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51 Iconic Logos & Their Secret Significance

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design

Iconic Logos

Last updated on June 14th, 2023

Logos are not just simple visual identities of brands. More than that, a professionally created logo efficiently conveys its brand’s message to the target audience. Many such logos have a hidden meaning in their design that they express aesthetically. Plenty of iconic logos are known for their hidden significance in delivering a message to the audience in their unique way.

When people buy products, they usually first check the company’s logo to verify the authenticity of their purchase. But every time they see a brand’s logo, they get its message as well, which is the primary purpose of a cleverly designed logo. It conveys a message, brand personality, and values to the audience to engage them with the brand.

A logo with a meaning helps in winning customers’ trust. Therefore, many famous company logos are designed to carry some hidden message. The design and message are always there in the subconscious of target customers while thinking of the brand.

Here Are 51 Iconic Logos With Secret Significance For Your Inspiration

01. Amazon

We see the Amazon logo regularly around us. But its logo is not as simple as it looks at first sight. This famous brand logo has the company name in simple but bold sans-serif. In addition, there is an orange arrow that makes this logo unique, recognizable, and memorable.

Amazon logo

The arrow, however, serves a purpose. Connecting the letter ‘a’ to ‘z’ indicates that this shopping site sells everything you want. Also, the arrow is shaped like a smile, representing a happy and satisfied customer.

02. Baskin Robbins

The Baskin Robbins logo is one of the iconic logos. It is an ice cream brand known for its seemingly endless flavors. This popular ice cream company is also known for its impressive logo design.

Baskin Robbins

The logo has the number 31 hidden in the company’s initials BR, which initially represented the 31 flavors of ice cream it served at its start in 1953.

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03. Kolner Zoo

The Elephant figure in the Kolner Zoo logo has some symbols hidden. It shows a giraffe and a rhino in the white space, which conveys that the logo is for the zoo. The elephant’s back legs also have the Cologne Cathedral, a local landmark.

Kolner Zoo logo

04. Cisco

Cisco is a leading company in Internet networking. The company gets its name after the city of San Francisco. Its stripes in the logo represent not just the electromagnet, indicating its networking business but also the city’s famous Golden Gate Bridge.


05. NBC

NBC, the National Broadcasting Company, is an American commercial broadcast television. Its logo is amongst some of the famous brand logos. It features a stylized peacock with a fan-shaped multi-colored feather design. The peacock’s 6 feathers in the logo symbolize the network’s diverse divisions: yellow for news, red for entertainment, blue for network, orange for sports, green for productions, and purple for stations. Each color in the design represents a distinct domain within NBC’s expansive content landscape.

famous brand logos

While it’s clear that the NBC logo symbolizes a peacock, it also carries another secret significance. In fact, when the logo was crafted, color TVs were advancing in popularity — shifting from the black-and-white era to the color, and the network wanted a logo that symbolized that transformation.

06. Roxy

Roxy is a female clothing brand that targets its specific female audience and niche market. Its logo is in a heart shape that expresses tender feelings and emotions. Since Roxy is the company Quicksilver’s female clothing line, the logo looks like two Quicksilver logos to make the heart shape.


07. Goodwill Industries Limited

Goodwill Industries Limited is a non-profit organization that helps build communities so members can come together on a common platform. Its logo also conveys this message effectively to the target audience.

Goodwill Industries Limited

The logo has a small case letter, ‘g’, for the organization’s name. But the letter design also gives the impression of a smiling face that expresses people’s joy when gathering at a place to meet.

08. London Symphony Orchestra

The London Symphony Orchestra is an orchestra conductor. Its logo is in the initials ‘LSO’ of the brand name. But the initials have an elegant shape and look like a script, indicating the movement of the person conducting the orchestra waving a small stick in hand.

London Symphony Orchestra

09. Yoga Australia

The Yoga Australia logo is another impressive example of logos with a hidden meaning. It shows how a logo can aesthetically express its brand message.

Yoga Australia logo

This logo has a lady performing a yoga asana. But the brandmark also has the map of Australia hidden in the negative space, formed by the hands and upward bent leg.

10. My Fonts

My Fonts is an online source of fonts that users can access to get their choice of fonts per their requirements. Its logo has the ‘My’ part of the name stylized to make it look like a hand. This gives the message that the users can get their hands on plenty of logo fonts from the site.

My Fonts

11. Le Tour de France

Le Tour de France is a celebrated bicycle race in France. Its iconic logo has a hidden message. You can notice a cyclist in the letter ‘r’, and the orange-colored round shape stands for both the bicycle wheel and the Sun, indicating the daytime of the race.

