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Top 10 Great Spa Logo Ideas

by Roy Millar Tweet - in Logo Design

Spa Logos

Last updated on November 25th, 2021

The spa industry is growing at a rapid pace across the world. In the U.S, the spa industry generates around $16.8 billion annually. So, the demand for spa services is increasing but so is the competition also. An impressive visual identity of your business, which includes a logo based on creative spa logo ideas will help it survive and stay ahead of your business rivals. You must launch an aggressive marketing campaign mainly to visually communicate and engage with your target customers. Your spa logo ideas are one of your most potent weapons to show what your business stands for. Do not forget that a logo is present everywhere on all of your spa products or services, business cards, websites, leaflets, mobile apps, stationery, promotional products and many others.

Such an overwhelming presence of your spa logo in all of your marketing campaigns and materials shows its importance. Your logo is crucial to the growth of your business. But only a significant design of your spa logo idea will help you draw the attention of people to your business. The logo will not only draw the attention but it will be also play a crucial role in building your brand image.

If your spa logo is a trendy, modern, and stylish design, it will send right signal to your audience. They will get the feeling that your spa services are of great quality after seeing your high quality logo design. That is the message a logo is capable of sending to the audience in just once glance.

Who are the target customers of a spa business? People these days have a stressful life and to get relax, they often increasingly visit wellness spas. Schools and day wellness spas are becoming more well-known, particularly among women, for the role they play in refreshing wellness and offering some soothing break.

Like any other company, the spa market is highly competitive. If you want to become well known in the market then you need to earn a reputation. One of the best ways to promote your company is to have an experienced graphic designer who can design all marketing material.

Here Are The Best Spa Logo Ideas

01. Decide On Your Kind Of Spa

You should know what services you are going to provide to your customers which will help your developer come up with an appropriate design for your logo ideas. Spas usually are dedicated to certain areas. There are wellness health spas where individuals go to relax and seek out pleasure and herbal remedies and there are wellness spas that concentrate more on elegance therapies.

Logo Design

There are vast varieties of spas. There are day wellness spas, usually similar to cosmetic beauty parlors, where customers come in for particular therapies such as a massage or a facial. Then you have location wellness spas that can range in size up to full scale hotels that individuals usually visit for at least a few days.

Activities at this type of hotel spa can consist of anything from aromatherapy to relaxation. Pretty much any treatment for one’s whole body or mind can be provided.

02. Research The Business

As a business owner you must be absolutely sure about the spa business you are running. Know the market by researching all its aspects. You should also have an insight of the target customers.

Find Out Who Is The Ideal Customer You Have In Mind? You will also need to provide details of the type of individuals that you are focusing on so that he or she can come up with a style that will appeal to this group to your designer.

Business Research

Resort wellness spas are usually more unique, serving customers in the higher income supports with fairly expensive offers. Day wellness spas on the other hand usually serve middle-class customers as well as the rich.

As a graphic designer, read your client’s design brief first. Read it carefully to know about the type of spa, customers, and market the client wants to target. If there is not sufficient information available, then do some research on your own. Such an insight will help you pick specific design elements to create the logo as per the business needs.

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03. It Should Be A Simple Design

Simplicity is not just a human value but it is applicable to a logo design also. A logo having one clear shape, a few colors and fonts makes a good impact on viewers. They can get the underlying message in your spa logo design just by glancing at the logo.

Simple Design

But if your logo is crowded with too many design elements, it will only confuse the viewers. They will not be able to focus on any one design element, which results in people not paying attention to the logo.

04. Use Colors To Evoke Feelings

Make sure that your logo design has colors and hues with a purpose. Your client may have given you a hint of the colors you should use. But if the design brief has no mention of colors, pick the colors based on your research of the spa business.

Remember that colors evoke emotions. When we see red color, it evokes the feelings of aggressiveness, passion, and love. Yellow gives us the feeling of freshness, sunshine, intelligence and blue stands for socialisation and royalty. Pick a color that best expresses the feelings associated with your spa business.


But make sure that the colors are in sync with the colors used in your client’s website design and business card design. This will help to ensure brand consistency of the spa business.

05. Use Custom Fonts

Fonts are important design elements. Experienced graphic designers understand the significance of fonts in conveying a brand message. They know how fonts can create a brand personality and brand identity. To make sure that your business symbol is a logo and brand identity both, pick right fonts.

One of the key tips to incorporate the right fonts is to know your brand personality. For example, if your business is about making toys, its logo should have fonts that are in handwritten, playful style. Such a font will immediately reflect your business and connect with your target audience.

