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Last updated on November 9th, 2017

Logo designing is a job for many designers and they churn out designs without making any impact on the industry and people. But logo design world had its own iconic graphic designers whose influence continues and their works are still seen as a guiding force for the new generations of graphic designers.


There are many individuals such as Armin Hofmann, Michel Jonson, Ken Cato, Sven Seger, Bob Wolf and many others. They shaped the logo design industry, though they were basically involved in fashion, architecture, product design etc activities. Their excellent logo design work is timeless and is taken as standard for following design principles.

One of the greatest logo designers, Raymond Loewy was a French and had a great aesthetic sense. He became U.S citizen and was responsible for revolutionizing the design industry. He is credited with iconic logos such as current Shell International logo. Milton Glaser is the creator of now a landmark poster ‘ I [heart] New York’, which is a clean, direct and modern design. He is known for fine combination of fine art and graphic design.

Paul Rand was a modernist and he showcased his integrity and honesty in his logo designs. He is famous for IBM, abc and UPS logos. Alan Fletcher was a British graphic designer who synthesized European and North America graphic traditions. His famous designs include V&A, IOD and REUTERS.

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