Le Tour de France

12. Picasa

Picasa is an image organizer and editor. Its logo stands for a simple camera shutter, indicating that it is all about creating images. But inside the logo icon, a house is hidden in the negative space. This hidden house conveys that Picasa is the home for the users’ photos. Note also that casa of the brand name means home in Spanish.


13. Eighty 20

The Eighty 20 is a South African analytics firm. Its logo design is based on some mathematics. The squares show the binary pattern for the numbers 80 and 20: 1010000 and 0010100.

Logo Design

professional logo

14. AG Low

AG Low is a construction company with a simple logo. Although unusual, it spells out the company name. It has been organized to resemble a home’s floor plan.

AG Low

15. Nintendo Gamecube

There are several reasons why the Gamecube logo is intriguing. First, it’s a cube within a cube, but the outer cube also shapes a “G” around the inner cube, leaving a “C” in the space.

Nintendo Gamecube

16. BMW

The BMW logo is in blue and white, and these colors are from the Bavarian flag. They borrowed heavily from the Rapp Motor Works emblem to create their own. Due to their history in aviation and 1920s advertisement, there is a frequent misconception that the emblem depicts the spinning propeller blades.

BMW logo

17. Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette is a French department store for luxury brands. That is why its logo is in an elegant handwritten style of lettering. To express the brand’s French roots, the letter ‘f’ in the logo is shaped like The Eiffel Tower.

Galeries Lafayette

18. Newman

New Man is a French clothing brand. Its logo, at first sight, could look more remarkable. But a closer look will reveal a visual trick it plays with the viewers. The trick is that when you read the logo upside down, it still reads the brand name well.


19. Bird Love

Can you notice two birds in the BirdLove logo? As you look closer at the logo, you can see two birds flying, making the heart shape. The message of the birds and heart shape from this Vietnamese coffee shop is that serving coffee is their passion.

Bird Love

20. British Blind Sport

British Blind Sport is a charity organization working for blind and partially sighted people. It helps them to participate in sports. Its logo has a British flag, but after scrutinizing it, you can see that the word ‘BLIND’ is placed there as a pupil of an eye.

British Blind Sport

21. Spartan

The Spartan Golf Club logo is one of the iconic designs with a hidden meaning. The logo design looks like displaying a golfer taking a swing. The trajectory of the Golf swing is shown behind the golfer. But the club’s name also is hidden in the design. You can spot a Spartan’s helmet, also.

Spartan Golf Club logo

22. Tostitos

The well-known chip and salsa company Tostitos has some amusing illustrations in their font. The “tit” in Tostitos is two individuals seated at a table, having fun and interacting while eating chips and salsa.


23. FedEx

The emblem of the world-famous transportation corporation FedEx may be seen everywhere on trucks and airplanes. However, there is a hidden message, even though the colors and simple type aren’t ground-breaking.


Can you locate the arrow tucked away in the empty area between the letters “E” and “x”? The arrow symbolizes the idea of progressing swiftly and precisely.

24. Schizophrenic

This logo communicates by making good use of emoticons. One sees a gloomy face when reading from the left and a happy face from the right. They provoke discussion by illustrating the disease’s battle and highlighting its representation in the logo.


25. Beats

Beats is a headphone maker company. Its logo is a simple small case ‘b’ letter. But it is also a design that depicts someone wearing headphones. So, the brand logo connects with the target buyers instantly with this cleverly designed logo.

cleverly designed logo

26. Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers’ original logo may resemble a baseball mitt catching a ball. But the baseball glove comprises the letters ‘m’ and ‘b’, which can be seen on closer scrutiny.

Milwaukee Brewers

27. Carrefour

The Carrefour logo, pronounced “crossroads” in French, has two arrows, and the letter “C”, for the brand name, is tucked away in the space between the two.

Carrefour logo

28. Unilever

To demonstrate how many items Unilever produces, they formed the letter “U” from a range of emblems for some of their essential goods. It’s a wonderful method to demonstrate that they offer their target audience a wide range of products.


29. Lion Bird

This logo is a masterwork of manipulating the eye to create a message. Do you notice a bird or a lion first? Both are present, albeit the lion is only somewhat present.

Lion Bird

The bird’s body forms the face, with your eyes filling in the remaining space. The bird indicates their power, and the lion shows how the brand assaults its industry

30. Sun Microsystems

The company Sun Microsystems specializes in technology. The emblem has ‘u’s and ‘n’s, and the letter “s” is created by stacking several letters on top of one another. When all this is put together, it repeatedly spells out “sun”.

Sun Microsystems

31. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

This zoo’s emblem looks like a straightforward tree. But a second look reveals the figures of a lion and a gorilla hidden in the white space. They are facing one another.

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

32. Adidas

Adidas is a well-known brand of athletic clothing and footwear. The three stripes of their emblem have always been present, but now the stripes are spaced apart to resemble a mountain. The mountain stands in for the difficulties and trials that competitors must conquer.


