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How To Write Logo Design Brief For Small Businesses

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Design

Last updated on December 7th, 2021

Logo design brief is essential in creating a unique and memorable business logo. The brief must have the details that would help a graphic designer in picking the right design elements. But not all the business owners or clients and designers know how to get the brief done in a precise way.

A logo designer must have complete information on the desk before setting out to create the design. Business owners or clients should be providing the details to the designer. Without a design brief, creating something worthwhile is not possible. You will end up having a logo that has no purpose, if there is no design brief to follow.

What Is A Design Brief?

A design brief contains the details that are good enough to guide the designers to create a particular design. The brief is aimed at gaining the desired results. A design brief can be written in varied ways.

But, the purpose of all the brief is the same, which is to list out the objectives of the design. The brief enables graphic designers to understand what is to be designed and why the design should be created.

Design Brief

This is the reason that both the designer and the client must understand what is being provided in the brief. As a business owner or client you should deliver all the essential details that would help to create the desired impact on the design.

Here Are Some Key Tips For Writing Logo Design Brief For Small Businesses

01. Provide Details About Your Business

Most clients think that a logo design brief is all about providing information about the visual aspects of the design required. So, they end up giving the guidance regarding colors and typeface or symbols and images to be included.

They fail to make the designer understand why they need the logo design. But that is actually the most important aspect of the brief. Give as much background information as you should. Give information about your company, target customers, your industry, and market also.

logo design brief

You should be presenting an overview of your company in the logo design brief. The designer does not know your company and business. So, specify the category of your business and industry, and tell also about the products or services you produce. Give a clear picture of what your company does.

Here Are Some Points:

  • Give details of your product including your manufacturing process.
  • Make sure that you describe your target audience.
  • Say something vital about your target market and industry as well. Your logo design brief must clearly mention your target market. The designer must know about the customers who are buyers of your products or services. The logo designer will keep your market and the customers in mind during the selection of design elements such as colors, fonts, etc. to please and represent your audience.
  • Tell the designers about your brand values. These values are often represented in design elements. Tell the designer about anything that is unique about your business. This is important to create a brand through your design. The designer will use this information for selection of elements so that a unique logo can be ensured for your business.
  • Make sure that your logo design brief provides necessary information about your competitors. This is crucial information since you need a unique logo that stands out. You can market your business and compete with others through such a unique logo that does not resemble with logos of your competitors.
  • Give your company name which many overlook. You can even tell how you want the company name to be presented in the comapny’s logo. You can also specify the letters, space between the words, etc.
  • If required, give the designers your company slogan as well that you want to be incorporated in your logo design.

Overall, give as much specific information as you can in your design brief for a business logo. The details are of great use for the designer to come out with a unique logo that helps your business grow in the competitive market.

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02. Be Specific About Your Logotype And Style

Which type of logo do you want for your business? Do you want an abstract mark logo or an emblem? Or, is a wordmark good to represent your business? There are many logotypes. You should specify one logo style for your designer, if you have it in your mind. This information in the design brief will save a lot of time of your graphic designer.

graphic designer

In case you are not aware of the logo styles or formats, you can ask your designer to give his/her opinion. A logo style can be vintage, minimal, flat or skeuomorphic. A mutual discussion between the client and designer over the style can help in this regard.

03. Give Your Choice Of Colors

Designers want to know about the colors a client wants in a logo. Colors are used to make a logo look a great visual that attracts viewers at first glance. In fact, a perfect use of colors can make a logo stand out in the crowd. Experienced designers always lay emphasis on choosing only the relevant colors for a business logo design.

business logo design

It would be good if you give more specific suggestion rather than pointing out generally. To specify, you can include images of your choice of colors to make it clear to the designer. Make sure that the colors you choose are in sync with the colors used in your website design and other graphics.


04. Specify Your Choice Of Typeface

One of the qualities of typefaces is that they add some personality to the design. You can create a logo just using a particular typeface. For example, your company name can be the basis of your logo design.

In that case, all your brand messaging and uniqueness of logo will depend on the creative use of typeface. Logos of Coca-Cola and other global brands are an example of how strategic use of typeface makes a company’s logo stand out and memorable.

logo design

In your design brief, if your logo design is not solely based on a symbol like that of Apple logo, then specify your choice of typeface. If you cannot figure out a suitable typeface, describe your brand personality and give some example of the typefaces you want for your logo. The designer will understand your requirement.

However, avoid picking a typeface that is entirely different than the one used in your marketing materials such as business card design, brochures, etc.

So, these are the main points to consider when writing a design brief for logo design. If a designer thinks that something vital is missing, it is important to first be in touch with the client and know the missing details.

A designer must first satisfy himself that all the necessary details have been obtained. Going to the drawing board or operating on a computer with insufficient knowledge of the client’s business will only ruin the design.

When working on a crowdsourcing site such as Designhill, there is a dedicated design brief page. The business owner should provide specific details on this page. The designer should read this page carefully to know the design requirement of the client.

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Logo design brief is essential to creating a logo that delivers a brand message in a visual language. The brief should contain all the required details of the client’s business, company, products or services. One of the most important details that an ideal design brief should contain is a profile of the target customers with well-researched background.

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