How Would Global Logos Look in Their Classic Avatars?

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Last updated on February 9th, 2019

Some of the most admired companies such as McDonald’s, Twitter, Nike, and Apple amongst a host of others boast of creatively inspiring Global logos that have been created using new set of modern graphic design principles. Many of the designers, who created these logos, have a great reputation in the design circuit as they are known for a professional approach to creating a logo. They research business of the client, know the customers and the target market and select the design elements accordingly. So, a lot of efforts were put by the designers to make these modern globally recognized logos attain an iconic status.

But what if such global logos were created against the new rules of logo design? Once, strict parameters of colors, fonts, space, lines, symbols, icons, text etc did not occupy the designers’ mind. They usually designed logos just out of their imagination and experience. If you look at the logos of the bygone era, you will find that a lot of decorative art made for an essential part of the designing process. Perhaps, it was fine arts such as painting and drawing that influenced the art of logo designing in the mid-50s. Now keeping this mind, imagine how modern logos will look if they were created in an era when classical patterns ruled the designs.

Recently, a website carried out this experiment with some popular, modern-day logos. The website asked the designers to redesign the logos to give them an old look or a ‘Hipster Makeover.’ Resultantly, talented designers from across the globe came out with many interesting new avatars for the famous logos by simply giving these global logos a classic touch.

For starters, hipsters are people who do not follow the conventional rules of the mainstream world. There is a huge fraction of such hipsters everywhere in USA, Europe and Australia. In fact, hipsters are intellectual people who do not conform to the rules of the mainstream fashion, thinking, philosophy, music, art etc. They do not like to be seen as following a set of rules in any field of life. So, if, for example, other people are wearing certain fashionable and trendy clothes, hipsters would wear anything that pleases them without caring much about what others would think or say.

Clearly, hipster makeover of a logo will be anything but conventional. Moreover, hipsters are usually associated with the era gone by and so the ‘hipster makeover’ of logos is sure to include vintage typefaces, mid-century cursive patterns and hipster signifiers.

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This logo redesigning experience brought forth some really interesting logos that pack in enough punch to make even the most discerning of heart throbbing.

Here are the Global Logos Look in Their Classic Avatars






Logo Design by Stevenphillips23









So, which redesign did you find interesting and classy? For most people, the Twitter logo redesign was the most amusing and was more closure to the classic era. What do you say?

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