33. Toblerone

Toblerone has been a well-known chocolate bar for a long time. The mountain in its current logo represents Switzerland’s Matterhorn Mountain. A bear hidden inside the mountain represents the distinctive honey flavor of the chocolate as well as the fact that it is produced in the “City of Bears” and is, therefore, a symbol of both.


34. Toyota

The current Toyota logo has been in use since 1990. Three interlocking rings on the logo represent the fusion of the hearts of Toyota’s clients and its goods. Technology innovation and future potential are represented in the backdrop area.

Toyota logo

35. Audi

The Audi logo also has a hidden message. It has four rings for the four organizations that merged to form the first Auto Union.

Audi logo

36. Continental

You can notice a tire tucked away inside of it in the Continental logo. The ‘C’ wraps around the ‘o’ and is positioned right next to it, giving the letter the shape of a tire.


37. Apple

The Apple logo, one of the most recognizable symbols in the world, is thought to have been inspired by Adam and Eve’s story. The apple is meant to be the allegory of Eve’s apple from the Bible, and it stands for the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge.

Iconic Apple logo

38. LG

Most people are unaware that The letters “L” and “G” in the logo form a face. The letter ‘L’ creates the nose. Also, the letter ‘G’ forms the rest of the face. As a result, the brand gains a human factor and becomes friendlier and more approachable.


39. The Swan and Mallard

The Swan and Mallard restaurant’s logo shows the restaurant’s expertise using the swan symbol. The swan makes an ampersand and conceals a black mallard in its empty area. You can get a sense of how your experience would be in the restaurant from the logo, which is simple and elegant.

The Swan and Mallard

40. Google

Google’s logo is instantly recognizable and meant to represent that they don’t follow the rules and know how to have fun.

Google's logo

The logo conveys this message through color rather than a bizarre font or symbol. Even if it deviates from the basic color scheme, it retains the secondary color green.

41. Museum of London

The appearance of the Museum of London is intriguing and natural. But rather than just being abstract blobs of color, the shapes of color depict the geography of London and how it has changed over time. Thus the logo reflects the city’s and its residents’ ongoing change in the past and present.

Museum of London

42. The Outstanding Website Company

This logo uses clever typography. The company’s initials, displayed in various colors, are tucked away inside the two circles. This fits with the company’s overall marketing image and demonstrates how fun and vibrant it is.

The Outstanding Website Company

43. Atlanta Falcons

Animals serving as mascots are widespread. The Atlanta Falcons logo is no exception. It uses a falcon as its trademark. Note that the falcon is shaped like an “F”, the first letter of the Falcon in the company name.

Atlanta Falcons logo

44. IBM

The IBM logo is another iconic design with a significant hidden meaning. In the lower parts of the letterforms, the white stripes that run through them create the appearance of equal signs, which stands for equality.

iconic IBM Logo

45. Hope for African Children Initiative

The Hope for African Children Initiative logo initially only outlines Africa’s continent. But you can notice the curves of two persons, an adult and a toddler, if you look closer.

Hope for African Children Initiative

46. Washington State University

The Washington State University logo also has some hidden meaning. If you look at the cougar mascot of the logo, you will find that the letters W, S, and U are hidden subtly in the cougar’s head.

Washington State University

47. Gillette

Gillette, a razor business, has a logo that also looks razor-sharp. The ‘G’ and ‘i’ look like they were carefully removed with an exceptionally sharp Gillette razor due to their detailed and exact cuts. Such logos of companies with names convey their message beautifully and look great in design.


48. Pinterest

The act of “pinning” items you like to a board is how Pinterest gained its name. The ‘P’ stands for a pushpin to further the idea of the pin.


This combines the traditional practice of taping something to a wall with modern wall-taping techniques.

49. Hyundai

The Hyundai logo features an H shape icon over the top of the company name. But the H letter is shaped like two people shaking hands, representing a salesperson and a customer.

Hyundai logo

50. Wendy’s

Wendy’s is a food brand. Its unique logo has an iconic girl figure with red hair and pigtails. The word ‘mom’ is cleverly written on her collar, and the letters are part of the collar. You can notice the word at a bit closer look. The word stands for the brand’s homely food.


51. Nike

Nike is a prominent brand in the world of sports shoes. Its logo design is also one of the most recognized and appreciated symbols. Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, is represented in the logo in the form of the wing of the goddess.

Nike's logo

These iconic logos made their mark in business and attracted the target audience. Take inspiration from such designs when creating a logo for your new business.

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Wrapping Up

Logos are not merely visual brand identities. But if they’re professionally created, these visuals can also target customers with an intended message. Many iconic logos carry secret messages in their designs, which people appreciate. These logos incorporate hints in their letters or images that drive people’s attention.

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