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How To Use Long-Form Content For Brand Promotion On Social Media

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Social Media

Long-Form Content For Brand Promotion

Last updated on January 17th, 2023

Longform content is the source of a lot of information about an issue at one place. People like to read more about a product or service, or any topic as much as they can without having to scan many resources. Marketers take this quality of lengthy blogs as an effective way to engage the target audience with brands. They are using it on social media to build brand awareness and customer base.

It is now a fact that content is the king when it comes to driving brand awareness and engagement. Considering that, marketers experiment with various forms of text and visual content.

They explore all of them to get maximum advantage of them to build a solid customer base in the end. Long-form content is one of the most effective and result-oriented strategies that most marketers are using these days.

Longform content is gaining popularity even though the attention span of people is fast reducing. One of the reasons for the continued use of this type of content is its usefulness for providing more information from one place.

This content targets people who want to know more about a brand or issue.

But long-form content requires careful handling. You cannot get the traffic for your brand using long blogs without making a strategy first.

Many business owners look for solutions regarding the best use of such blogs and content. Still, majority of them — especially those starting up — miss the basics.

The Webinar Offers Solution

Keeping that in mind, Designhill – a leading marketplace for designers and design seekers — thought it fit to conduct a webinar on this issue with an expert.

The marketplace organized a webinar on July 24, 2019 on the topic “why long-form content works out the best”. The guest speaker was Michael Janda – an award-winning creative director, designer, agency owner, and author.

He has worked with clients like Disney, Google, Warner Bros., Fox, National Geographic and many more. His work, book, and agency have received awards and recognition from agencies such as HOW Magazine, Inc. 5000, FWA, Awwwards, and many more.

Check Out The Webinar Video

Here, We’ll Give You Some Of The Excerpts From The Webinar

01. Is A Certain Time Of The Day important To Post Content?

Yes, the bigger the audience the less important it is to know about the timing of posting of content on your social media page. If you have a global audience, then you have certain quantities of users.

I have a lot of people following from India and Australia and the US. So, if I post at a certain time in a day, it is likely to be valid for some group of my audience only. It is not that important.

If you look at Instagram data, you can know when the most appropriate time in a day to engage with your audience is. When you create a business Instagram account, it lets you know about the right time to post your content.

For me, the engagement time is 9 am to noon. It does not go down very much past that time. Your business Instagram account tool also tells you when the right day to post your content for better engagement is.

My biggest day is Thursday for my content. But to be honest, I do not restrict myself to that day.

I create the long form content and post it on the day I feel the most inspired to post it. Still, a lot of people message me that the content came to them at the right time.

For me, reaching out to those few people is more important as they need the content at that moment when they needed it the most.

To find out which day is good for you to post content, you can know that from using Instagram insight tool is built into an Instagram business profile. It gives you the data.

This way of long form content marketing tells you your biggest day, biggest hours, and other data. The tool is really easy to use. So, get familiar if you are trying to build an audience on Instagram.

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02. How To Decide On The Right Set Of The Target Audience?

You do not have to decide much on the target audience. In marketing, we use personas to decide on a certain target audience. A persona is built on both demographics and psychographics. Creating a persona is important.

You need to create three to five different personas for your target audience. It is the people who are the best potential consumers of your content. I do not have five personas, and instead, I have three.

i. My Target Personas

I target junior designers who are getting started in their career. They are probably 20 to 25 years old from a demographic point of view.

From a psychographic standpoint, they are little nervous and trying to figure out the things. They do not know what they are doing. Many of them have design education and trying to get their first job, freelancing work, and so on.

My other target persona is agency owners. They own small agencies that have one to three employees. Most of them work with a couple of contractors. Also, they are trying to figure out how they grow into a bigger agency.

Such a target audience is probably 30 to 35 years of age. As far as psychographics is concerned, they are good designers but they are trying to learn the business side of things.

I try to give them business tools to help them expand and grow. So, these are the two core personas of my target audience.

ii. Find potential buyers

So, you should be finding out the three people who are your potential buyers. Find out about their fears, what brands they associate with, and what their different backgrounds are. Once you know that, you can then speak to those people.