Custom Fonts

But if your logo is for a law firm, pick a font that shows up a formal environment of a law office and court room. So, you may use a serif font which is a straightforward typeface style. Similarly, a rock music band’s logo will have bold fonts in big size that stands for bold and loud music.

It would be better if you can use some custom fonts. These are the fonts that you create on your own specially for your business logo. Most of global company logo designs have custom fonts. Of course, it will be expensive to have such fonts. But an alternative of custom fonts is to use high quality fonts that are accessible free from the web.

06. Create An Image

Before considering a designer you should think about the message that you want to express through your company product name and what images would serve that purpose in a classy way. Prepare a record of terms for your developer that explains how you would like to shape individuals views of your spa company. Maybe you will use the terms like gorgeous, organic, unique, magnificent or healthy to name just a few of spa logo design.


An excellent spa logo design should merge some type of picture or icon along with text to provide probability customers the best overall impact. You may want to come across as a general spa or you may want to make a picture that features a particular service that you provide such as massage or whole body therapies.

07. Come Out With Unique Logo Concepts

You have been dreaming of opening a spa. Now that you have started a spa with your savings, make sure that it functions well. One of the things to consider is to have a memorable logo for your spa. Make sure that your spa logo idea is unique.

You should give some thought to create a logo with an exciting idea. Remember that the logo will appear on your business cards, stationery, letterhead, gift bags, and other marketing materials. The logo should be communicating your brand values to your target customers. You can even print the logo on a larger scale on your spa wall.

There are many options available when you want to incorporate a picture in your spa logo as an idea. Make sure that you use right imagery as part of your spa logo design.

Here are some ideas. You can create some waves patterns that have a calming effect on viewers. It would be good if you opt for ocean washing waves ashore. The imagery evokes feelings of calmness and sound of waves that are so related to enjoyment and happiness.

You can also incorporate some tree elements in your spa logo. A tree will stand for relaxation, calmness, a lighter mood in a spa logo. Trees can be moulded in different shapes for a company’s logo. Similarly, think of using fire as a powerful element as the logo design. Fire is known as an agent of creating something new after destroying the old thing. You can make this element as part of your graphic design to convey your powerful brand message.

Unique Logo

Wind is another element from nature that your spa logo can have so that it stands out. This element is your way to create the effect of morning breezes that are refreshing. Just use some horizontal lines to give the impression of a gentle wind blowing.

You can also choose to incorporate flowers in your logo. A lotus flower, for example, will attract your customers. Flowers naturally are a choice for expression of happiness and freshness.

However, make sure that your logo concept matches with the personality of the spa business. When choosing the elements, it would be advisable to borrow them from the client’s other graphic design materials such as brochure design.

08. Make It Versatile And Scalable

Another quality of a great spa logo design is that you can use the logo easily anywhere. This is because such a logo is a versatile and scalable design. For example, if you want to make a logo as part of your billboard design, the logo should look well proportionate. It should not look disproportionate upon blown up on billboards. Similarly, if the logo is to be printed on a small promotional gift such as a keychain, details of the logo should still be clearly visible.

spa logo design

Also, while your spa logo appears great in color, how about in black and white version? Does it still look equally impressive on newspaper ads, stationery, faxed documents, etc where logos usually are in black and white. So, make sure that a colorless version of your logo is a memorable design too.

09. Crowdsource Your Logo Work

Another effective way to get unique spa logo designs is to crowdsource it. Platforms such as Designhill can help you get a logo that is not only unique but it will also help build your brand personality. With this platform, all you are required to do is to launch your logo design contest along with an attractive prize money.

Do not forget to write a powerful design brief with the platform for the designers. In a short period of one to two weeks, you will get dozens of design submission in response to your contest.

graphic designers

The price of getting a new spa logo design and many design entries are affordable. In fact, affordable prices of graphic designers and their graphic design services are one of the reasons for small businesses turning to Designhill. Your money is entirely safe as the platform has 100% Money Back Guarantee policy.

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Make sure that you know the client’s spa business, its target market, and customers inside out. It should be a simple but unique design. Use colors and images strategically. Make sure that the logo concept such as a tree, wind etc. is refreshing and exciting.

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Roy Miller is a visual artist and spends most of his time conceptualizing off-the-rack designs at popular crowdsourcing company, Designhill. In addition, he's a social media enthusiast,online market analyst and blogger. When not writing, he loves spending his time playing video games and watching sci-fi movies! Twitter

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