and make lot of money as a freelancer.

10. Photography

If you love playing with the camera and have the skill to capture beautifully then there are lot of opportunities for you to work as a freelance photographer.


From wedding ceremonies to corporate parties, fashion events, tourist destinations, freelance photographers are preferred. If you are expert at clicking and skilled at editing videos and compiling them together then you can check these sites such as productionHUB, Simple Hired and more.

Now you know the top freelance career options but thinking how to get started.

Take A look At Top 5 Freelance Websites To Find Online Jobs

01. Upwork

In 2014 two leading freelance networks named as Elance and oDesk merged together to form Upwork (the largest network of freelancers). With over 10 million registered users, 4 million clients, Upwork offers immense freelance opportunities for everyone.

You can pick both long-term or short-term projects, depending upon your expertise you can select entry-level or expert-level engagements. So, if you are looking for a good start in the freelancing world then explore Upwork.

02. Toptal

Toptal is a great source for freelance works and follows a very distinctive approach than any other freelancing sites. By passing, Toptal’s screening process gives you access to greats clients such as JP Morgan, Zendesk, Airbnb etc. There is no concept of low-bid contests and you have the liberty to set your own rates.

03. Freelancer

It is another great site that offers millions of online jobs for freelancers. In addition, it also allows you to compete with other freelancers in contests to prove your expertise.

If you are confident about your skills, it offers a great platform to attract clients and earn money at Freelancer. For more details, checkout this Freelancer review.

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04. PeoplePerHour

This is a great platform for all skills related to web projects that includes software engineers, designers, SEO specialists, and marketers.

You can easily browse jobs, get notifications about new job postings, and also send 15 proposals for work for free even before sign up. If you are looking for good freelance jobs online then PeoplePerHour is worth checking out.

05. Designhill

As the name suggests, it is a great freelance job site for graphic designers. Designhill is a great platform wherein designers get to participate,earn and share. And every job offer comes in the form of a contest, wherein designers need to showcase their skills.

In other words, clients crowdsource their project, set their budget and designers compete with each other and submit their work as per the said design brief.

Once, all designs are submitted, the client picks the best design and that designer gets paid. Whether you have expertise in business logo design, website design or product design, platform offers something for every designer. If you have the talent and designing skill, it is a great site to get fairly paid for your work.

Freelancing offers exciting opportunities and freedom but is not a merry ride as it may appear. The road to freelancing is fraught with hidden pot-holes and sharp bends, to help you avoid initial bumps and bruises.

Here Are Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid As A Freelancer

01. Undervaluing Your Work

People during the initial phase of freelancing often undervalue their work. They accept the lowest offers by the clients or even go to an extent of doing projects for free. If you are new in the field that does not mean you need undervalue your time and work.

By accepting low writing gigs you are not only undervaluing your work but also letting your reputation go down the drain. From the very beginning establish a pricing that makes sense in your market and stick to that rate card.

02. Missing Deadline

Never miss deadlines it’s unprofessional and suicidal for your career. If you stick to deadline then your chances of getting more projects from the same client increases ten fold.

But in case you are struggling to miss the deadline refrain from conveying the same at eleventh hour rather be upfront and honest and speak to your client in advance.

03. Accepting Every Project That Comes Your Way

Sometimes just to get a foot in the door, people accept every project that comes their way. Never accept a project that you are not comfortable about or any project about which you have concerns about legality or taking up project of a client that himself is not sure what he / she is looking for and is show unwillingness to pay. These are red flags, don’t accept such projects else you will end up wasting your time and efforts.


04. Not Creating Your Niche

If you want to make money as a freelancer then it is important to create your niche. If you accept everything that comes your way, you may earn some money but will end up with an unimpressive portfolio.

To be successful in the field of freelancing, you need to find your niche and own it. Always remember specialists earn more than generalists, so become an expert and you can easily earn high price and attract premium clients.

05. Not Following Up

Networking and self promotion is important even in the world of freelancing. Always make it a point to be in touch with your clients, you can get lot of projects via recommendations and word of mouth. Establish a relationship with your client, drop them a thank you email after getting fairly paid for your work. They will come back to you when needed.

Successful Story Of A Freelancer

The field of Freelancing offers plethora of job opportunities to flourish in your career. Here is a case study of a successful freelancer who grew tremendously using the freelance economy.

Simon Carter and Emily had a travel bug that discouraged them from committing to a 9 to 5 job. For this reason they were fascinated to the economy of freelancing.

They joined Elance now re-branded as Upwork great to get started. Simon worked as a freelance web developer while Emily joined as a freelance graphic designer.

Freelancer Story

They found the platform perfect for earning money while traveling. After joining the online workforce within months they turned entrepreneurs by launching their own web development and design company named as ‘Greenbox Designs’. They are taking care of their entrepreneurial ventures while travelling only.

This case study of a freelancer will surely clear the clouds of confusion if you have any about growth in the freelancing career.

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Wrapping Up

Freelance economy is growing robust by the day and has a tremendous scope for future. If you don’t see yourself as a traditional employee and looking for some work from home jobs then a career as a freelancer can be your calling card. Good luck!

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