Then, consider one more thing that you talk to your audience and do not care for anybody else. When I started my Instagram account, I put a lot of family photos on it.

But when it changed my strategy on April 1 to go all for these personas, my wife’s uncle unfollowed me. It did not feel good but then I did not care because he was not my target audience. He does not want to consume the type of content I post.

So, do not worry if people unfollow you. Just go all in all with your target audience. If some people make an adverse comment, that means your content is not for them.

Just leave them and focus on your audience. It is important that you talk to your audience and do not worry about everybody else.

iii. How To Use Your Long-Form Content

You can use your long-form content in so many ways.

a. Generate Specific Content Ideas

i. You should extract some impressive lines from the content and present it in the form of specific quotes on your Instagram post.

ii. Use the content data to create a nice infographic data content.

iii. The long-form content also can be broken into pieces to generate white paper subtopics.

b. Consider Marketing Types

When you are generating the short-form content out of your long-form content, make sure that you create ‘go’ piece of content and ‘buy’ content. These are the micro-moments that your content should address.

Go content gives information on a topic while buy content is written to sell a product or service. The buy content will take your audience to your e-commerce website. You should do content marketing in keeping these two micro-moments in mind.

c. Give Them One Link Only

Another important thing to consider here is that you should never give your audience many links in your content that you extract from long-form content. Instead, give only one link that takes them to your sign-in page or any other one that you want them to visit.

03. Is It Necessary To Boost The Post On Instagram?

When I had 750 followers on Instagram, I did boost the few posts. It was cheap. I do not know if it got much of engagement and followers. But I did get more followers.

I wanted to get some traction for the content. So, I spend some 10 dollars to boost the posts for 24 hours. But I do not do that anymore.

If you are going to spend money then do that way. But do not buy robot followers. Use the advertising method instead of creating some fake engagement.

04. Should I Need To Follow More People To Boost My Posts As A Starter?

Yes. Do not go for the approach of following and unfollowing to gain some traction. They want thousands of followers while they do not want to follow many people. Instead, do it the right way.

Give good content and share good content, then let it happen. If that way, you get 1000 dedicated followers who love what you do, that is plenty to make a business.

05. How Do You Establish A Vision For Your Career?

When you are young and you do not know, find somebody who inspires you. Then, model them and dissect their journey. Learn the way they did it and follow their steps.

I love the idea of a vision board. This is a process where you take a whiteboard, and then you take pictures of what your dream might be. For example, it could be an social media agency you want to have or a card you want to buy.

I did that initially in my career and looked at those agencies that wanted to become. I looked at their studio pictures, glass walls, ping-pong tables, etc. When I had a studio of my own, I had all those things in it that dreamt of.

06. Final Key Takeaways

So, what are the key things that you learn from this conversation? I will say that the first thing is that long-form content works.

With the long-form content strategy, I grew from 750 followers to 35000+ followers. I wrote 120 posts in 3.5 months to achieve growth. Here is what you should be doing.

a. Create content to catch the attention in less than 8 seconds.

b. You should create content based on intention. This means that the content should aim at the no, go, do, and buy micro-moments.

c. Generate content based on time. So, write content that readers can go through immediately in 1-30 seconds, 1-3 minutes, 4-7 minutes, and 15 minutes.

d. Measure the content and connect the dots between content and action.

For The Use Of The Content On Social Media For Engagement

i. Start with the long-form content.

ii. Break it into smaller and snackable pieces.

iii. Then, hook matters so much.

iv. Give value to your audience. Do not worry about the size of followers. Just give them the value. They will share it and you will grow over time.

v. Be patient. Take your time, just be consistent and patient.

So, these are the key tips that Michael Janda offered to the markers who want to explore longform content to building an audience and brand awareness.

You should follow the advice with a dedicated approach to getting maximum advantage of your content. This is the right way to generate awareness for your brand on social media.

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Wrapping Up

Long-form content drives potential customers who want to know more about a brand or issue. But you need to first build your target audience for it on social media. Michael Janda shared his experience on how he grew his brand using lengthy blogs. He delivers on a lot of various aspects of marketing this type of content to create an audience and drive them to your business.

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