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How To Promote Business With Custom Patches

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Printshop Basics

Last updated on August 1st, 2023

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, driving customers’ attention needs creative approaches. While various marketing methods exist, custom patches remain a powerful and versatile promotional tool. These tiny yet impactful products hold immense significance regardless of the brand size. With their capability to effectively convey messages and ignite curiosity, custom products offer a distinct avenue to promote their brand and connect with potential consumers in the modern marketplace. Businesses can increase their visibility by incorporating these advertising arsenals.  

Numerous companies have nailed their branding game by using personalized embroidered patches. This versatile tool can help a company instantly elevate its visibility, making it look more established and sophisticated. 

Strong logo patches or embroidered patches sewn onto uniforms create a statement. But before you dive into that, you must build your brand. These may be used in various ways to benefit your company. 

What Are Custom Patches?

A custom patch goes beyond being a mere piece of cloth or material; it symbolizes an individual or business’s distinctive identity. With a logo imprinted, they transform into powerful symbols embodying a startup’s very essence. They serve as mini billboards, conveying the message to a broad audience and leaving a lasting impact.

Businesses create patches to make their brand’s statement and authenticate their identity.  These are advertising tools that convey a message with visual elements and logos.

How Do Custom Patches Benefit Businesses?

Business owners are increasingly using custom patches. Most small brands explore the strips as a unique plan to attract customers. Here is how to use the tools to promote your products or services.

The Patches Help Increase Brand Awareness.

Custom patches are promotional products that help build awareness. You can distribute them at the sideline of an event or offer them as gifts to your clients and potential customers. They will see your band name frequently. In addition, many will visit your small business site online or offline for more information. 

By asking your staff to wear personalized patches, you may generate possibilities for free advertising for your company. In addition, the patches will attract attention, causing people to learn about your business.

When one of your custom patches is worn, people will be reminded of your services.

Custom embroidered patches, for instance, are excellent for raising brand recognition for your business outside the organization. Thus, they are ideal for promoting your brand to your clients. You may further increase the number of people who notice your brand at the local coffee shop, for instance, by wearing customized patches.

Cost-Effective Solutions

You may get personalized patches cheaply, and they still appear great while saving money. In addition, the strips are much less expensive than bulky name tags with a poor appearance or expensive uniform accessories with fully embroidered details.

You can buy bespoke patches in bulk by getting adequately created and designed custom embroidered patches for your company. That is also an approach to saving money. Most manufacturers will provide you with custom patches with a discount for huge orders. In addition, new technologies have drastically decreased the cost of creating personalized patches for custom embroidery and other items.

Helps In Brand Recognition

These patches are also effective marketing tools to help in your brand recognition efforts. When people wear t-shirts and display your personalized strips with your company logo, your startup is recognizable. These are ideal solutions for small companies when getting started.

People can see your custom patches on tees, scarf, hats, and custom clothing and recognize your brand quickly. When they frequently see the strips with your logo, they instantly identify your business and its offering.

Custom Patches Last Longer.

Custom patches are a particular category of product item that will stay a lot longer. Because of their incredible longevity, you don’t need to spend a fortune making new ones. In addition, these are much more resilient than stock ones.

Custom patches are often durable since they are made from premium materials like thick backing and embroidered thread. As a result, they could withstand several cleaning and drying processes without seeming worn out or undergoing any other visible changes in appearance.

But be aware of whether the vendors are supplying bespoke patches of excellent quality or not so that you benefit from the durability of the patches.

Different Styles Of Custom Patches

Understanding the type of custom patch is crucial when considering whether to make a patch since each type has unique features.

Here are some examples of each type’s definitions:

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are an excellent option for creating a patch with your company’s emblem or adding specialized strips to shirts and jackets. However, custom embroidered patches are a popular option when you don’t have a particular use in mind.

Based on the amount of embroidery, there are three styles: 50% embroidered, 75% embroidery, and 100%. Typically, the price increases with the level of coverage.

Woven Patches

The same applications apply to bespoke woven patches as to embroidered ones. As an attractive and sophisticated alternative, custom-woven patches employ more complicated threads and a weaving method, enabling more beautiful designs and finer details. These strips look impressive on team clothing.

PVC Patches

Custom PVC patches are a more contemporary substitute. These are available in several colors, giving your bespoke design the feel and look that embroidery cannot.

Moreover, PVC is an excellent choice for waterproof materials that resist high and cold temperatures.

Chenille Patches 

A custom chenille patch has a fuzzy feel and a three-dimensional look thanks to the densely woven loops of chenille yarn used in its construction. The varsity or letterman jackets, cheerleader sweaters, and uniforms frequently have this patch. Additionally, custom chenille patches are ideal for intriguing and eccentric patterns, even though they can’t add little, intricate details.

