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How To Win Upto $4000 By Participating In Designhill Studio Challenges?

by Designhill Tweet - in Webinar

Designhill Studio Challenges

Last updated on January 12th, 2021

It is believed that designers are creative beings who always float in the colors of their imagination. No wonder, they do. Sometimes even that gets boring for them especially if they are spending hours and hours to achieve their dream goals. It is true, creating a design or art piece takes a lot of time and effort and sometimes, can be encouraging and demotivating as well. So, what can they do to feel motivated and make money at the same time? By participating in Designhill Studio Challenges and winning up to $4000. Read to know more.

It is necessary for any artist or designer to stay motivated and creative especially if one is striving to create a career in the design industry. While working on their creative spirit, they look for opportunities to work on their skills and make money out of it. As said, it is the only way to progress mentally and financially.

If you are a designer or artist, then how can you grow and earn at the same time? By participating in the Designhill Studio Challenges. These challenges will not only help you to work on the creative block but will also help you to earn lots of money. Yeah!

Designhill, the leading creative marketplace has recently launched attractive challenges for its design community. It is an exciting offer to the designer community to use their skills and come out with winning designs. The winner gets insane prize money of $4000 per month.

We know, there must be tons of questions in your mind stating what these challenges are all about, how you can participate in these challenges, what kind of skills are required, how much you can earn, and so on.

To clear all doubts, Designhill has conducted an online workshop to help the design community know the fine aspects of the Designhill Studio Challenge. By attending the workshop, designers and artists have come to know about how to proceed to participate in the challenge and win prizes. During the workshop, our Art & Design Director, Kevin Bagchi, has shared basics and answered all queries regarding participation and winning prizes.

About Kevin Bagchi

Kevin Bagchi is an Art & Design Director at Designhill. He has worked with many big brands during his career journey. Also, he is a digital marketing and branding expert, and a Filmmaker, with 10 years of experience in producing, writing, directing, and packaging for various organizations across the globe.

To know more about these challenges, you can watch the workshop video to get an overview or read out the transcript that we have shared below with you in the form of questions and answers. Have a look!

Before that,

What is Designhill Studio?

Designhill Studio is a graphic design platform where anyone can create or design their stunning creatives in just a few minutes by using ready-to-use templates, shapes, icons, millions of images, and customized designs suggested by graphic professionals.

Designhill has been instrumental in allowing designers to explore their creative best to constantly learn and hone the skill sets that enable you to be an exceptional designer. Designhill Studio is one such enabler where you can indulge in designing the finest templates, business collaterals, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and almost everything you can think of.

What are the Designhill Studio Challenges?

Designhill Studio Challenges is a series of challenges where you participate in a challenge running for over a month. There is a spree of challenges that they keep throwing at you over a period of time. You participate there, you make designs, explore yourself on Design Studio, and share it on your social circles. Then you ask everyone in your circle to vote for you.

If you get the maximum votes and the designs are approved by Kevin and the design team at Designhill, you win.

Mega Challenges

There are a couple of steps in between which I want to show you once again. The entire challenge that we are introducing is actually distributed in Mega challenges and themes.

We have divided the entire breadth of broader topics into mega challenges. And, and we have given you a small team challenge under each mega challenge. So, if you go and store your challenge page, there are three mega challenges that are already open now. These challenges are:

  • Cards And Invitations Design Challenge
  • Quotes Creator Design Challenge
  • Let’s Get Salesy Design Challenge.

So, for instance, if we talk about the Let’s Get Salesy Design Challenge. The main challenge is divided into sub-themes like:

  • New York Day Challenge,
  •  Boxing Day Challenge,
  • and so on.

So, you pick and participate in any one or all of the challenges.

Attractive Prize Money

Each challenge will run over a period of one month and there will be many different theme challenges under each mega challenge. And the challenges are worth $4000 every month. Each team challenge will have some cash prizes like in this one particular challenge. There is a cash award worth of $150 for the first prize winners. We will also be giving you social shout outs. There will be gift cards and shop gift cards.

Here Is The Video Of The WorkShop With Kevin Bagchi

Here Is The Workshop Transcript With Queries & Answers

Designhill: How to participate in the Designhill Studio Challenges?

Kevin: To participate, you need to first qualify for the contest. For that, go to and sign up. If you have already signed up on Designhill, just log in.

Sign up and create a design in-studio for any of the categories listed above categories as in the sub-themes listed above. Participate by choosing the challenge category, upload your design, confirm your participation by posting a design on your Instagram account, and tag Designers Studio using these hashtags that we have written here.

