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How To Start A Podcast : The Ultimate Step By Step Podcasting Guide

by Charles Darwin Tweet - in Podcasting


Last updated on November 12th, 2022

Are you planning to start your podcast to promote your business, products or services? First, keep in mind that to start podcasting is easy.

Just set your studio with some equipment and have a solid content plan that addresses your target audience’s key issues. That is usually enough to get you started for podcasting your content.

However, you can break the approach into some steps. Follow a step-by-step podcasting approach and you can systematically guide yourself and your team to start a series of episodes in an effective way.


Here Are 14 Ultimate Step By Step Podcasting Guide

Step 1: Know Your Purpose

First, be clear about the purpose of starting a podcast. Podcasting is all about building your authority on some issues related to your business and providing your target audience some engaging and entertaining content.

Podcasting purpose

Is that your purpose? Or, are you podcasting just for the sake of pursuing a hobby? Find out a purpose so that you can keep yourself motivated.

Step 2: Who Is Your Audience?

You must pinpoint your target audience for successful podcasting. Find out a precise profile of your customer by checking his or her social and educational backgrounds when podcasting.


Know about the age group, financial and other backgrounds as well. You will be creating your content accordingly for the audience. You will also be creating listener persona depending on the type of audience you have.

Step 3: Why Should They Listen To Your Podcast?

You must give some reasons to the audience to listen your podcast series. This is an important podcasting guiding tip.

podcast interview

Give them something exciting. For example, you can announce interviewing some celebrity. They will come back to your podcasts if they find your podcast interesting.

Step 4.Name Your Podcast

Give a clever name to your podcast, which is essential to lure your audience. People should get the feel of your business from the name. but make the name catchy and clever.

Give some description also in the title. For example, if you run a graphic design services then the same should be reflected in the name, quite clearly.

Step 5.Have A Memorable Logo

Your podcast logo design will matter a lot in attracting your target listeners. You will be asking your audience to download your podcast. Your logo will appear on downloadable podcast file.

Moreover, the logo will appear on your advertisements of podcasts in newspapers, and elsewhere. So, the logo must be unique in design. Crowdsourcing platforms such as Designhill are ideal places to create your podcast logo.

Designhill is a leading marketplace where thousands of business owners launch design contests and thousands of talented designers look for design jobs. You can get your logo design job done in a short period and at an affordable price.

podcast logo

Step 6.How Long Should Your Episode Be?

Decide on an episode length when you start a podcast. It can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour long, depending on your content. Do not stretch the episode longer for the sake of it.

Make sure that the longer episode maintains its excitement and curiosity for your audience. Often, 20 to 45 minutes is said to be an ideal episode length. But it should not be a strict yardstick. If you have interesting content, let it go for even more than an hour.

ideal podcast

Step 7.Decide On The Frequency

How often should you be releasing your podcast episodes? It is not about running a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly show. What is more important is that you keep your date and schedule with your audience.

They should be waiting for your episode on a fixed day. Therefore, whichever schedule you follow, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, stick to it as your audience will be waiting.

Step 8.Get A Website When Podcasting Your Content

Your website is equally important to your podcasting success. When your listeners start liking your content, they would be searching for more information about your business.

That should take them to your business website that has all the information. Your website will serve them as home to have all details including contact details and more about your company.


However, your website design must be unique and user-friendly. It should be easily navigational for users. Make sure that it has essential pages such as about us page, home, terms & conditions, privacy policy, contact page, testimonials, etc.

Step 9.Decide On Running A Solo Or A Co-Hosted Show

Are you interested in conducting a solo show? Its benefits are many. You will not rely on anyone else to record your podcasting episodes. You will earn all the profits of monetization and sponsorship.

But if you are interested in co-hosting the show, you can produce engaging content by debating, mocking and engaging with the other person on the show.

Step 10.Set Equipment

After you have planned your content, etc., you should get some basic equipment for your studio. All you need is a computer to record your podcast.

podcasting equipment

The computer should have a build in microphone and it should have access to the Internet. Even a simple USB microphone setup gives great results but the mic should be of high quality.

Step 11.Get Recording & Editing Software

You will need to setup some recording and editing software to maintain audio quality and keep the content tight and to the point. Editing programs such as Audicity, Garageband, and Abode Audition are popular editing software.

Step 12.Successfully Starting Your Podcasting

One of the key steps to successfully starting your podcasting is scripting. You must have the content well written in advance right in front of your eyes when you are speaking into a mic. But it is an art to read the script in such a manner that the listeners should think that you are actually talking to someone.

As you gain the experience, instead of writing a full-length script, just mention the key things in bullet points and go on raising those points with your guests. This will help you develop a conversational style of talking into the mic for your listeners.

Step 13.Publish Your Podcast

You will need a media host or podcast hosting platforms when publishing your podcast content. A media host service will store your audio. The host will also allow your listeners to listen, download, and subscribe to your podcast.

Other than placing your podcast on places like iTunes, you should also sign up to media host services such as Libsyn or Blueberry to host your audio files.

media host service

Step 14.Use Social Media For Promotion

Your step-by-step podcasting must include this step of aggressively promoting your content on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

social media

Create an attractive social media page for your podcast episodes to give information of your new podcasts. But the pages should engage your audience.

Create as many followers for your social media pages as you can so that many of them come to your podcasting site regularly.

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So, these are some key steps you should consider when you start podcasting. Focus your time and energy to make your content engaging and interacting.

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