Leather Patches

Leather patches are frequently used in garments and other items in daily life.

They may aid in expressing a person’s personality and provide garments or other items with a distinctive look.

Genuine leather, fake leather, faux suede, PU leather, and paper leather are frequently used as the basic material for personalized leather patches and may accommodate all of your demands.

Tips To Promote Business With Custom Patches

Businesses look for new ideas to promote their products or services to target customers. So, to maximize their reach, they explore all the strategies and marketing tactics. Custom patches have become part of their promotional strategies.

Here Are Some Tips Businesses Can Explore To Use Personalized Patches To Drive And Engage People’s Attention.

Make Employees Wear Your Custom Patches. 

Ask your employees to wear your custom patches. We all have experienced that sometimes we need help finding a staff member in a store to help us. But with an employee wearing the patch, the customer can confidently approach that person with a problem.

Your staff can stick them on whatever they wear. They do not have to wear the entire uniform. Customers can easily walk to the person wearing the patch to the desired service. This helps in building your customers’ trust.  

Align Your Brand With A Cause.

Studies show that customers readily buy from brands associated with a cause. For example, many companies like Microsoft, Uber, Bumble, and Cisco aligned with the #blacklivesmatter campaign. As a result, customers rewarded them with patronage.

Just let the people know that you stand with them on their issues. Then, design custom patches for the cause and print or attach them to a product. Your loyal customers then can see that you support their cause.

Offer Custom Patches As Gifts.  

 When trying something unconventional to offer as a gift to customers, think of the patches. Conventional items like pens are clichés that may not engage people with your brand. So, think out of the box and gift some excellently designed custom embroidered patches. The recipients can wear the patches on their clothes or stick them on other items.

Use Custom Patches As Unique Accessories.

People look for accessories to make their life easier. Custom patches make excellent accessories to offer your potential costumes as gifts. They will retain the accessories as clothing or other customizable merchandise. These can add value to your brand by showing off what your business does. It helps break down the barriers between your costumes and company.

You can print custom brand patches on accessories such as leather keychains, golf towels, tote bags, full-length aprons, and backpacks. Note that these are exciting and fun, which makes them engaging when printed on accessories. But put them on a wide range of accessories, not just hats or backpacks.

Backpacks or duffle bags are two of the best items to promote your small business using custom patches. We all like to have bags of different colors, shapes, and styles for various purposes, such as sports and traveling.

Just invest in great quality backpacks or duffle bags and put your personalized patches with your logo on them.

Hand Out Patches At Corporate Events.

One of the best tactics to promote your brand using custom patches is distributing them at the sideline of a corporate event. You will find your target audience related to your industry and business at such events.

Besides events, you can deliver these patches at pop-up events or your in-person shop. You can also distribute them to people walking around.

Motivate Your Team

Custom patches are also an excellent strategy to inspire your team to work as a unit. When they wear these with your company’s logo, it helps build team spirit. Of course, every company wishes for that to happen. But not all small businesses can achieve this team bonding. So consider them as wonderful marketing materials for them.

Know that such patches are designed to make your team members feel appreciated and are on accessories, hats, and shirts. Many of them even wear them on weekends. 

Boost Your Customers’ Confidence.

 Customer patches are also an effective marketing strategy to win their confidence. When they enter your business complex, they see employees wearing tiny pieces of their uniforms. That is a big confidence booster. Also, they can instantly authenticate your brand and its offerings.

Similarly, your customers can instantly authenticate your representative by seeing your brand’s patches on the uniform.

What To Consider When Ordering Custom Patches?

While ordering custom patches for marketing, consider the following tips:

  •  Look for a unique design –  When buying custom patches, look for ones with unique designs. The patches should reflect your brand, its personality, and its message. But the design should be simple and memorable.
  •  Pick the right size –  The patches should be a manageable size. In addition, they should be easily visible from a distance.
  •  Decide on the attachment method –  You will attach these patches to a uniform of employees or on a product. So, while ordering the patches, know if you will sew or iron them.
  •  Consider your budget –  Keep your budget also in mind while buying the patches. So, compare the prices of different suppliers and get their quotes before placing your order.

So, it is clear that your business can immensely benefit from the patches in many ways. These are effective marketing strategies for small business to achieve their customer-driving goals at a low budget.

If you cannot afford to hire expensive designers, you can pick custom patches for your brand promotion at PrintShop by Designhill. You can get them printed on t-shirts, hats, and other apparel. Pick your color, text, or clipart; the site will deliver the garment with the patch to your doorstep.  

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Wrapping Up

Custom patches are a potent marketing tool for small businesses to drive customers’ attention and win their trust. These have brand logos that help small companies grow. They can stick them on apparel such as t-shirts, hats, and other items and offer them as gifts to people.

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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