All this information is there on the challenge page under each and every theme. So, just go to the challenge page, read the information there, and participate.

So, once you visit our landing page design, you get all the information about starting with the design challenge. Here, with an example, I am showing you how to proceed.

Pick A Category And Sub-category

I am going to choose the Let’s Get Salesy Design Challenge. So once you go to the Selsey page, you will see four subcategories. These are Small Business Saturday Design Challenge, New Year Day Design Challenge, Boxing Day Design Challenge, and Christmas Day Design Challenge.

I will do a Christmas Day Design Challenge. You can select this one and you will learn here as we have tried to make it very easy. So, you will see many reference images that we think are cool designs for your inspiration. Now, you can go to the participant number and hit it there.

With Personal Information

When sign-in, fill in personal information like the first name, last name, email website, your expertise, etc. So, in a social media profile, you need to put on any one of them like you have Instagram, Facebook, Behance, etc. Click on ‘I Agree’ with the policy, and hit Next.

Then, you need to choose at least one category to start designing. There are several categories to choose such as Posters, Brochures, Facebook Post, Coupon, Facebook Cover, etc.

So, for today, let us see, we are going to design our Instagram post and check the box. Then, click ‘Upload Design’. We haven’t designed yet, so we hit NO.

On the next page, you get a tutorial video that shows you how to proceed with creating a video. Then, click on the button Create A Design On Studio to enter our design studio.

Start Designing

After clicking the button, I am now inside the studio. Here you can see that everything is prefilled. You don’t have to do anything. Just just start designing from the blank square space in the middle of the page. So, on your left-hand side of the page, we have already created a lot of designs for you to choose from.

Now, we are designing our Christmas post today. First, I always like to change the color of the background. So I take something like the color yellow.

Use Texts, Poppins, and Lots of Other Tools

Then, I hit the text button to pull up the text. I’m adding a heading to the design page and add the letter S. From the font-size button I can resize the text as per my design requirement.

Then, I type Poppins in the bar and many options come up to show how the text will look.

So, I will create a design around the winter sale. So, my idea is to write SALE, but in place of A, we will try to put a Christmas tree and see how it looks. Just go to the icon and type Christmas tree to find tonnes of the tree options.

There are tonnes of options. Now, we can just go through and select which one of the tree icons you think is right for you. I am trying to find a tree where there is a star on the top. This one looks good to me and I can review the size by dragging and clicking. So, one might start to build a little bit of the S.

Now, I want to change the color of the letter S to red. Christmas is all about red and green. Then, there is no need to create text again. Just hit the Copy button to copy the S and then type L and E to get these letters.

Now, I would like to change the color of the tree. First, pick this color and get it darker.

I want to select everything and bring it a little bit to the center and align it. So, I bring the letters L and E to the center and bring them closer by aligning them properly.

Now, I need to add the word ‘WINTER’ over the top of the text SALE. I go to the text button and then to ‘Add A Heading’ to create the space to write winter in it.

Whenever you choose the font-for-font pairing, make sure that it leads to your mother font.

We try to use a bolder font. Now I want to increase the distance between the letters. So, it’s very easy to add by going to the spacing. And you see there’s Letter Spacing there.

So, I will bring the letter I of WINTER just above the tree icon in the design. Now I need a line, like a straight line, you know. I can hit back to either button and start changing the line. And there will be chances and opportunities for you to download uploads also. You see there are no lines, I can only see graphs.

There are plenty of options. I want this one, it’s free. So just click, and I want to upload SVG because I want to have the option to change the color later. I will say edgy and go for a free download. Let’s go back to the studio. Go to upload, upload an image. And I want to change the color again, to something red.

You will see what I’m trying to do where it’s so easy. So we do have kind of a base part. Now we start saying what is the offer? I want to say the offer is enjoyed up to 50% off. We need some kind of a banner overhead. I will just first check our elements for icons, and see if we have the banner. We can select anything. I am trying to find something specific.

I choose this banner. Let’s choose this. Yeah. So as you can see, it’s also an SVG and you can also change color. So I will just go very contrasty over here. And we’ll pick the other color of Christmas that is green. We opt for dark green. And we’ll just copy this text saying WINTER, break it down, make it smaller to add it on the banner. I don’t need that spacing anymore. So I will just reduce the size of the text and we bring the desired color to it.

Now, we will start decorating it. So, we will incorporate the snowflake icon in the design space and see where it fits. I put two snowflake designs on each side of the text that says WINTER. Now, I need a bell icon and put it at the top of the design. I need some more snowflakes and put it at the top and bottom corners.

I can change the opacity also for the snowflakes. Now, I want to put a Christmas cap on the letter S. Then I can just select this snowflake star and resize it, and put it over the capped S.

So, you can keep designing in this way. I just wanted to show you how easy it is to use the studio. Just play around and try to find whatever you want.

We have made several tutorial videos. You can check out how to use the studio. Once you’re done with the design, you can simply hit the Submit Challenge button and fill it with the required details such as your name.

Now is the time for questions. But before that, I want to reflect on two very important aspects. A lot of people have asked why we have to only use a studio to make this design challenge.

It is only when you use the Designhill Studio and upload designs from this studio that the entries are eligible for the challenge. Otherwise, we got to find out any ways the design has not been made in the studio.

But if we can use any other tool, feel free to upload any of your personal assets. If you have any personal design assets of yourself, you can use them but once you upload it to the studio, it belongs to the design library.

The thing is that when you get to the Challenges, the more you create in the studio the more are your chances to win the challenge. Use your personal design assets but once they are in the studio they are the Design Studio’s property. And please explore yourself as much as possible. But no Adobe Illustrator, no Canva, etc. and use only Designhill Studio.

Designhill: What happens to eligible entries that are not selected as winning designs?

Kevin: There is a basic kind of standard we expect everyone to follow. If you don’t get selected for under one design, you can always try another. We have produced plenty of tutorial videos to guide you in taking the right steps in using the Designhill Studio. Before you start creating a design, go to any platform like Pinterest or Instagram, and search for inspiration.

One very important aspect though, of Designhill Studio Challenges is that once Kevin approves the design, the design team has approved your designs, it actually gets approved.

The approved designs look something like these ones. These are all approved designs under designer studio challenges. This is under Of course the birthday theme undercards and an invitation. You can share it in your social circles and ask people to vote for it. They can vote you on a scale of zero to five and I’m sure that they all are your friends that they will vote for you.

You can share your approved design on all the platforms that are there. So, you need to constantly keep checking your entries on the entries page to know if they’re approved or not. Also, we have an entire immune system in place once a design is approved or rejected or it needs some correction. We have this entire system in place. You will get a notification that your design has been approved or rejected and you need to work more on it.

Rewards Are Guaranteed

One more thing to note here is that the rewards offered under the Designhill Studio Challenges are sponsored by the studio. Therefore, the rewards are guaranteed and your prize amount is credited. We have an entire mechanism in place. You will get all these rules and regulations on the challenge page.

Designhill: Can we use our software like Adobe software?

Kevin: Yes, you can use Adobe Illustrator, it’s a great tool to create SVG, icons that you think would be special for your designs. But the structure needs to be designed over the Designhill Studio and there you can use Illustrator and Photoshop for your graphics and icons for illustration. And we allow that. For people who are very familiar with SVG, they can make it a part of SVG only with five color channels. Don’t create anything more than five colors.

Designhill: What about logo designing? Should the logo be created in the studio?

Kevin: We don’t design logos in the studio. So the challenge is basically for Instagram posts and all those stuff like Twitter banners etc. A logo is very specific to illustration.

Designhill: Do we have to create the design at Designhill Studio with studio elements, or we can upload any creative design here for the challenge?

Kevin: You can always create an SVG or image which is, which is like stock free. And there is no liability at all. You can use 1000s of free tools out there, and we have no problem with that.

Designhill: Can we add those designs to our account?

Kevin: You can put the designs over your profile page, Instagram page, etc. we will be very thrilled. It’s absolutely free, you can download it and share it anywhere you want.

Designhill: Does the winning of entry completely depend upon the voting round?

Kevin: So, the winning does depend on voting, but approval doesn’t. Once the design entry is approved, goes on voting, and it is a matter of your people’s support. It goes through voting.

Designhill: What happens to entries that are not selected as building designs?

Kevin: I will give you one more option over here. Once you think you have disabled the ticket, we will give you a reason why it’s good to get it, you can always go back and rework it. It doesn’t get deleted. You can go back and fix it.

It doesn’t go anywhere from the studio. If you have saved it, it will be there. If a design has been rejected, you can always go back, make some alterations, and then submit it again.

Designhill: Do you have a large social media reach in order to win a challenge?

Kevin: Absolutely not. You don’t need an amazing social media platform. And because all of us over Designhill if something is good, and even if you have like one follower, you can be witnesses. So don’t worry about that.

Join Our WhatsApp Group

One very important announcement we want to make is that we have already built a WhatsApp group. Please join the WhatsApp group to get timely help regarding the Designhill Studio Challenges.

Note: This group is only for those who are participating in the challenge.

Also, we are always reachable at our support ID, which is You can always write in there as well, but to have you on the WhatsApp group will be much easier.

Designhill: If I upload my design on my portfolio, is it different from that of PrintShop?

Kevin: Designhill PrintShop and Designhill Studio are two different platforms. On PrintShop, you do not have to design anything from this platform. You can design it on your own on Illustrator and Photoshop. But, the Studio is all about the template.

Designhill: How long would the challenge be for?

Kevin: Each theme challenge will be on for around a month. You can participate in it and share it on your social media to get maximum votes. At the end of the contest, the winner is announced and is mentioned on the respective challenges pages. Check out read the challenge information thoroughly for yourself to be able to understand the Designhill Studio Challenges.

Designhill: Will I get a participation certificate?

Kevin: At the moment, we are not giving out any participation certificate. But we can definitely think on those lines. We have just started with the Designhill Studio Challenges, and we can think of giving you the participant participation certificate later on.

Designhill: Is the participation free?

Kevin: It’s free. You just need to sign up on Designhill here and start participating.

Designhill: What is not acceptable in the Designhill Studio Challenges?

Kevin: You cannot put any design which is not yours as it will get rejected. The second one is if you upload an image that you did not create at this studio will also get rejected. And those are the two main things that you can actually not do. This challenge is easy to play and win. It’s just so easy that I haven’t seen anything like that ever. And we are creating so many videos and tutorials as well as this amazing WhatsApp group to help you win the challenge.

About The Categories

I also want to emphasize the categories part of it. Categories are the types of designs that you need to make in Challenge like, Instagram Posts, Poster Flyer, Facebook Posts, etc. But, when you enter into the studio after selecting a category from the drop-down, you are automatically taken to that ideal size of a category.

So, if you want to create an Instagram story, please transition from the Challenge page to the Studio. And if you go from Challenge page to Studio page, you are automatically landing on that particular category that you have selected by being on the Challenge page.

It’s very easy. You don’t have to do anything as you just land on the correct page and stuff, and you can start designing from there itself. Also, we have enough templates on your left-hand side of the platform to help you to get a head start.

Designhill: Can I participate in all the categories?

Kevin: Absolutely. There is no restriction and you can participate in as many challenges as you want as long as the challenge is live. The voting starts from the day you start putting design. So once you have uploaded a design, and it has been approved by the design team here, it goes for the voting round on that very day. And it is up for voting within your social circles, on that very day only. So there is absolutely no restriction just feel free and explore.

Designhill: How many numbers of entries can we submit per challenge?

Kevin: There is no limit.

So, we have answered all the questions. Please also join the WhatsApp group very, very important for us. And for you all who intend to participate in design challenges and tell your friends about it guys, please do tell your friends about it. Bring a lot of people around and have fun guys, this is for you all.

And not to forget when you know the prize money ranges from $4,000 to up to $7,000. In mega challenges have more than let’s say 20 to 25 challenges, there is no limit. We are exploring ourselves, we want you guys to explore as well.

It’s All About Give & Take : Vote For Your Peers

Kevin: You can upload different entries at different times, there is no time boundation as the Challenge runs for 30 days. So, upload everything in 30 days.

You can vote for your other participants, you know, whatever you like. It’s a community we’re building right now. So yeah, you can vote for your friends for you. Or peers.

Important Note:

Please follow us on your Instagram page. We are uploading odd videos every single day. And each academic video will have us tutorial input.

We have a lot of tutorial videos on the challenge page as well. Just go through the challenge page. You will find loads of tutorial videos. So please go there and explore.

So, these were the crucial aspects of the Designhill Studio Challenges. Now that you are familiar with the challenge, go register yourself with the challenge.

Wrapping Up

Designhill has launched Designhill Studio Challenges, which is a huge earning opportunity for the design community. Designers can earn up to $4000 each month by using their design skills and experience. They can pick their favorite category of design themes out of many and just start creating amazing designs.

View Upcoming Challenges

Designhill is the most reliable and fastest-growing custom graphic design crowdsourcing marketplace that connects a thriving community of graphic designers from across the globe with clients looking to source high quality graphic designs such as logo designs, banner designs, packaging designs, merchandise designs, web designs and many other designing works at affordable prices. In just six months of going live, the startup has helped more than 1500 businesses source unique graphic designs and has paid out more than $70000 to its ever-growing community of 29,000+ graphic designers, logo designers, visual artists and illustrators from all over the world. Facebook | Twitter | Google+

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